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Bouldings Systems of Integration

Businesses are currently experiencing all sorts of challenges from day to day. These challenges range from social, economical to political. A number of measures are put in place by corporate, states, business organisations and the many other groups in trying to fight the existing challenges.

Boulding's system of organizers has a different approach to fighting challenges of threat and sabotaging laws. From the film, "the corporation" a number of steps are to be taken in response to the challenges faced by businesses. One of the steps is making informed choices. This comes in connection to business policies and management. A firm policy tends to favour the business in whatever the situation it finds itself in (Taylor, 2006).

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Businesses should also work with maximum coordination so within its management (Taylor, 2006). This brings about cohesiveness in the business thus it will be able to have a common word of decision whenever an emerging threatening issue arises. According to Garry, M. (2008),"for a business to maintain and improve its superiority, there must be a good existing relationship within the management and the entire business fraternity". Talking of superiority must in one way include the customer. There is no successful business without customers.

An approachable advertising strategy is therefore needed for a business to have its superiority at par. Taking a product to the market without telling the customer what it is and why the customer should actually get it, will be of no use. Rather still putting across the message of a product to the customer is not enough. You will realize that customers tend to compare prices of commodities in case there are of different brands so as to get the most affordable one. Most companies, as argued by Porter M. (2010), there is always conflict in trying to counter manage two similar models in the same industry. Porter goes ahead and gives the example between the Kodak's films and the digital cameras. Can they ever fuse to make a decision bearing in mind that a customer will most probably be forced to choose one of them?

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From the film, "the corporate; unsettling accounts", there is need to fuse a lot of information in a success oriented business. A product for instance should never discriminate its customers in terms of class (Anderson, 2006). There is need to include university professors, experts in the business filed, reporters and the public in major decision making. This will avoid taking greater risks like giving a lot of free items as a market strategy at the expense of the business.

Businesses are also needed to go to the ground to seek information (Grossman, 2004). A business should never work on speculations and rumours. With this complying with safety measures won't be a hindrance at all. In policy making, the federal power should also be kept in mind so that mishaps don't come to arise between the government and the businesses.

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According to the Garry, M. (2008), proper marketing doesn't necessarily involve the fluctuating of the prices in case a business experiences stiff competition, there is need to have a different substantive basis on the reason of price drop for example.

According to a research done by BNET staff (2007), there is importance of analyzing the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business. The report indicates how to carry out the findings which will enable a business to have a strategic plan of events in the most improved way in order to cub the challenges which will have been foretold. According to Boulding, he discusses on the placement of economics to the hands of the society (Haberler, 2009). Profit can only be forthcoming if there is a matching existing equilibrium between the historical concept of the business and the societal economic status.

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All in all, as much as many businesses have a varied way of responding to challenges, some facts still remain. Organizational structure, policy management, sovereignty independence from external basis and informed decision making are vital points which would make any business be above superiority in its own way.

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