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Restaurant Design Issues

It is very evident that most of restaurant décor of certain real epic when it comes to the issue of design. Restaurant design comes in very different ways for instance one can decide to take the design of classic French theme, simple understatement, modernist collection and Dali-like surrealist lavishness. These different designs largely require absolute realism and a very outstanding attention to each and every facet are purposely intended to display in their design. This paper presents a detailed discussion of various aspects of restaurant designs and how they appeal to different segments of customers.

Many individuals who normally visits restaurants constantly fail to understand the kind of effort placed by restaurateurs in the making sure that the restaurant looks refurbished. This kind of effort widely emerges out of love which normally ensures that a perfect design is obtained for the entailed restaurant. O'Connell (2010) asserts that, it is very important that we note that, restaurant design does not only bring out the mood of ambiance for the intended customers but also constantly does affects the manner in which the staffs work and the level to which the various customers of this specific restaurant is satisfied.

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Before embarking on the kind of design you want to give your restaurant, it is very essential that one comes up with a concrete plan so as to all fundamental aspects that revolve around the restaurant remains very competitive. It is very evident for a restaurant to be competitive, its design should include an impressive color, and it should be one that favors the two types of sexes, different people from different nationalities, all perceived ages and different environments. Designs can ranges from those involving interior and exterior areas.

It is very important that it comes to the issue of interior design; one is able to develop vision that will enable him to achieve intended goals within the restaurant. An interior design should focus on creating on an environment that is flexible and which should always optimize your aims and ambitions. There are five areas that widely cover interior design, this are; nightclub lounge, hospitality interior design, casual dining, retail store interior design and high end residential interior design (O'Connell, 2010).

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When designing the interior part of the restaurant it is very important that one to clearly understand the clientele needs. By so doing, clients are able to develop ideas that transform their intended space so as to achieve a unified look.

O'Connell (2010) asserts that, it is so obvious that a customer is first attracted to the exterior part of a restaurant as compared to the interior. It is therefore very important that the exterior part is eye catching toward the customer, the visual analysis created by the exterior part of the restaurant markets the whole restaurant. As the saying " you only got one chance to make the first impression" it is very essential that you have a good exterior design so as customers should always find it easy to locate it and always have the desire to come back and dine.

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Exterior design does not only signify the outside appearance of the restaurant, one can also decide to incorporate outdoor seating so as people can have a picture of picnics in the setting of a restaurant. Eating outside the doors of a restaurant is normally pleasant which is normally gives a restaurant a nice setting. The outdoor setting should be made in such a way that it's favorable weather. For instance, during rainy days customers are not rained on and during sunny days they are able to enjoy sunlight.

It has been noted that color gives a very large impact on emotions and working habits found within every individual. Color serves as a very important factor in the kind of hospitability offered by the different restaurants (Fullen, 2002). There are two factors that one has to consider in the restaurant design when it comes to color choice that is size of space and the kind of complexity of color scheme you want to incorporate in your design. It is very evident that different individuals react differently to the different colors in display, therefore it is very vital when coming up with a color scheme for your design you choose a color that will create a mood relating to the kind of purpose you want to achieve.

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It is important that we try to find out why most restaurants such as pizza hut, McDonald and Hardees paint their room using the color red. According to Fullen (2002), the color red is often know to generate hunger, therefore by painting your restaurant red you trigger hunger in them resulting to more sales. Other the color red, orange is another color that is known to have an impact which often triggers hunger. When we talk about sleeping areas, it is very important to consider colors like green and yellow which are known to create a soothing mood.

When to come to the issue of male and women, it is very evident the have as many difference as similarities when it comes preferences found within restaurant joints. For instance when we consider Hunting Beach Restaurant & Brewery which is based in California, it has a very wide appeal to both genders but the two different genders tend to sample different brands in different manner. The attention of men widely focuses on big copper (brewing) kettles and in large television screens that are found within the bar. On the other hand, ladies tend to have a quicker focus on to a chandelier or a disco ball. When it comes to the issue of furniture found in restaurants, men tend to prefer light weighted chairs as compared to women who widely prefer furniture that are weighty (Fullen, 2002).

