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Business Strategy

For a success in business, its foundation and pillar is a business strategy. A business strategy determines the health conditions of a business (success in terms of profits, market share and performance). Though the company, which imports and sells motor vehicles makes profits, there is much more to be done so as to improve on its profitability and general performance (Burkhart & Reuss, 1993).

From what the owner of the business or company told me during the interview, the company has strategies that have helped it achieve its profit targets each year and they have been able to maintain it for the last five years. One strategic plan, which the business needed to change, is to transform its scope of business from local to ensuring that their services commute to different nations and states. Having heard and seen the organization of the company, I found out that, the marketing strategy is giving a better hand to the profitability and market domineering. Business strategic models used by the company must be concerned about the future and should have a concrete management but it should be like a political /speech, which is meant to influence people for the sake of other people's political mileage (Allison & Kaye, 2005).

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The CEO talked about a plan for expansion. He saw the concern for the owner of the business to provide services, which would serve 90% of its local prisoners, who are often sent to the Federal Institute that is 100miles away. In order to achieve this strategy, the owner is suppose to assign all employees their roles and tasks that they should achieved within a certain periods of time. This will ensure that, everybody will accountable for his or her deeds so as to avoid blame game and conflicts arising (Burkhart & Reuss, 1993).

The CEO asserted that the owners' responsibility is getting the customers to their destination in a timely and safely manner. In order to perform this task effectively, there was need to address issues and challenges which were facing the business (Burkhart & Reuss, 1993). One of the challenges that the organization faced was keeping a consistent schedule so as to maintain stability and obtain profits, which would cover expenses. Another challenge was misuse of the rewards in gratitude from family and love ones and being able to tackle a market that is continuously growing.

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These issues according to the owner and my own analysis have been of great importance to the organization's success. The company's reputation and image has improved not only locally but also internationally. The organic strategic planning has been utilized in the company by the owner who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It articulates on the organization's vision, principles, values and core business ethics and conduct. The owner has ensured all the structures and cultures in the organization are up to date for its success. The leadership, culture and structures of the organization are well developed so as to avoid complexities (Haines, 2004).

The CEO's assertion that the impact of the economic environment was up and down because the business was still growing so it had not reached the level of financial stability yet, was critical and required redress. The CEO further mentioned that there was only one competitor that was local and from then Floaters Transportation, inc. was winning the population. The vans were fully loaded for comfort with DVD players and Satellite radio. In order to address these issues, it was critical for the organization to improve in the management, communication, coordination, and organization. There is no doubt that the company is a threat to many motor vehicle selling companies in the world. This information is based interview from the owner of the company who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other information is from the journals and its customers (Lorenzen, 2006).

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The owner's strategy for gaining new business is marketing and for maintaining it's business keeping a good reputation. The sales and marketing department therefore, have what it takes to maintain the company's image and to increase the sales so that the profit margins can double every year. The keys to success according to the owner are marketing and consistence. This business can be said to be better than other businesses in the same industry because it has been able to increase its Market share by 25% every year and its customers are more than ten (10) million all over the world. It is considered as a market leader in the industry all over the world. It manufactures and sells high quality motor vehicles in accordance to what customers want and in line with the technological advancement (Allison & Kaye, 2005).

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The company complies with the entire local and international laws governing the business; hence there are no much complications when transacting business. This is has made it to dominate in the market and many countries are willing to accept their motor vehicles (Lorenzen, 2006). For these reasons therefore, the business can compete favorably in the market due to its flexibility and adaptability to various market environmental conditions and situations. The company has expanded its operations to more than 50 countries as its closer rival has only expanded its operations to 34 countries. This is an added advantage to the company to dominate and influence the market before its rivals penetrate (Haines, 2004).

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The business owner has many other opportunities with the advancement of technology. The owner can take advantage of the e-commerce so that it can transact (buying and selling) business through online (Lorenzen, 2006). This is an opportunity because it will cut on the cost of traveling and saves time; hence increased profit margins. The owner can have new branches in some countries in the Middle East because there are more customers and a few motor vehicle selling firms in the region. The countries in Middle East have friendly terms and conditions of trade that can easily be adopted due to favorable legal conditions concerning international trade (Haines, 2004).

Recommendations to the owner

I recommend that the owner should focus on improving the marketing strategies so as to remain relevant in the market (Haines, 2004). As the CEO told me, I also recommend that the business should expand its operations rather than sticking only to the catering service. There must be strategies that focus on specific regions and markets due to difference in market requirements and expectations. The CEO advised that the business would attract a lot of investors if it would begin servicing several populations rather than concentrating on the local market alone. I therefore recommend that the company, through the owner should improve diplomatic relations, which sometimes goes sour with some countries especially in Asia. The owner should improve the delivery of goods to the customers. The mode or the channel of distribution should be faster and meets all the expectations. The owner should build a strong relationship with other nations by engaging in social responsibility so as to build the trust and loyalty with the citizens (Burkhart & Reuss, 1993).

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