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Monument Creation

The important aspect of monument creation is its ability to attract public attention in terms of availability and familiarity. In fact, monuments would make the artists to realize most of their dreams, and to some extent manifest them during their lives. Besides, such creativity could improve the quality of life for the public.


The physical and psychological appeal of the monuments makes them very crucial in sending particular information to the community (Godbey 1). It incorporates the ideas, which depict personal fulfillment, dream, self-confidence and empowerment among many other attributes (Byrne 21). In this regard, as long as someone believes on the things he/she could do, he takes an initiative for the dream to be fulfilled. There are certain qualities that the monument creator should display. For example, having a positive attitude and confidence towards creating a unique monument, one should not wait to be pushed into the action, but should initiate the project to realize such dreams (Byrne 24). This is an indication that through making an attempt, it can be possible to achieve any unimaginable and attractive thing. The item could be real-time, or non-real-time, but the most important aspect that the artist would like to bring out is “uniqueness” (Kenning 7).

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For the people who do not display high self-esteem and self-confidence in being able to make life different, it becomes difficult for them to take the first bold step towards achieving whatever they might conceptualize (Byrne 28). Noting that conceptualization is very crucial in creating objects, someone who cannot imagine of a unique item, might not be able to make an unimaginable thing to become a reality (Hill 1). In relation to this concept, it becomes practical to actualize the personal dreams and aspirations to real objects, which are tangible, visible and attractive to many people. Indeed, this would boost the artist’s morale in doing more to improve his/her work (Kenning 6). 

Though many people are not passionate about creating monuments, they might be tempted to believe that they do not have dreams. However, referring to the natural law of attraction, the individual thought about an aspect which would stimulate and influence the chances actualizing the reflection (Kenning 7). This could either happen through the person’s conscience or subconscious mind state (Byrne 35). In order to make the thought turn to reality, the person must display the power to act morally, physically, legally, mentally, and financially in making the initiative a success. Notably, compromising on the whole issue could interfere with the outcome of the monument, which may not be attractive at the end (Hill 1).

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The other issue of concern in creating a better monument is having a self-prophecy that gives one the opportunity to predict and make such things happen either indirectly, or get physically involved in creating the monument (Kenning 11). Sometimes, the prophecy might be tasking, thus its articulation becomes a challenge depending on the behavior of the person charged with the responsibility of making the prophesied thing to be done (Byrne 44). This occurs, when there is indirect involvement in actualizing the prophecy.


There are a lot of things, which may influence a person to create a monument. For instance, visiting a museum could be very stimulating and inspiring for the person, who may thereafter decide to develop a unique item different from the one he/she had seen (Hill 1). Therefore, the person may choose to do research on the relevant issues, which would enable him/her to develop an outstanding object (Byrne 61). The other source of influence and inspiration was from stories of distinct occurrences, miracles and borrowing from the law of attraction (Kenning 12).

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In fact, looking at or imagining of a monument would definitely create a mental image that could resemble the existing one, but with additional features, which make it outstanding and generally more appealing than the former (Godbey 1). This influences the person to take the initiative to develop the item that he/she has mentally perceived (Byrne 63). Truly, more influential monuments are outstanding and very influential to the upcoming artists who spend a lot of time studying the attributes of the physical object. This is the most practical way of making sure that the items produced later are a result of improvements on the existing statues, or developing new ones. The subsequent products might be more sophisticated and attractive than the previous ones.   


Doing research is quite important and helps in developing different and unique features to the existing monuments (Byrne 66). This leads to better and appealing outcome than the previous monument (Godbey 1). Indeed, adequate research helps in identifying the circumstances and issues behind the creation of the monument. In addition, it might preempt the psychological world, under which the person operated as this could have had significant influence on his/her decision. Indeed, the right information can only be received after thorough and objective research to establish the missing or misinterpreted aspects of the previous monument (Byrne 67). The new artist would concentrate on the limitations of the present monument with an aim of making it perfect.  

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Using the law of attraction, the person’s action is a directly related to his/her psychological world at the moment (Hill 2). This means that whatever the person perceives can eventually develop his/her behavior and way of life. Therefore, one tries to actualize the dreams about the existing item, or develop other unique features to it to increase the physical appeal (Byrne 71).

