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Future Trends in Business Hotel


Hospitality has become a vital factor in the hotels industries. Any transformations in trends of the hotel trade have a significant implication on the entire diverse industry. Globalization is one of the evolutions that have influenced need for changes in trends of this business future sustainability. The evolution of the knowledge society's aspects like the internet has brought rise to a phenomenon where tourists or vacationers are becoming ever more challenging. This is because the world has changed that you can make any place ideal for you unlike the past where you could only feel at home in your own country or home.

Uncertain times or period calls for diverse strategies; hotel business has to put that into their trends. Internet evolution has given birth to hotel electronic business, which is being implemented by most hotels and developing challenges associated with it. Strategies for attracting and retaining more international business travelers such as having spotless and bright environment, use of comfortable furniture and facilities,  open more conference rooms, and relevant and satisfactory services are guiding factors.

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Economy trends affect every industry, and hotel business must ensure the industry survive despite the hard times. The hotel e-business has opportunities during these hard economic times. One strategy that the hotel industry must put into considerations is to ensure that the business change from a selling to engaging customer approach. Amid rising concern on environmental pleasant services, a large number of travelers prefer Eco and Green lodgings. Study has proven that tourists are willing to pay more if the environment is friendly and facilities are modernized. The trend of engaging customer improves relationship hence more business opportunities.

Making a social computing as part of marketing and distribution in the hotel industry is seen as potential opportunities for electronic business. Social networking has become a blend in the society's way of life, and travelers will feel comfortable to find these facilities in the hotel they visit and lodge. The customers have been seen to pay even more if their needs are fulfilled and they feel like coming again, this trend business need to consider to survive hard times and overcome future challenges. The education level of travelers and customers pose a challenge to the hoteliers who must seek well educated workers and even think of constructive methods that will ensure current workers are gain necessary knowledge by the management sponsoring their education and creating attractive career paths.

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Mobile invention has been a big plus to the business activities. The hotel industries need to devise away of making the best of these technologies. The hotel electronic business must evolve from channels to gateways to enable good use of the technology, they should change from single purpose to all encompassing, and finally from functional to fulfilling. Hotel electronic distribution industry is an exciting business with lots of opportunities in the future. Tomorrow or future will look different from today or current times, and this must be the ultimate considerations that the industry contemplates when checking future trends (Nikolis, 23rd Feb, 2009).

Rising cost of real estate and construction has made hoteliers to use pre-fabricated and cost effective mechanisms in the construction of new hotel businesses. The most effective trend the hotel is to implement though some have started is maximizing the use of building areas through construction of multi purpose hotel industries, which could contain additional facilities like malls or shopping outlets, casinos, healthcare facilities, theatres, church, and theme parks. This will see the end of standalone hotels and onset of super mega hotels. This would be a very efficient means of generating revenues for the hotel industry.

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Internet evolution has seen the emergence of high level of competition, where customers can view prices over the web and plan their expenses prior the visit. This mean that the bigger players will be at an upper hand in business and requires that others also implement major changes to enable them survive these challenges.

In general, the future trends for hotel industry must ensure the following are efficiently addressed: high demands of customers, more advance distribution channels, changing industry models where businesses may spend more and expect less in return, an emphasis on technology changes and having richer contents, and a modification in the structure of hotel business (HEDNA, 30th April, 2008). This involves the business planning to spend on technology challenges, acquiring simplify technologies, which are relevant and efficient to the realization of the business objectives. Applying social agenda which are environmental friendly and conducive to guests.

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Globalization and localization as been a trend debate with many agreeing that globalization supersede local trend in the revolution of the hotel industry. Trend to effectively embrace the global requirement in the hotel business cannot be taken lightly by any hotelier. Local aspect can never be ignored because hotel industries serve its people more than the international customers. Local distribution and management of the hotel industries is a plus to its future trend for prosperities.


Whatever the trend, constant remodeling of the restaurant industry has made it relevant, more functional, and practical for the hotel owners and the guests. This is a constant reminder for the hoteliers in their quest for seeking future trends, which are workable for their businesses. Incorporation of local and global strategies is a very essential for the future growth of the hotel industries and need to be properly planned and implemented. Future trends strategies are the pillars of any hotel business and their plans will decide success or failure.

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