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They Say/I Say

They say/I say is a book that entails the templates used in demystifying academic conversations. The book is divided into three sections that is; they say, I say, and the combination of the two. To begin with, the first part accustom students or rather writer with the concept of being able to engage in other people’s ideas and writing. In other words, borrowing ideas from other people and still keep their own ideas in mind. The book continuous by acquainting the readers with the art of quoting and on the other hand, how and where not to quote. The second section enriches readers with the tools for making arguments on their own ideas while incorporating other people’s ideas. By this, students are able to differentiate and identify their voices from others. Finally, the last section analyzes the writing skills addressed, and help student no what to agree on and what to disagree on. By combination the use of quotations, and having the skills to introduce a sensible agreement, the students are ready and equipped for doing research .

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The review of Harvey’s, “university in ruins” emphasizes on the revolution of education system in higher learning institutions. According to Junior, universities are now operating in more of Darwinian world where by survival is for the fittest and the other are left to flounder. New universities are arising and provide professional qualification at a very low cost and yet nothing has been done so far. As a result, the quality of education universities has undermined, and therefore, affect the job market by increasing the number of unemployment. It is clearly evident that universities education system has lost its value since everyone can afford to qualify. In Harvey review, he insists that the government should chip in and implement solutions that will retain the value of education in higher learning institutions.

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