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Burger King

Burger king has been a fast moving consumer goods firm that has experienced much growth in the last five years, thanks to Crispin, the advertising agency of the firm. With the entry of the medium advertising agency in the market many eyebrows were raised regarding how well it would perform. The same eyebrows that were raised because of discontempt are now raised because of the humongous success achieved in the last few years by that small micro advertising agency.

With the success created by this company it would be imperative to identify the communication strategy that was used by the firm. These strategies are tied down with the objectives of Burger Kings' communication systems. One Burger King's communication objective is the reach of the young male. Having developed a loyalty of male customers since its inception, Burger King would want to create another generational appeal to the hungry young males. This is well brought out in the Whooper advertisement. It is relevant how Crispin went around the whole topic of customer loyalty and brought it out from a real perspective.

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Another communication objective is timeliness. The burgers at Burger King are of a different kind and made from a really expensive and healthy method. This goes beyond other campaigns by competitors who do not make their burgers in the same manner. Thus the timeliness of their ad campaigns was really important so as to improve sales which were at a depressing low.

The third objective of Burger Kings communications is the increment of traffic to its stores and franchising. This is very critical since it was the sole reason that they were losing business. Thus Crispin had to work around this to be effective in provision of advertising services to burger king.

The fourth objective was to increase the international sales by a relative margin. To achieve this Crispin use the viral ads approach on almost all its products and thus creating an international awareness and international growth in terms of revenue.

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Finally the most important objective was creation of an emotional chord between the customer and the Burgers. This was effectively done and thus created an influx in the number of visits to the various franchises.

Burge King has built its focus around the 'super fan'. This is a strategy that has worked for BK as it has provided a substantive growth in its sales in the past few years. However, the focus of all the products and advertising strategies to only the super fan who is the young hungry male could be damaging to its clientele (Moon, 1999). The damage in this sense could happen because other consumers who visit the franchises could feel that they do not belong and that they are less considered.

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The implications of this may not be immediate but could affect business for BK eventually. One implication of this is that the competitors may use the alienation of some of BK's clients to their advantage, especially as campaigning strategies. Thus to counter this at an early stage it would be imperative to include all other customers whole preparing the advertising strategies. It is understandable that the male is the loyal and target consumer of BK's products but the other consumers should also be given consideration as they too make the company grow.

The Subservient Chicken is a success for the viral marketing strategy used by Crispin. Viral marketing is very effective because it creates anal emotional bond to its consumer (Meerman, 2008). Firms such as Zales also use this form of marketing that have seen them grow in revenues and customer loyalty. Thus the Subservient Chicken was very effective. The content is superb whereby the man perform every thing the customer wants. This tells of BK. That BK will deliver to all the customer needs. If a customer would love a burger specifically made for him then it can and will surely be done at Burger king. This has created the effective bond that BK now enjoys with its customers.

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The Tv ads and viral elements in all of Crispin's advertising strategies have had a great success in driving the messages home. To add to this Crispin should however consider using the next most common instrument in advertising- the radio. This is also a very interactive media that is used by a very wide audience. To successfully come up with an advertising strategy that will also pull the radio listener is also imperative for increased success. Also the addition of the all inclusive elements in the advertisements could also lead to an increase in sales. They could for instance create an advertisement that includes men and all the smart community. This will create the effect that only smart people dine at BK.

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In true, BK and Crispin have worked effectively together to create a turn a round of the rebel customer. The customers who had fled BK are now back thanks to Crispin's' advertising methods. It is imperative that the current most effective method of advertising is viral marketing. Nevertheless, Crispin and BK could consider the use of social websites such as face book, LinkedIn and twitter, as another source of market. This will also create the emotional attachment that it requires with its customers.

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