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Strategic Action Plan

Strategic Action Plan is the process of deciding the procedure of things to be done and the personnel to do it and in which way with the aim of reaching the organizations set goals. The design and execution plan of the set goals highly depend on the needs and nature of the organization (Covello, Hazelgren, 2006). Considering that each organization has an action plan, the execution of the plans should be prioritized to ensure success of the organization.

For effective implementation of strategic action plan, managers and all those in charge of overseeing the smooth implementation of action plans should always have the ability to see the wide outlook and have the vision to organize on what the organization has to do and how it will do it(Napier, Sindle, Sanaghan, 1997). Valuable time that is wasted in solving workplace differences should be diverted towards the realization of company's goals and objectives thus the strategic planning proceeds smoothly (Napier, Sindle, Sanaghan, 1997). The most effective way of ensuring that the action plans are being executed smoothly is through development of a series of instructions and guidelines to the implementation team.

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The development of a successful action plan needs the formation of a team of experienced planners who will ensure that the organization remains sustainable not only for its survival but for also to have a competitive edge when starting and in the future (Covello, Hazelgren, 2006). The team of planning should identify the available opportunities in line with the organizations goals and objectives, the possible threats that might obstruct the execution of action plan, the strengths and resources at the disposal of the organization and finally the general weaknesses that may hinder the implementation of the set goals and objectives (Goodstein,Nolan, Pfeiffer, 1993). After that the team will now perform a SWOT analysis which will help in arranging the proper order of priorities in execution of the action plans and be able to identify the proper methods to be used in the implementation stage.

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The next step is where the objectives and timelines are developed to be used in gauging the progress of action plans. The objectives are specific, manageable, achievable, reachable, and timed (SMART) (Goodstein,Nolan, Pfeiffer, 1993). A timetable helps the planners to arrange all these factors in a systematic understandable manner.

The method on how to reach goal 1

first objective to attain while executing method 1

Who is to deliver the objective

When will the objective be accomplished

1. Was the implementation successful?

2. If no, what is the contingency plan

The actions at hand should be the process of implementing the objective that is top in priority list, then ensuring that all progress is communicated back to the planning team for evaluation whether its successful or alternative action if unsuccessful(Goodstein,Nolan, Pfeiffer, 1993). The planning team will remain responsible for the overall budgeting, vetting of qualified personnel and supervise the overall process of implementation and execution of the organizations goals.

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