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When it comes to structural issues, men tend to focus onto structural elements being displayed by different restaurants whereas women focus on color, lighting and fabrics presented. Initially, most restaurant designers used to please female customers as opposed to male; this was widely contributed by the fact that women make hasty decisions when it comes to dining outside their households.

According to Alli (2008), age is constantly becoming a factor that is being often considered by many restaurant designers. For instance, there are certain paintings or blend of colors that are normally associated to kids as compared to adults. Bright colors, cartoons and animated paintings are known to create appeal to children and teenage saws opposed to the older generation. This animated painting should largely be accompanied by drawings of favorite dishes that are normally liked by children.

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Young adult and teenagers are normally energetic so colors such as white and green should be incorporated to restaurant that widely targets teens and young adults. Colors such as neon and orange should be incorporated in teen's restaurants so that they can trigger that enthusiastic mood (Alli, 2008). The coolness of both the interior and exterior designed should be incorporated as the young adults tend to widely focus on the sophisticated technologies. Technological graphics of latest effects e.g. famous musician and artistic symbols should be highly incorporated. Sound or loud music acts as an important basis when targeting the youthful adults.

According to Alli (2008), when we consider the older generation, a restaurant that has a relaxing and cool mood becomes their favorite joint for them to hang in. when an individual wants to target the older generation, bright colors and loud music should be a thing of the past. When comparing current and traditional restaurant designs, the older generations are constantly attracted to traditional design which is often accompanied by wooden roofing and floors.

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With such growth in globalization, it is important that when it comes to the issue of restaurant design that you consider culture and diversity. Baraban and Durocher (2010) assert that, the ever growing technology in communication should be an important factor to consider when coming up with a restaurant design. For instance, many restaurants today are seen as communication joints other the mere idea that there are just eating joints. Most restaurants in different nations have found the need to incorporate diversity so as to suit the different people from all nationalities. Designs can range from building shapes such as pyramids to resemble Egypt culture, ancient castles that attract the Chinese communities and Arabians style normally associated to the Arabs.

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When it comes to the issue of environment, it is very important that when designing a restaurant you choose an environment that people will feel good when dining in it. For instance, one may decide to choose an environment that has great style and diverse sources depending on the kind of uniqueness that you want to relate to your clientele. In order to know that the kind of environment you have chosen is the best, it is important you plan wisely, have unique creativeness and a maximum coordination so as to achieve the required goal.

Ensuring that there is totality in the kind of environment an individual chooses in the restaurant design, customers are always guaranteed to have satisfactory satisfaction. For instance, initially the idea of a hotel room was just to have a place where you can rest your head; nowadays the idea has changed since we can see rooms been build in national parks to capture the beauty expressed by such natural scenery. Such a room is accompanied by a spa, internet access, conference areas and faxing services making sure that the customer is feeling at home at all times (Baraban and Durocher, 2010).











Having discussed the above factors, it has been proven that the choice of design one makes determine the kind of restaurant you want. It is evident that ones accuracy in restaurant design will give an automatic response by the kind of customer you will achieve. It is therefore very clear that restaurant design determine the success within a business based on the consumer segment. The design of the restaurant should contain elements such as a creative environment, color, lighting, attraction to the general building and a secure and ample parking space.

The kind of materials one incorporate in the restaurant design clearly defines the kind of customer impact toward ones restaurants. Stylish counters which are normally made off quality materials that are eye catching to customers. The structure of your restaurant should at all times ensure that a customer is at ease and ready to enjoy the kind of services offered in the restaurant. For one to have the best restaurant both locally and internationally, it is very important that one does research on different offers offered by different restaurant designers, so as to obtain the required sales and so that customers can be satisfied with the services been offered. Quality restaurant design signifies quality services hence consumer satisfaction.

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