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Plain and Tall and A Long Way to Chicago


Sarah, Plain and Tall is the tale of a loving family which has experienced an immense loss. Anna, who is the speaker of this tale, is roughly 12 years old. Ann's brother, Caleb, is a number of years younger. The 2 kids live on the prairie with their father, who is called Jacob, and their 2 dogs. The first dog is called Nick and the second dog is known as Lottie. Anna and Caleb's mother is missing since she passed on owing to giving birth to Caleb. On the other hand, A Long Way from Chicago is tale which involves Joey and his sister, Mary Alice. These two characters do pay a visit to their Grandma Dowdel each year during their summer holiday. The two reside in the big city of Chicago, whereas Grandma resides in a small Illinois town. This essay is arranged in such a way that the first section seeks to provide an understanding of the characters of Sarah of Sarah Plain and Tall and Grandma Dowdel from A Long Way from Chicago.  The second section will provide an understanding of the similarities of the two characters. Lastly, I will conclude the easy.

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The Characters of Sarah and Grandma Dowdel

Sarah is a woman from Maine. She replies to an ad she reads in the newspaper. The ad was for a lady to be a friend to Jacob. Furthermore, she was to serve as a mother to both Anna and Caleb. Sarah is the focus of Sarah, Plain and Tall. Sarah writes an epistle to Anna, Caleb, and Jacob. When she writes her 1st letter to the father of the two kids to be precise Jacob, she is extremely simple. She doesn't falter to inform him things regarding herself that he might not fancy. She stated that she is strong and works hard to achieve her desires to tour places. However, she indicated that she isn't gentle mannered." Sarah exhibits that she isn't gentle mannered in person subsequent to landing on the Prairie. Caleb informs her that women do not dress in overalls. Sarah replied to him by saying that "This woman does." It's via express, honest statements that Sarah depicts her autonomous. She desires to be capable of performing things without any assistance. Sarah maintains that Jacob tutors her things. "I desire to be trained on how to ride a horse. Furthermore, Sarah is obstinate or stubborn especially when she has her psyche set on a particular thing. This is depicted after she informs Jacob that she desires to learn to ride Jacob's horse. After making this demand, Jacob replies by saying: "Not Jack. Jack is cunning." Sarah replies, "I'm cunning, too." Owing to her perseverance makes Jacob beam. However, he still says, "Ayuh" which implies yes. However not Jack." Sarah increases her tone so as to make Jacob comprehend that she's sober: "Yes, Jack!"

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Sarah is the kind of lady who doesn't' fancy being informed what she may and may not be able to perform. She is wayward and resolute. Jacob informs her that he has to repair the roof immediately prior to the coming of a terrible. Sarah responds by saying that: "We will repair the roof. Furthermore, she says "I have performed it before. I am familiar with roofs. I'm an experienced carpenter." She does things which make her glad, although other individuals may suppose her actions are strange or stupid. This is revealed when she chooses to train the kids to swim in the cow pond. Furthermore, there is a soft, mild side to Sarah's behavior. She fancies picking wildflowers. She fancies brushing Anna's hair. She hauls the hair reverse with attractive ribbon. Sarah adores animals. She introduces her gray cat from Maine. She likes the dogs which reside on the farm." Sarah is also protective. When a lamb passes on, she doesn't permit Anna or even Caleb to get closer to the dead animal. Moreover, she sits on the veranda unaccompanied after Jacob buries the lamb

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As far as the novel "A Long Way from Chicago" is concerned, the tale is book ended by flashbacks. Joey replicates on the holidays that he and his very own sister spent with their Grandma. Joey and Mary Alice are 2 of the key characters in the book. Both of them reside in Chicago. However, they are sent each holiday to live with their Grandma Dowdel in countryside

Chicago. The tale is told from Joey's viewpoint. Furthermore, it is inscribed in the1st person.

There is a chapter in this novel which titled "The Mouse in the Milk". In this chapter, numerous thrilling proceedings occur. The chapter commences with Grandma's mailbox being doubtfully distended. Second, it commences with Mrs. Wilcox's privy being ruined and other unsystematic activities of damage which are happening all through the county. Grandma starts to deduce that the local firebrands by the name the Cowgill boys, are responsible for these actions. She chooses to frame the boys. She managed to do this by placing a mouse in her milk. This is because she is confident that their father shall afterward discipline them. This is due to the fact that their father is the owner of the dairy farm (MacLachlan, 1985).

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The Cowgill boys tried to embezzle Grandma's pistol. However, they do not recognize that Grandma is actually waiting for them to turn up at her house. When the boys meet head to head with Grandma, they comprehend that she's carrying the pistol. The Cowgill boys are afterward seized at gunpoint by Grandma. Grandma fears concerning what the fate Cowgill may be. However in preference to killing them, she orders Joey to go and search for Mr. and Mrs. Cowgill. Before long, Mr. and Mrs. Cowgill turn up at Grandma's house. They are surprised to find out that their sons attempted to embezzle Grandma's pistol. Furthermore, they've superior shock waiting for them. Nonetheless: Grandma illustrates to them the mouse in the milk. Mr. Cowgill is irritated to believe that his sons may be negative the status of their family business. He goes on to discipline them via comprehensively beating them. Shortly after Mr. Cowgill's harsh discipline of his boys, the town became a peaceful place to live for all. No longer were there any acts of vandalism that would leave residents of the town nervous and worried that they might be the victims of the Cowgill's next prank. Grandma was pleased that the boys had been taught an important lesson.

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At the beginning of the manuscript, Grandma is portrayed to be a no-nonsense straight shooter who has modest time for personal associations. All through the course of the manuscript, nonetheless, we find out that Grandma's proceedings and intentions may seem to be malicious. However she essentially truthfully minds for her neighbors and family. A magnificent case in point of Grandma's unselfish character is depicted when she frames the Cowgill's for stealing her pistol. She does this to avert them from becoming more severe troublemakers later (Basinsk, n.d.).

How are the two characters alike?

Several similarities exist as far as Sarah and Grandma is concerned. First, both of them are women in spite of the fact that Grandma is older than Sarah. Second, both of them do express their views honestly. Third, both of them are bold in expressing their feelings. Fourth, both of them are cunning. Last, themes of truth justice and ethics permeate each novel.

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How are the two characters different?

Sarah is stubborn especially she has her psyche set on a particular thing. On the other hand, Grandma is resolute in making sure that crime is eliminated. This is depicted when he made sure that the Cowgirl's boys are disciplined. Second, Sarah Plain and Tall is a novel which was authored by Patricia Pritzkau in the year 1985. On the other hand, A Long Way was authored by Richard Peck. Third, Grandma does bad things and she resides outside Chicago. On the other hand, Sarah does things which make her happy and she lives in prairie.

It is apparent the two novels that is "Sarah Plain and Tall" and "A long Way" generate a lot of interest and humor amongst the readers. Furthermore, they provide the reader with a lot of information regarding the social ills in our society and how these ills are dealt with.

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