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Going Green in Business


Going green is a used term in business that means transitioning of a business to become eco-friendly or environmentally friendly. Some companies have been reluctant to going green such as cosmetic companies. They have had to think twice and go for more eco-friendly means such as green formulations and biodegradable packaging. Most companies and organizations have gone green in order to reduce the impact of carbon and its degradation on the environment. Going green is an environmentally responsible choice.

At the beginning, companies and individuals were resistant to this change as they found that they had to change their ways of doing which they have built over the years. Majority of the greenhouse gases in the United States are from the energy production used to heat, cool and for lighting work places. This constitutes about 40% and thus reducing this output will be direct in reducing the carbon dioxide output. In the long run there will be profound advantages as this will reduce the negative effects of global warming. By companies changing from being green to going green basically means less with the talk and more with the work. It states what needs to be done and actually doing it. Business that are opting to go green have nothing to lose because most individuals and customers are more conscious and are buying products from those who are environmentally conscious.

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How business are going green

All over the world businesses both big and small are in the race of not being going but actually being green. It all starts with small steps such as buying energy saving products such as fluorescent bulbs compared to the standard bulbs. Companies are also educating their employees on simple ways such as switching off the lights, having common set points on thermostats and the deployment of assets which is redeploy, reuse and reship. Companies are also going green by constructing houses in such a way that they allow maximum light as less waste is equal to lower operating costs and more on savings (

 Businesses are also manufacturing and buying eco-friendly products for cleaning as they reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the streams and rivers. For those companies that often require communication through paper, they have maximized the use of emails and other digitized forms of communications. It therefore goes without saying that at the end of the day they are saving a lot from not using paper.

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Companies are also into recycling of most of their products such as paper, grocery bags and electronics. As the demand of recycled post-consumer products increases, it saves on the natural resources and reduction of waste.  Some organizations have gone a step higher by allowing their employees to telecommute. This has helped in saving on the expenses gasoline consumption on transport and the effects of the release of carbon into the air and also maintenance of the roads (Faulhaber, 2008).

Companies and big organization such as Dell and HP are recycling their products as this reduces the cost of making of the assets and also the need of power. They are reducing the toxic elements in the hope of creating completely free toxic products. Other companies such as automobiles are going the green way too as they are producing more hybrid vehicles by the day. Hybrid vehicles use more than one form of power to move around. They use a gasoline engine to power a generator which powers an electric motor. The effects of these hybrid vehicles have a positive impact on the environment as no or little carbon gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

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On other ways in which businesses can go green involves the replacement of the traditional fax machine with an e-fax system or email as these new forms are paperless. Business can also start printing documents on both sides to minimize the usage of paper and also keeping air conditioning and ventilation ducts clean can go along way in conserving the environment and saving on cost. There should also be ways of creating synergies through which there is sharing and consolidation of resources such as printers. For companies that produce means of packaging finished products, they are looking for ways of producing more bio-degradable forms instead of polythene papers.

Advantages of going green

There are benefits for companies that take this route. At the very first, going green can be time consuming and very expensive but in the long run it helps to save on money. If for example one has to use paper in order to communicate with the employees who are either in hundreds or in thousands, a lot of paper will be put to waste. On the other hand if this kind of communication is digitized, it will be more effective and efficient while saving on the cost of paper. Further more; the initial cost of buying the fluorescent bulbs is very high compared to the standard light bulb but the life time of the bulbs in comparison, fluorescent bulbs will last much longer.

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The major advantage to organizations, companies and businesses that have gone green is that it is easily sustainable. By use of solar systems instead of normal power supply is helping reduce cost and increase on productivity. As an example is the solar powered plane of Switzerland that had a successful flight through the night and landed safely after almost 26 hours. This just goes to showing what the fruits of going green truly are. There are fewer costs incurred during the use of eco-friendly bulbs. These bulbs have been proven to cut down on the costs by 75%. For those businesses that have maximized on digitized ways of communication, such as a research done on Captaris Company, it saved 2 million dollars annually by the fact of digitalizing their paper work.

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Another notable positive effect of going green is on the impact on the environment. This means that there is less use of energy thus less production of waste. With reduced wastes that run into streams and rivers, we are able to conserve marine animals while at the same time protecting our own health from both airborne and waterborne diseases.

Going green has also produced positive physiological effects. One is happier when consuming home grown foods in the support of local farmers than buying from large brands. Businesses are also being advised to shut down computers or put them in hibernation mode as this also help in saving expenses on electricity. In a research done by Microsoft, putting a computer into hibernation mode whereby the screen uses no energy can save up to $90 per computer over the course of one year (Brown, 2010).

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There are also tax benefits unto those businesses that are going green. The federal stimulus of 2009 contained around $50 billion of funding to promote clean energy. In this effect it gave business a tax reduction of 50% on their building energy consumption. Schools and other educational sectors are also going green by use of e-learning. It is a paperless form of learning and it eliminates the need to continually print paper thus saving on forests of trees. It also cuts down on travelling for majority of business staff. In the cases where there is training to be done, e-learning and webcams come in handy. Air travel has a very large negative effect on the environment as it is the most fuel guzzling form of transport. In the case of using e-learning and webcams, employees and managers don’t have to travel to every destination as the same information can be relayed over such technologies. It therefore saves the environment as much as possible (

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There are new job creations as even those advertising on going green are making a living and also helping through donations to reducing the negative impacts of carbon prints on the environment. Green Bottle Company has come up with a way of reducing plastic water bottles that are in massive disposal. Among many other businesses the Green Bottle company donates every 1% of its proceedings to none profit institutions that plan and aim to protect the environment.  

Shortcomings of going green

Businesses are trying to go green even in the production of biodegradable containers. This is becoming hectic as the containers break down after a period of 90 days. To others, they are trying to recycle toilet papers. There are negative comments from the public on this as it is not seen as healthy. For those who are into junk kind of food have it bad. There are upcoming organic cafeterias as use of growth hormones is becoming an endangered practice to both people and the environment. It is not a smooth ride to those businesses that intend on utilizing the solar as a substitute to the normal power energy. It will not always be sunny and for those who are frequent to winters more than summer will find it rough to go green. They could however look more into wind power that is generated by wind.

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With the overwhelming need by businesses to go green, there are advantages and a few disadvantages to overcome before they become what people are looking for in businesses, companies and organizations. The idea behind this wave of going green is to be environmentally friendly with products that do not have negative effects on the environment. It might mean a change in what has been a tradition to mankind for over generations of years but in the long run; going green will be to the benefit of man. It might mean having a car pooling instead of driving to work or to school, an e-learning system other than going to the field, a solar powered system rather than a normal power supply. It might even mean forgoing steaks that are thick and juicy for more home grown food.  From any angle that we look at it, going green will have more positive effects than negative effects. More walking than driving is a healthy way of keeping the heart healthy, and more so a better way or cutting down on weight (Boyes, 2008).











Business should continue being green as it also has a positive effect. People are more attracted to those businesses that are green and conscious about the environment. Business creation is at large from the fad of going green. There are more demands on construction of eco-friendly housing, environmentally conscious packaging in which businesses are up and running on recycling of waste materials. In the Barak Obama and Joe Biden’s economic plan they aim at creating 5 million green jobs in the course of the next coming years. It has become a break for businesses that are going green as the Department of Energy has already provided tax breaks and incentives to those that are already operating in environmentally friendly manner. There are many benefits awaiting those businesses that are willing to go the green way.

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