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Each process produces its own output mostly resulting from calculations and assessments. The first process of generating a student information report's major output was the student's information report. This report contained all the information about a specific student it contained a student name the personal information residential information, medical information the various academic and professional information that a student had attained previously and the student's legal status. This is important when rating the student to determine acceptance or rejection .This report was generated from a number of processes these processes also contained the outputs of various other processes. The other major output was the students Number that was generated to identify each specific student.

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The second process of generating a payment receipt gives a final Output of a student payment receipt. This receipt is generated whenever a student or a sponsor goes to the school to make payments. The receipt would most likely show the student's name the sponsors name if available or if the student is self sponsored. The other processes that are carried out in this paper included the generation of a receipt number to be used when identifying each specific payment. The fee balance of each student was also given calculated by subtracting the payments made from the total payment the specific student is supposed to make at a specific time of study. It is also able to show an overpayment in case the student pays more than the specified amount. This receipt is important when determining the total payment made to the institution and the arrears due.

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The third process that is involved with the generation of the course application response provides an output of either a rejection of the student's application or an acceptance of the same. If the student meets the academic qualifications stipulated for the entry to a specific course. It contains the students Academic Qualification rating obtained from an assessment of the qualification a prospective student it also contains the students English language rating given by assessing the scores a student obtained from the students scores in the various English tests that the student has under gone. If on the other hand the student does not meet the qualifications of the course they are applying for the system would generate a rejection report which contains the reason for the subsequent rejection of the student.

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The fourth process that was concerned with the generation of student's curriculum vitae gave final output of curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae contains the students name and other personal information like the date of birth and personal the academic and professional qualification the student would have attained at the time it is being generated which is given by the current students qualifications added to the ones acquired in the institution. It also gives the student's earlier working experience if the student had worked before joining the institution. This curriculum vitae is important in case the student need to work and has to show proof of qualification and experience.

The fifth process of generating an equality assessment report for the various races of the institution gives a final output of an equality report. It contains the total number of students in the institution and the number of students belonging to a specific race existing in the institution. It also gives the percentage composition of each race calculated from the number of a race over the total number of students. Then it gives the assessment determining if there are specific races that were given preferential treatment during the admission process. This is important in showing the validity of the institutions admission process.

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The sixth process of generating a student's health report gave a final input of the student's health report. This report contains the student name and medical information especially in cases of special needs or a disability in this process the student's medical number is also generated for every student and is also given in the report for proper record keeping. This report is important for the student's medical history.

The last process of determining the best marketing strategy for the institution gives the output of a marketing report. This report contained the various marketing strategies that the students give regarding who gave them information about the institution. It gives the number of marketing strategies and the response each marketing strategy received. Finally it calculates the percentage response received from each strategy. Them it gives the overall view of the best marketing strategies that received the highest response.

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