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Revolution in Iran

The book Dakhmeh has the story of a young man in Tehran years after the revolution that overthrew the shah and Khomeni got into power. He explores widely the streets of Tehran. Least to his expectations, he finds the streets to be full of contradictions. After staying in California for some years, he feels like he wants to move back to Iran. Though he is not able to explain the reasons behind his decisions, he has the feeling that he does not suite in the American set-up, and hopes to fit in the environment where he was born. Like all the past revolutions, there were different factions that took place in opposition of Shah. Some on the other hand, did not like the way the followers of Khomeni interpreted the Koran.

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This is clearly brought out by Mr. Soleymaani who is one of the arms in the regime. They reach out and snag the people who are not acting in relation to the laid laws and follow the counter-revolutionary behavior. He is a secret police man. In contrary to his actions, Mr. Soleymaani appears to be reasonable and compassionate at the beginning but later, he changes. He condemns the man who gave Arash his paper and pen to death by having his driver take the helpless man away. Looking at the period Arash was in prison, he was even more terrifying. All his actions are valid and justifiable. He is also against the state laws, though this does not prevent him from condemning other people to death.

Arash goes ahead to write of his life in America, how he felt cut-off his roots and his life while there. When he gets to Iran, there is nothing to nature his roots. There are only few memories of his child hood as the coming of the new revolution cut away the roots of everyone. No one has trust in him since his departure to America was an escape from serving in the army. In addition, on his return he got into prison.

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To the natives of the country, Iran is a prison on its own. To them prisoners are not only those facing the tight and harsh conditions behind bars but also the entire population. Being in a state that is strictly monitored and tightly controlled is equal to being in prison. Judgments are passed out quickly and sentences are handed out immediately. Everyone is always guilty. Men and women are not allowed to be together in public unless they have evidence that they are related or in a relationship. Women ought to be completely covered when in public and talking of anything that sounds critical makes one liable for a death sentence (Noori 158).

The narration of the story is in an alternation of first person narration and omniscient modes (Noori 131). There is too much of personal interests shown on each page till the end. The conversations between the characters seem like formal interviews. The story surrounds a series of events in the history of politics, and societal transformations. As a writer, Noori fails in making the minds of the readers too remain focused on the key ideas and making them flow effectively. His bitterness on the leaders is the same as on the historical figures which brings monotony. There are few ideas incorporated at this point making the audience not able to figure out is actual message he has.

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There are also different stylistic devices present in the story. There is symbolism. The title of the book is symbolic. Dakhmeh is a Persian word meaning tower of silence, which was a temple on top of a hill where Zoroastrian funeral rites were performed. During these rites, the Zoroastrian leave the corpse exposed to be eaten by vultures, crows, wild dogs, and other creatures. The story of Iran in this book is similar to those rites. The laws and regulations laid down etas away the people gradually and leave them weak with nothing to own. Taking an example of Arash, during his return to Iran, he thought he would enjoy the beauty and joy left from his childhood but instead suffered in prison.

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The story is written in a formal structure. It is a narration that has incorporated the use of dialogue in a visible structure. The writer has also used a plot structure. This means that the story is configured in terms of its exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action. The story is engaging though it suffers from occasional shaky grammar and the use of Iranian words that make the reader seek the meaning of the word first.

Different characters in the story bring out different characteristics and roles. The petagonist is a young man who grows in the US but yeans to have a home in Iran and start a new life which he feels he is ready to devote his life to. He explores the land of Tehran, finds that the society is full of contradictions, and issues that revolution never materialized. He is unwise and not prepared and thus he meets some kind of life he is not used to. He is rebellious, and a fugitive of the laws and as a result, he ends up in prison. This is symbolic of the hope that lies in the minds of the Iran. It shows that Iran will one day be free from the long history of Tyranny.

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Mr. Soleymaani is cruel and inhuman. He condemns the evil doers to death without pity despite being in disagreement with the laws of land. He casually condemns a man to death using his driver. He makes his driver to pass away with the man who has committed a simple crime. He also tortures Arash in his prison life. To him, he believes all he does is right due to his position in the society.

In summary, Book of Dakhmeh by Noori revolves around revolution that took place in Iran. So many political, social, and regime changes took place. The coming of a new regime in Iran was the onset of tribulations among the people. The present regime had very tight laws and regulations that made its people live in fear and oppression.

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