Research also increases the person’s ability to remain focused in developing the kind of monument he/she believes will be more attractive than the others (Godbey 1). Also, it could give adequate and useful literature about developing monuments. Apparently, this may help in making adjustment to the procedure and frameworks, which would result to the uniqueness of the outcome (Hill 2).

The Law of Attraction

Whatever one perceives can be actually realized. The development of the unique object starts from the conception in mind. Once the mind has created a picture of an object, it is actually the body to make it a reality through manifestation (Byrne 89). Literally, the creation of a new and unique object neither comes from a vacuum nor nowhere, but as a result of imagination. This shows the relationship between the physical objects and the mental images (Kenning 13). Sometimes, the actual object created, becomes better than the mental picture, and this is the essence of advanced creativity (Godbey 1). This is possible through self-motivation and confidence to realize the dream or thought.

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As a result, people are expected to think and proceed to actualize the initial dreams and thoughts (Hill 2). Essentially, the power of imagination can actually change the whole world, just as the unimaginable things have been realized from the people’s thoughts and actualizing the dream (Byrne 92). Noting that the human mind is characterized by unending thoughts, all aspired things are achievable, provided that there is determination and commitment to take action in doing whatever it takes to accomplish the dream.     


Symbolism is very essential in making a monument since the latter has to depict a real or imaginary object (Godbey 1). The attributes of real or imaginary object would be presented first and later, more features either added or removed from the present symbol to make it relatively different from the parent figure (Godbey 1). This increases the uniqueness of the new symbol and makes its theme beautiful, and the resultant monument to have a high aesthetic appeal (Godbey 1). Notably, the final appeal should be conceptualized in advance so that its realization does not post a challenge (Godbey 1). However, one may realize that the outcome might be extremely attractive and go beyond the expectation.

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

In creating a unique monument, the person’s sets of expectations and beliefs affect the result. However, one should bear in mind that the prophecies might be correct or wrong, meaning that it is only the outcome of the prophecy that would justify it (Hill 3). For example, if one prophesies that there will be a monster capable of producing sparkling lights from its finger tips, it would be difficult to justify this claim before it actually happens (Kenning 14). For a creative mind, one can develop a monument of the perceived monster and add all features on it to resemble the one that was conceptualized (Hill 3). Indeed, this would be very crucial in realizing personal objectives and ambitions.  In fact, actualizing dreams is the right step to have all things in place and helps in keeping the spirit of thinking big (Hill 3). Literally, it would be demoralizing to keep on thinking, yet no action is taken to make such thoughts a reality. This is because it is from the mere thought that the person might be able to develop a miraculous monument ever seen.

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Basically, the monument’s location is significant in making sure that it is accessible to many visitors. In this regard, the best location for the monument would be a museum, an open recreation space accessible to the public and a game park (Hill 3). Once the monument has been created, it would be erected at a central location, where majority of people can easily have an access to it (Byrne 95). The available space and the potential visitors would determine the location of the monument. Certainly, this would offer the best opportunity for the visitors and casual observers to criticize the creativity depicted by the monument (Hill 4). When many people observe the monument, it might act as a motivation for aspiring and creative people to revisit their potential through learning from the existing figure.  

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Every item can be created using different materials depending on the desired output. In reality, meeting the desired height, length and width of the monument would determine the kind of materials that one should use (Kenning 15). The exterior part of the monument is significant, because it is the source of appeal for the onlookers (Godbey 1). Therefore, it should be as magnificent as possible to inspire the majority. Some people prefer bright colors, while others would prefer the texture or shape. These aspects call for creativity and adequate research on the issue to determine the best way to complete the monument (Godbey 1). The person should be guided by the law of attraction in making this statue as conceptualized.


The financial estimates of the monument depend on a number of factors. For example, the quality of the materials used, the colors, size, additive elements, and other materials make the budget vary significantly. High quality of the materials used, would increase the budget of the monument, while low quality of the materials would reduce the budget.  Since higher budget might not be sustainable, the materials whose costs are average are preferred.












In summary, creating a monument that is unique and attractive is a very demanding task. It needs concentration, research, dedication, and proper budgeting. The person involved should also display the highest level of self-fulfilling prophecy and obedience to the law of attraction in using symbolism to create exceptional products. In addition, artist`s activities could be influenced by the works of others and the determination to make a difference. 

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