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Introduction to Electronic Commerce


Electronic commerce is commonly referred to as e-commerce. This is the purchase and sale of services and products over the internet. E-commerce is divided into several parts; it is divided into business to business buying and selling. Here you buy goods or acquire the services any time you feel like. Electronic trailing is also part of e-commerce. This is a source of revenue for businesses since you can sell your good or provide services through the internet. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps in exchange of business information by one company to another (Qin 2009).

If you want to advertise your products, services or ideas, you can use the electronic catalog marketing. You can you use the e-book. Online advertising is much cheaper as compared to using direct mailing. The amount of capital that you require to set up an online account is relatively low. Having your business online makes it easy to interact with the customer since what they require is to click on a pop ad, banner or a text link ad to enquire about the service offered. You should also consider the people you want to offer your services to. If you target a specific area you should firs, get to know if your services, products or ideas are required in the area. The age span you are targeting is also important. You should know what the age you are targeting wants since not all want the same thing (Plummer 2007).

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You can also use video ads. These are more captivating and get a lot of response from the customers. Video ads are able to reach out to a larger audience compared to other forms of adverts. You should keep records of all the facts you gather to know what you need to do. Then start finding a way in which you will try out the facts you gathered. You should be sure that you follow up your advertising efforts so that you can to tell where your research works best. Try using the flash technology, in this technology you are able to come up with ads that interact with the user so well. These ads will appear as small home pages and have a better click through rate (CTR). You can find most of these ads in Yahoo.

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Banner ads are another way of advertising your products. They are mostly found on top of the website. The charges of the ads vary from one to the other and also they can be found on blogs too. The charges of the banner differ from one to the other by the popularity of the website. The more popular the ad, the more expensive it is to be in the website. Pay per Click ads (PPC) are found alongside the search results in a search engines. While those in the search results are not paid for, those in the pay per click ads usually appearing on the right side of the search result is paid for (Plummer 2007).

Online advertising medium

My online advertising medium that I would use is the facebook advertising. This is because, Facebook has many users. The market for products will be high because many people will have access to it if they log on to facebook. You also are able to choose the people you want to reach by their age, their location and their interest. Using Facebook as a mode of advertisement the target audience can also share their information with their friends hence increase in customers. In this page, the customers will have detailed information on the products. The method is also a cheap and convenient way of advertising since no capital is required. Facebook has different languages and countries hence a wider customer base (Weinberg 2009).

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