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In Manhattan and Philadelphia economic pressure is pushing newspapers companies to close down, restructure, and cut down on the number of employees as well as applying for bankruptcy. However, for Anderson, such a scenario does not faze him at all as he is laying out plans to ensure that Parade a company he is working for before a replacement for him is found still thrives. He still believes that newspaper still commands the market hence has a future that is bright since the media is the only effective form of selling goods and services. Anderson has data to acclaim his stand; according to 2006-2007 it is revealed that sales increased by 17%. He asserts that product sales cannot go up unless newspapers are bought (Strupp par. 2).

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The downfall being experienced according to Anderson is due o loss of focus from these companies as well as offering free material through the internet. It is noted that the number of audience for this print media is increasing. He asserts that he has numerous things to do once he leaves Parade, in his office there are several items and accolade that depicts he was and still is the best manager.

According to Anderson, the kind of talented leadership within Parade will be vital in helping it maintain its place in print media. Parade has added another 100 newspaper although circulation declined by 0.9 million from 33.9 million (Strupp par. 4). However, for USA weekend circulation as well as number of newspapers rose, hence a prospect future for the two print media. Parade providing a supplement to newspaper is welcomed and it offers what people need hence a reason why people read newspaper.

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To counter the current problem, there is need to maintain selling element as well as accuracy and credibility. The current problem facing print media dates back to pre-web era as well as the manner with which families owned and run print media businesses. Priority over customers, employees, vendors or shareholders will definitely impact negatively on the other three attributes. Anderson contents that cutting down staff is uncalled for and holds that restructuring debt is of significance. To him bankruptcy is important in supporting any company till economy fully recovers (Strupp par. 4). Lastly, he believes that newspapers are good idea and diversity will ensure that companies profit coupled with maintaining best employees.

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