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Resilience by Alonzo Mourning

Many individuals recognize Alonzo Mourning as a top-notch athlete; an NBA and Olympic Champion, but he is actually much more than that. His book called "Resilience" reveal that he has overcome several hurdles throughout his life, and there have also been several, since his early days spent in the foster care to his return to playing the NBA after going through kidney transplant surgery. Through all these, we find that he has shown a rare combination of optimism, resolve and faith in meeting his objectives and those objectives go far beyond the basket court. "Resilience" is actually an incredible and inspiring text that was written by one of the finest and most charitable individual in professional sport.

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The term 'Resilience' is not just the title of this incredibly written stirring text; however, it is what the author is made of. Whether imploring himself into the foster case as al 11-year old child, determinedly struggling his way onto the list of the dean at the Georgetown University, which made it all-star center in the league, or returning to top form after going through organ transplant surgery, he has shown tremendous inner strength. His faith, courage and determination are the things that have propelled and sustained him all through his extraordinary life.

The return of Mourning to the basketball glory, already known to sports fans as well as non-sports fans similarly, has inspired several patients who are suffering from the kidney diseases and also living with dialysis, together with the donors of organs allover the world. Nevertheless, by sharing his experience of physical, spiritual and emotional roller coaster of disease or suffering and recovery, he brings about message of fire and faith, hope and hurdles, success and trust. This is a story of both reasonable daily lessons and the things that really matter in life.

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Human beings usually speculate or wonder why they were created. They spend their entire lives trying to figure it out. Mourning probably believed that his basketball was the reason. Nevertheless, basketball was only the vehicle or tool that was used to him by God to pass his actual message to the people (56-67). He is a fantastic and remarkable inspiration. I actually thank God for the hardships that he put Mourning through; since it is through these that this painful yet motivational and touching work has been done.

I have to admit that immediately I heard about the news of Mourning planning to return to the field, I considered him being crazy. This is because he had just undergone the process of organ transplant surgery. I believed that he should have been happy for just being alive. Same story happened with Sean Elliot back in the day. I believed that they would have to undergo or experience much in order to get back on the hardwood, so there was no reason for risking. Nonetheless, this professionally written text should provide answers for my questions and do away with any doubts regarding what faith and determination can do.

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I absolutely agree with Mourning in his writings and I find nothing to disagree. One major thing that he has talked about is faith. Having faith is very important and anyone who has it will always see things working out for him or her. Having faith which involves believing in the presence and power of God is something that is not easy. However, from what Mourning has described in his text, we see that it is possible, even though at times demanding. Faith is like a vessel that people use to cross the lake from one side to another. That is when one has a problem that he or she believes to be very serious and may not be in a position of overcoming it in any way, faith is what it takes to see him or her through.

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What Mourning writes here is not far from what the bible teaches us, the only difference between the two is them manner and scenarios in which they are portrayed or presented. The bible tells us that who ever had any problem only had to believe in Jesus Christ and could see all his or her problems go away. Here, Mourning tells us that his career was full of signing and resigning in the NBA. This was due to the problem of kidney failure that he had encountered. However, he did not loose hope because he believed that God would see him through all this. He believed that all his tribulations would be gone and he would go back to the field and continue with his game since that is what God had given him and he did not think of it being taken away from him just that easily.

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Faith is not just something that can be got anyhow, and I am happy that Mourning acknowledges that. He attributes the faith that he had to religion. Religion is what builds strong faith and this is even written in the bible. Faith is something that should be nurtured, and one can always get tired on the way before achieving what he or she wanted, especially when the objective takes too long and the individual is impatient; however, as we are always told, patience pays, and that goes hand in hand with faith. Mourning tells us that he was very religious and he used to balance this with his other activities so that he could not go astray; this greatly helped in strengthening his faith especially when he was going through the hardships, which God finally saw him through.

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From Mourning's story, it is actually true that God exists and He is very powerful. Mourning has a very serious problem that no one ever thought that he would come out of it. However, his life chanced significantly and no body could even think that he had surgery. This means that anyone's life can change within a very short time until he or she wonders. One may find that he has a serious and even life threatening problem in one minute and in the next minute, it is gone completely.

According to the text, we can deduce that life is very short and has no rehearsal. When one has the precious gift of life, he or she should live it to the fullest and not to waste it in any way as we do not know what plans God has for everyone. One can never know when he or she can be attacked by a disease or even any serious problem that can eventually lead to death. There is also something called a 'second chance.' God can always give us a second chance to live and fulfill his promises. However, this can only happen when one uses the life and time that he is given in an appropriate manner. Mourning was a dedicated man who was always ready to help and could even offer inspirational talks to those who felt short of hopes. He believes that is why he was given a second chance by God so that he could continue helping people. He sates that after he had recovered; he went back to the field to give his best and helped people to the level that he could, that means that he dedicated his entire life to God.

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This is one fact that people usually forget or basically do not know at all. From Mourning's experiences, we learn that we should not just wait until we are reached with difficult situations, that it when we remember God. We should be focused and also have strong faith as well as being ready to help others. Mourning believes that these are the reasons why he was lucky to survive the challenges that befell him. Mourning's book is very inspirational and has really helped several people, especially those who have had similar problems to his. It is like God spoke to his people through him, so that they can be able to see and accept that He really lives, and is ready to guide and help them in whatever they do, and what he only demands or expects in return from us is obedience, faith and respect.

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I certainly encourage anybody who is going through transplantation and any other critical diseases that endanger their lives to try hard and find a copy of this book and read it carefully. This text is also good for the fans of basketball who like to know a little more concerning an athlete than what is on the surface, heat fans who might be interested in knowing a little bit more regarding the individual who was the face of their franchise. I honestly believe that anybody who reads this text can grasp something from it. The text is also enjoyable, and some part of the proceeds is dedicated to charity. Therefore, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who would like to strengthen his or her faith and even know more about the power of God, as it is easy to read and self explanatory.

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