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The Extreme Altitude Ascents

Extreme Altitude Ascents is a company which is exploring options on providing the best to its esteemed customers. This ranges from all its services to the sporting activities in the 5000 acres land where all the clients will be able to utilize them such as the extreme skiers. This pristine powder snow will also be made accessible to all the clients who will be able to utilize only the snowcats, snowmobiles and helicopters.

In coming up with marketing strategies which are of great importance to the well establishment of the business idea, situational analysis should be done accordingly. This will ensure that adequate information and implementation of the said ideas in an appropriate manner which upholds the companies intended operation. The business idea is very important as it ensures that the company reviews it over its life and updates it to suite the immediate and long term objective. There are important factors which need to be adequately considered when handling such kind of analysis. This includes the demographics, competition, and location. The target market of the company is the best option where the company is able to establish its operations well in accordance to the pre-set plan and make adequate choices which will ensure there is prosperity besides establishing a market which cannot be ventured any more by others. This will therefore eliminate competition (Edwards 25).

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The following aspects are the ones which need to be absolutely considered by the company in order to validate its business idea.


 This is the target population in the area where the business idea is to be launched. This covers the various segments of the population and all the operations thereof. EAA has factored I the human characteristics which befits the actualization of the business idea. This entails the use of the well trained instructors who will be able to offer necessary guidance to the clients at their point of need.  This covers the transport, and the tours. This is the best thing to do in order to win people to your side and to be part of your products. This aspect puts Extreme Altitude Ascents at a very unique position where there is no other company to capture or meets the characteristics of all the human population who are already absorbed in the EAA’s ideas. There is need for the Extreme Altitude Ascents to review its operations as to the effect of its demographics. There are a lot of benefits which are associated with this aspect. Having identified the characteristics of all the clients or the human population, hence the company will be able to aim higher in meeting the company objective. The company is the main light to the people especially when it comes to the required changes or desired ways of conduct in sporting activities. The sports are the main core area of the company hence the arena which has been set is the main are where one can be able to partake the comfort of the being a client (Clarke 102).

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The company should be in a position to ensure that the cult which has been established by the sporting activities is upheld and that appropriate changes should be made which ensures that the advancement in technology and the actual sports is put first. This will foster the company operations as the venture has not yet been tapped hence there are many opportunities for the company. The human population is already prepared for the actualization of the business idea hence the company is way ahead on the realization of its business idea (Brown 141).


Extreme Altitude Ascents has a super competitive advantage of being the first largest company to make such a venture. This puts it ahead of any form of competition that may arise.  Extreme Altitude Ascents has adequate resources which ensure that’s the standards which it will set are not in any way reached by any other company aspiring to be in the same business. The company also has established excellent ground for sporting which is hardly found in any place hence making it the state of the art makes and the people can’t stop being part of the company’s ideas. Competition is what all companies across the world want to overcome. This is because the rate at which the institution runs it is depended on the business idea. There is an indication that every company has its unique idea hence it I easier to stay ahead and gain competitive advantage (Kurtz & Kim 126).

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Extreme Altitude Ascents is able to provide an enabling environment for the extreme

skiing, snowboarding and other active winter sports including ski-kiting, snow-kiting and many others. This ensures that the company provides adequate equipments and space besides the expertise which will benefit all its clients. This idea if well safe guarded will also enables the company benefit well in all its endeavors (Smith & Sadler-Smith 87).

The company has an on-mountain cabin which is private that’s ensures the existence of stylish setting for the actualization of the business idea. The private lodgings also are a setting which is hard to overcome. The Extreme Altitude ascents have established it and this is a great idea for them to derive a competitive advantage. This is because the company is able to secure lodging cabins for its guest so as to be well taken care of all through their sporting and stay.  The company also utilizes the services of the best and most effective customer service with adequate information which is detailed in the realization of the business idea. Customer service is the image of the company as they ensure that the client is well taken care of and that all their needs are well addressed. The customer services ensures that the clients who came over to the company’s premise sad leaves the place happy. This make the company to be equipped and establish a strong foundation which lasts forever hence establishing a competitive advantage.

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The location of the company is very important in its transactions. Excellent altitude Ascents is situated in its actual area of operation. This are of operation is well equipped and fits to the nature of the companies sporting activities. There are all the materials which are to the favor of their operations. The location of the company is within the nearly 5000 acres of pristine powder snow which ensures that all the sports activities such as those for the utilization by the extreme skiers. This has also been made possible for the other clients such as the snowcats, snowmobiles and the helicopters clients.

The company is able to take the pride of actualization of all its operations in an environment which fits the core business. Location is a determining factor of the company’s confidence in its operations and this gives the Extreme Altitude Ascents the opportunity to forge forward their business ideas. The market place demands the best company which considers their demands well and being strategically located is what will boost the operations. The attention that the company gives its clients is what matters a lot in increasing the number of these clients as they like when they are considered appropriately in their needs. It’s therefore important for the Extreme Altitude Ascents utilize all the customers’ needs in their coming of the business ideas and it will actualize its objectives.

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