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A Winter's Bone

In every society there are rules to govern them Woodrell uses Ree to tell readers the rules. Ree herself, while unquestionably a character that a booklover can like and root for, is also absolutely a product of this remote country community. Woodrell lets readers into Ree’s mind, and for every scope of understanding her, also give a pattern of judgment that was mysterious and diverse. Ree has, for long, been in a survivalist form, and so her responses are not that of a regular individual facing a crisis, but of one who has been tossed about by life.

The book gives various rules, which are obvious in this society setting. Kin should assist kin; this is evident, as the residence of Rathlin Valley has lived on the shadowy part of the rule for generation to protect one another. Break laws you are going to be in bodily pain; Ree's hunt for her dad who has skived his bail reflects an equivalent search for an improved life. Men dictate law; it is a man society that is why Ree has to labor had and dream of joining Army to cope. Do not correlate with the law; Ree is told by the law enforcement that she, the mother, and the two siblings need to leave the home as soon as possible.

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Do not inform the law anything; it dictates. Do not ask about other people's affairs. Do not wander around Hawkfall. Avoid asking question because it can be a fatal mistake. Ree discovers unanticipated depths in her and in a family association that protects its own at any cost. Ones actions dictate affects all; her absent father, a meth addict, has put up the family home as bond. Rees beats the odds with spunk and courage. Survival is responsibility; Woodrell depicts a cruel world in which the responsibilities for endurance ultimately give Rees direction and meaning.

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