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Art Therapy

Art therapy is the application of a creative procedure and process in assisting individuals at all levels to improve their well-being emotionally. Art therapists make use of art materials like markers, chalk and paints to express an individual's self in an imaginative, spontaneous and authentic manner which is an experience expected to lead to individual fulfillment, recovery and emotional reparation with time. Art therapy in its application puts together conventional psychotherapeutic techniques and theories with the understanding that aspects of psychology of the creative process, particularly the effective characteristics of the various materials of art used in the process.

Creating art is used in art therapy by either through drawing, singing, painting, or dancing. These works of art are purposely used to engage the client and spark the creative interest which comes along with other benefits. The art therapists are professionals trained to assist in diagnosing patients and this provides an interactive forum for them while examining the behavior of the patient. Creating art produces images which correlate well with the behaviors of the patient and influence them to an extent that they get interested in them. Major problems facing art therapists

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Art therapists face challenges of acceptance in social groups, support and funding. The main problem which I found relevant concerning art therapy is basically the necessary support needed to propel this filed. Not many people understand the concept behind art therapy. Some regard it as mediocrity and do not see the value in it. The art therapists need support to offer communication that is required in highlighting the significance of art therapy amongst the members of the society. It has worked before and need to be incorporated in such places like institutions of learning and help even the young to experience it and reflect on themselves.

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