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How did you come to the decision to pursue a graduate business degree?

It was my ambition and pleasure to join a renowned graduate school for business studies. This is because a business degree is the ideal fit for my abilities and my prospect career. I am currently carrying out my own private research on how to develop a procedural approach to project management. The influence of this area is great and diverse and my success in this particular field will be dependent on the approach I use during my research and practical sessions. I finished my high school examination and I had an outstanding performance in the final examination especially in mathematics and business related subjects.

I choose to pursue business degree in Cox School of Business because of its national reputation coupled with good faculty organization of business studies program. Because of the university's culture of supporting academic excellence I strongly believe that pursuing my business degree studies in Cox School of Business will nurture my project management skills to a higher level. Besides all this features Cox School of Business cultivates compassion for the students and therefore it presents a great opportunity for me to develop a brilliant career future as project managers.

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Are there specific skills you wish to develop or enhance?

Business studies degree in the university will help me to develop exceptional methodical, analytical skills and advance my problem-solving capacity. To comprehend my career goal, I will clearly boost my practical skills in this field project management. In order to enhance my innovation in this field I plan to attend workshops and conferences related to the field of business studies inside and outside the university.

What are your post-graduate career goals?

My post-graduate career goals include project management. This is because of my attributes that include great innovation and originality. I am also not frightened to face challenges especially those related to managing teams and projects. I have a strong determination that helps me to prevail over difficulties and an enterprising spirit that will indeed play a critical role in developing innovative solutions difficult problems in business related to project management. My post-graduate career goals in project management are driven by my analytical skills of facing my inadequacies and good at self-analysis, correction, and stimulation, attributes that have been fundamental in my success in the past and will lead to me to even greater success in the future.

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How will a graduate degree from the Cox School of Business help you in your professional development?

Earning a university degree at Cox School of Business will be one of greatest achievements in my life. This is because apart from giving you advance and practical knowledge business studies, Cox School of Business also equips individuals with skills required to work in the dynamic field of the business and corporate world. Despite the fact that this form of education presents a major challenge of how to work practically I will be glad to take this bold step and join the degree program because it will give me an opportunity create a product that can be of everyday use to people of various categories, social class, age, culture, and backgrounds.

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One of the main reasons for enrolling in the business graduate school is because I purpose to develop sound business skills especially in management of corporate business. Business degree will be of great significance to me because it will enable me to explore the opportunities available through innovation besides improving their daily working processes in my work place. I will therefore consider this degree course as an important opportunity for me to come up with innovative business management ideas that will help people change their ways of life as well as improving their living standards by offering them with the required assistance.

A challenge faced in the workplace and the steps you took to resolve it.

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In my workplace I was faced with the challenge of organizing my project team members. This was because been the project team leader; I was accorded the responsibility of leading and organizing my team. As a result of this challenge, I taught my team members how to work on project as a group besides sharing my knowledge with others where necessary. I was able to resolve the problem by seeking assistance from other project group members were needed. This was essential because it helped me to clarify a number of important issues concerning my personal and professional interest. In addition through the project I gained key competencies specifically people skills and project integration management. In future I will approach these shortcomings through distributing various project tasks between team members and allowing them to participate fully and at the same time facilitate meetings.

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