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The world is quickly becoming a global village, thus each individual in the world today struggle to make ends meet as a result of the changing financial crisis that continue to increase daily expenses. These changing financial changes have forced most people to venture into investment in order to relieve from the increasing financial crisis. At the same time they ensure that they get some extra amounts of money from their investments in order to secure them from the harsh economic crisis. This because the extra money will ensure that they are able to pursue their personal interests without any constrains that will be as a result of the changing financial crisis (Lieber, 2001).

An investment is placing of money into an activity that is aimed at realizing some profit; thus in this case it is where an individual commits his/her finances order to purchase assets or direct the money into something that will yield him some profit in the future. It also include options that will be used to make it possible for the individual to invest in the future incase there is a disruption in the normal flow of their income.

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I come from New York and I have two children who are very dear to me, I wouldn't persevere and see anything nasty to happen to them incase I am involved in any activity that would disrupt my normal flow of income (Steven, 2003). This has pushed me to the extent of venturing in the investment business in order for me to get the extra money that I would uses in order to pursue my own personal interests; at the same time ensure that my family lives a comfortable life. It would act as a guard incase my normal flow of income is disrupted abruptly; this investment will be there to support my family as they will just have to adjust slightly. This because it will help them to stay on its feet incase of any negative happening on my income.

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I have been working in the banking industry for the past few years and working in the banking industry is very challenging to any individual (Sullivan, 2001). This is especially from the changing economic changes that is being experienced in the world today; as most organization in the world including the financial organizations are scaling down their employees so as to ensure that they can easily realize their profits and with my undergraduate degree in electronic engineering will be used against me to be retrenched as it is not related to the banking sector.

I have always had this passion of becoming a Business Analyst; thus I have to be very strategic to achieve my vision of becoming the Business Analyst of the Cablevision Company. Thus my master educations will be the investment that I have at hand in order to ensure that in the future I am the Business Analyst of the company. Thus I have to take my Masters Program and major in Finance at Lehman College (Steven, 2003). The outcome will increase my income to some extent and this will ensure that I am in a position to provide for my children and wife. At the same time ensure that their education and social life is a comfortable one; this will help them live a more fulfilling life that I have always wanted to offer them. The investment in my Masters Program will also help me in pursuing my dreams thus fulfilling my ambitions of being the Business Analyst of the Cablevision Company and also increasing my financial income.

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