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Museum and the Collection

J.P Getty Museumfounded by J. Paul Geffy and started its operations in1997 asacentre of cultural studies, this centerlocated in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. Thecentre is famous for its gardens and architecture. The museum designedby an architect known as Richard Meier. It has a central gardenand Getty Research Institute building which houses a research library. The library hasextensive of over 900,000 volumes and about 2000000 million photographs of architecture and art/design. The centerdesigned in away that it hasprovisions to cater for concerns arising from land quakes and fires.

The museumhas a basic grid pattern of 30-inch square. Most of the walls and ground elements are 30-inch squares each. The buildings are said to be constructed from steel and concrete. Itwas also estimated that 1,200,000 square feet of travertine were also used during the construction of the center. The museum has underground parkingwith about 1,200 parking spaces. It also has a roofwith an outdoor sculpture garden (Brawne, 1998).

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Getty museum has awide variety of the collections ranging from American to European arts. It can be concluded thatthe collection of art in the museum cuts across the various nationalitiesallover the glob. For example,arts from France, Italy amongothers nationsrepresented in the museum.

The museum has European art collections of between 1350-1750on paintings, drawings, sculpture,illuminated manuscripts and decorative arts. It has a wide variety of collections ofart especially during the Renaissance period (collections on humanism, politics,culture and religion during this period). It also has acollection on Braroque art, which cover,the period between (1600-1750). The collections in the museum show how the art started in Rome and thenspread to other parts of Europe. The main collections of the baroque art are mainly on architecture, paints, art and design, literature and philosophy, theatre and religion. Some of the examples of Baroque art collections thatthe Museum has paintings by Flemish baroque painterspaint by Peter Paul Rubens among many other collections. Getty museum has collections onart work during therenaissance periodwork by Giotto di Bondone91267-1337) and theses by Ersmus andLuther proposing reforms in the Roman Catholic Church.

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In conclusion, Getty museum has avast collection of artist work during the baroque and renaissance representing the various aspects of mankind life.

Comparative Analysis between Renaissance Art and Baroque Art

Baroque art is a form of artistic that existed in history of mankind between 1600-1750. This art developed in Rome andthen spread to other parts of Europe. The period of baroque art come immediately after renaissance art. On the other hand,renaissance art represents one of the most amusing part of European history. The period covered by renaissance art is between 1350-1620. It was an era in history with distinct themes inpolitics, learning, literature, art, religion and music. This era replaced Middle age period in the history of man.

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During therenaissance period music was more expressive, the sound quality andinstruments were pleasant to listen. Instruments that were commonly used were the spinet and lute. Humanism was commonly used in Italian renaissance. Humanism is said to haveresulted to an individual having the capacity to use his/her own reasoning and belief while making a judgement on what iscorrectand evil. Renaissance art focused on religious themes. Artist during this period had their individual ways of painting. During this period painting and sculpture were not used as property of churches, butthey become part of individual art. The focus during the renaissance period moved from discussion of religious issues to the discussion of human morality actions.

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During the baroque art period,there was a decline on religious impact, for this period opened a way for individualism. Music during the period was characterized by movement from the science of numbers to what was known as an expressive art. Painters during this period created crowded and larger convenes. The artist work used the same paint but witha different meaning. For example,the statue of David during the renaissancehavingcomplete difference in subject matter meaning. One shows David heading for battlewith am aim to bring down Goliath, this is the contrast with baroque art, which shows David,raring to with the giant.

Baroque architecture describes the style of buildings during the baroque art period. The buildings were built in a theatrical fashion with a new rhetorical. One of the examples of baroque architecture is the triumph of the absolutist state and the Catholic Church. The architecture during this period had new explorations of shadow plus dramatic intensity, in addition there wasalso formed,and,light. On the other hand,renaissance architecturetheir architects on theories and the ways of Classical Romans. This included classical architectural elements such as columns and pilasters.

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Of two artist,one from Italy and otherdifferences between the two period include; renaissance art showed little of human emotions while the baroque work showed human emotions. Renaissance artists are famous compared to the baroque artists. A good example of baroque artist is Paul Ruben's had a painting in 1606-10 known as, "St George and the Dragon". In this paint,he painted,"St. Georgewearing an armor, to the left of the St. George is a statue-like woman."This work of Rubeun is classified as baroque art as it shows human actions and emotion.

