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Business Communication Trends Paper

Business communication is the process of relaying information in a business environment either in an attempt to promote, describe or market a product or service. Communication trends therefore refer to the mode of communicating. Work environment communication is a bit different from the social communication.

Traditionally, businesses communicated via letters, telephones, memorandums, face to face etc, which had the disadvantages of consuming time, and delayed response. As advancements are made on technology, better and current communication tools are introduced. Before an organization chooses a particular mode of communication, there are a number of factors to consider like the cost of implementation and usage. However, effective communication is the baseline for all business success.

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Increasing productivity, sales and profits is the main goal for all businesses and this should not be compromised at whatever cost. Communication is divided as internal and external modes of communication. The management should enhance the internal communication first as this will automatically improve the external communication. Improving employee/ management relationship will improve employee/client relationship (Krizan, Merrier & Logan, 2007).

Internal communication are numerous ranging from face to face, suggestion boxes, staff meetings, staff quizzes, staff magazines, staff blogs, internal social media, internal memos, short message services, employee surveys, emails, online chats, discussion forums and oral communication. Some of these communication channels are attached to hyperlinks that allow employees to browse thus increasing their skill level, knowledge and building capabilities. Employee surveys enable the management to get feedback from employees about their satisfaction, motivation and the overall awareness of the organization. Staff magazines, internal social media and employee blogs build strong teams within the organization as employees in different departments are able to socialize in a work environment, form connections, exchange ideas and get to know one another. This brings a sense of togetherness, responsibility and solidarity as they encourage participation. They also reduce the overload of emails. Discussion forums allow employees to air their problems or queries to the management and making them aware of what is happening on the ground. This reduces cases of abrupt strikes by employees as the management is constantly aware of their grievances. Discussion forums reduce crises in organizations because the management always has time to solve any problem that may cause a crisis (Sigala, 2006).

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External communication involves telecommunication, teleconferencing, video conferencing, communication newsletters, emails, online chats, press releases, and conferences. Teleconferencing connects three or more people in different locations in a live exchange of information. It is advantageous in that it allows people to attend meetings without having to travel long distances to be physically present thus saving time. It is also advantageous in people do not socialize in such meetings, making them shorter and efficient. Video conferencing allows people in different geographical locations to hold meetings, and be able to see one another as it transmits video data. Telephoning is also very effective as the response is received instant thus allowing progress. Telephone has also become inexpensive as compared to video and teleconferencing making it quite affordable for small companies. Press releases is a way an organization communicates to it’s clients, suppliers, and its general public by releasing relevant information to the press. This builds trust between the organization and those concerned. Emails have replaced the conventional letter writing commonly used before. This is because they are quick and easy to write. Response is fast, even though it has the disadvantage of creating overload hence some mails are not read.

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Trends commonly used at my work place are employee blogs, staff magazines, staff meetings, online chats, emailing, and telephone. For external communication, teleconferencing, email and telephone are most common. This is because it is a small organization attracting a small community both internally and externally. Communication motivates me in my day to day work. Work becomes easy when you have someone easily accessible to query and consult if need be. This enables me to complete work efficiently and effectively. Since communication is the lifeblood of any business, creating contacts has been easy for me in the work environment and my social network is therefore not affected. My relationship with my employer has also been enhanced and this improves my overall productivity at work as I am able to work with ease.

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I am able to plan my work ahead as all notifications are received in time. There are also a number of sources to gain information from in a case where the internet is easily available, and employee support is active (Lehman, 2007).

Feedback, language and channel are the major components in communication. Therefore while choosing a mode to communication, the organization has to ensure the recipient is able to receive, comprehend and reply to the information. These current trends enable quick response as compared to the traditional modes of communication, especially the use of letters that were sent through the post office. This could particularly take long or even get lost on the way as they passed through many hands. We can therefore give thanks to technology for enhancing and improving the communications channels.

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