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Artwork is composed of five elements. These elements are: mass, form, line, texture, and color. Artwork does not necessarily have to include each of these elements however three or four elements are normally present.

Line: Its the1st art element and involves marking constantly on an object. The main importance of lines is that they enable the artist to show a variety of feelings as well as to make diverse compositions.

Texture: This refers to the surface quality as well as the representation of the artwork. Texture is important because it’s frequently used to make the artwork have different levels of roughness or smoothness.

Color has 3main distinctiveness: intensity, value and hue. Its importance is clearly seen in creating shades of darkness and lightness in the artwork.

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Form is very important in both two dimensional artwork as well as three dimensional ones. Decorative and sculptured arts are illustrations of form.

Mass is very important in making visual angles; It enables the viewer to have depth illusions and also enables an artist to create three-dimensional images. Mass also creates negative as well as positive space which cause significant outcome on the completed artwork.

In my opinion the most important element is color because it gives visual illusions to the viewer and can also be used to represent different emotions and places. For example green always gives the impression of regeneration of life and nature.

One work of art that truly combines the elements of art is Vincent Van Gogh’s starry night painting. The painting has very few yet elegant contour lines on the edges which give an impression of smoothness on the picture plane. The use of blue and gray shades of color and shading techniques creates a three dimensional illusion effect when the painting is viewed from all angles. The mass and form of the painting create visual discord to the whole artwork making the picture rather unique as well as cause the person viewing the painting to law more emphasis to the centre of the painting.

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