During baroque art painting,there were various series of painting done by Peter Paul Rubens. One of his paintings is the one he did for Marie de Medici at the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. In this painting,the painter satisfied a catholic patron. From the above painting,baroque era paintings can be seen to have featured exaggerated lighting, bringing out some intense emotions and someartistic sensation. The paintings during this era are seen to be reaffirming the emotional depths of the Catholic faith and somehow glorifying both church and monarch. The artist during this periodshows how the monarch and the church were of influence in the lives of people.

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Another,area of focusis the baroque sculpture it had a multiple ideal viewing angles. Sculpture during the period had some unique characteristics such as concealed writing or water fountains. One of the good examples of these characteristics is the sculpture and fountains of Bernini (1598-1680). Literatureand philosophy is anotherextremelycrucial aspect of comparison. Baroque art period experienced new values in literatures widely summarized in the usage of metaphors and allegory, finally the use of artifices. Baroque literature and philosophy mainly focused on fantasy and imagination evoked in the reader, spectator and listener.

Another area of importance is the theatre during the baroque period. Theatre is observed in the many collections within Getty Museum as having multimedia experience starting one of the reasons being due to the architectural space. The stage during this art ere changed from being a romantic garden to being a palace. The space also was framed indoor to allow the user toseeall the actions (Williams, 1991).

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On the other hand,renaissance had the following,additional,distinctfeatures from Baroque art. During this period religion was more secular and most of the art work was developed against Christian backdrop as observed mainly in the Northern Renaissance. It is also during this era that various theses were published challenging the papal authority and criticizing its perceivedcorruption especially in regard to the sale of indulgences. This thesis saw the reformation leading to the break of Roman Catholic Church.

Another thing that was observed during the renaissance period is,humanism was an aspect of learning which advocated for use of reasoning and empirical evidence by any individual, while making any decisions concerning what is correct and evil as observed in my earlier statements. Humanism is said to have asserted the genus of man that is the unique and extraordinary abilities thatthe human mind has. The main aim of humanism art was to develop man who could use his intellectual and physical excellence to function honorably in all circumstances.

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From the various unique characteristics observed in both baroque and renaissance period, it can be concluded that the two era within the history of mankind were quitedifferent from each other, but it can be observed that they both contributed a lot in the development of modern man.

Comparative Analysis of Different Geographical Regions

The focus will be comparing various artist works such as architecture, paints during the baroque period from two different geographical regions. The focus will be comparing baroque art in Italy,and France and it will focus mainly on architectural aspect during the period. Baroque artdescribes the periodinEuropean history of between 1620-1750. Italians were the first to develop baroque architecture in which their interest was mainly around their buildings. Their buildings were characterized by elaborate gardens around them. The architects of famous buildings around the cities which had open squares were decorated with colonnades. Roadsfrom the squares had a dramatic view of stairways and sculpture.











French architecture, on the other hand, took up the Italians ideas and changed them to develop what they were after. The French architects were some how influenced by traditional French values and,they chose to limit their architectural vocabularies to those values. Having in mind this imposed self limitsthey achieved work of the greatorder though in terms of principles their made some subtle adjustments in proportion of mass, wall surface and rhythm.

In Italian baroque architecture,I have used thework ofGiovanni Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680). The architect spent most of his life in architecture and the most standing of his work are the work on Andrea al Quirinale and Chigi-Odescalchi. The architect is well known for his depth in all aspects of baroque architecture.

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In France I have focused on the work of architect Francois Mansart (1598-1666). He is known as the corner stone of French baroque classicism due to his composed scrupulous purity and infinite stability. The architect is best known for his work on the Ste Marie de la Visitation and Chateau of Blois. Another feature observed in baroque architecture is that emphasis was placed mainly on domes, light and shade, and bold massing. In interiors, Broque architecture hadavoidedmonumentalstaircases that did not have parallels as, it was the case in previous architectures. Interiors also had some state apartment, a processional sequence that culminated the presence of a chamber or a state bedroom.

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