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Suncor Energy

This is a Canadian based and incorporated oomph corporation. It is a venture that has a balanced high quality portfolio assets and a very significant prospectus for growth and strong balance sheet. From Kneese, & Sweeney, (2003), it extracts oil and then upgrades it at Alberta in Canada. It produces high quality and refined products of the crude oil and diesel fuel. It in other areas such as western Canada, involve itself with the production after exploration of natural gases.

For this organization to effectively undertake these processes, it has to have a practical level and flow control application in place. Wide varieties of the level control systems are available in the energy industry. A choice of system of control is purely an organizational decision and some of the systems of choice may be based on the use of floats, the probes, or the other available sophisticated technologies. Suncor uses probes towards the provision of adjustable and the non- adjustable on and off systems of control. The company does as well use probes on the process of modulating control of the liquid and gases it produces.

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Suncor undertakes various processes. Some of them are related to the media more than liquids. These include processes such as dry power and the chemical feed stock joints. To control its mines and refining processes, Suncor use the float-operated kind of control system (Heffner, 2009). This control instrument is used to operate the tanks and pumps and the respective valves as the organization undertakes its activities such as refining of the natural gasses.

Under float operated control systems, Suncor uses a float that is able to rise and fall according to variations in the liquid levels. In doing this, the float is able to take control of and operate switches, which are located at predetermined areas in the exploration, production, and refining network of the activity being undertaken. Such for instance may be the extraction of crude oil at their Alberta and near Fort McMurray mine.

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The float-operated type of control is set in such a way that when the liquid reaches a certain level, the float automatically switches of the extraction machines and the inlets to the tanks, the pumps as well as the valves. To achieve control as required, Suncor uses the non-adjustable on and off approach of level controlling. The float control level systems that Suncor uses, are either reliant on the direct movement of a control system valves or it may be dependent on the electrical switches that are operated by a float that is programmed to make movements on the liquid surface. Such a control probe used by Suncor looks s shown below.

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The company does as well use the adjustable on and off level control systems. According to Weiss, &Bonvillain, (2009), under this system, a capacitance probe is used in the monitoring of the levels. This is made possible by the fact that there are control points that are only adjustable by a designated controller. A capacitance probe that is used by Suncor looks as shown below in the monitoring of the company performance.

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Insulated probe Main body

To supplement the above control systems, Suncor has alarm system to warn on a risk of tank over flow. This would mean that the hot crude liquid will spill and thus possibility of injury to the human resources. The alarm is also able warn of low levels of liquid in tanks. This is because too low levels would result to the damaging of a pump that for instance does draw from the particular tank. It is possible to send a warning of the low levels by the implemented alarm system because the tank may run out of the crude liquid required to sustain all the processes at Suncor.

Suncor undertakes the control of its processes, which include exploration of the crude liquid and the refining into natural gases and oils. The processes require the varied systems of control to ensure that they are running effectively as per the organization goals and aims. Cases of overflows and having less that reasonable amount of the hot liquids in the respective tanks are also monitored by the control systems at Suncor. The amount of refined products is also monitored, and controlled by these systems (Smid, 2010). This is to ensure that the organization does not produce more that it can contain leading to disaster. They are used to as well monitor the levels of output to ensure that the organization operates at the maximum of its potential. Such undertaking is set to save on resources through efficient utilization and maximum production.

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In Suncor, staffs are familiarized on how the organization is performing through meeting and utilization of personal correspondences. The organization get itself involved with the face-to-face interaction of the managerial team and the employees to brief them on how they are fairing (McKay, 2009). The monthly meetings are set to ensure they give the employees the personal touch they desire in the course of duty. Direct correspondence in Suncor, is one of the methodologies adopted towards communicating with the members of staff on the company status. The utilization of the company status report is another approach adopted in the communication platform. The status reports are able to ensure that the organization management and the other member's staff are aware of how they are doing.

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These reports are done on weekly basis. They are then compared at the end of the month in the correspondence meeting. This enables both the employees and the managerial team to have a picture of how the organization is doing and the way they should go on with their processes.

Success and shortcoming are tabled during meetings at the end of the month. This is because it gives room to all the concerned parties to combine brains and get a solution to the shortcomings for example, or a way to advance returns and realize more success. The tabling method that used in the communication of success and other shortcomings is very practical and should be implemented in the long-term basis. It enables the managerial team to get in touch with each other and the other members on board for a group decision on how to verge forwards. It does nurture responsibility and personal touch and value, which is positive for inclusive production realization.

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In my recommendations, I would advise the management of Suncor to make the communication process more effective by the utilization of electronic mails to reach out to the rest. This is because this approach is more efficient, fast, and reliable as opposed to the costly paper communication that takes time to reach out to the junior members of staff. The control system that Suncor has adopted is appropriate and I would advise the organization to advance it to be able to sense a slight reduction or increment of the liquid levels in the tanks, the pumps, as well as the valves. If possible, advanced technologies should be adopted such as the ultrasonic control systems and the microwave radar kind for better realization of controls at Suncor. In summary, these are the proposals that I wish could be implemented at Suncor, towards effectiveness and efficiency in exploitation, production, and refining of crude oil into useable oils and natural gas.

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