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Comparison Between the Three Films


In the three films, there are three issues that affect people and these are; a dangerous disease called influenza that kills thousands of people, both adults and children, dangerous chemical in the form of a pesticide, also killing many people and how dust is affecting people making to suffer for a long time. Many people had died because they had not found the cure living the people worried. Pesticides used on farms in California grapes growers affected even the women who worked in the farms while pregnant. Children were born with disabilities for instance, cancers, some were born without arms and legs, and others lacked some pieces of spines and could not walk. Those affected by influenza in the film Influenza, (1918) had similar symptoms like fever, sore throat and headache.

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The disease affected people very quickly since it could spread from one person through the air and hence it could affect many people within a short time. It first started affecting the soldiers who had similar symptoms and finally the other people in America. In the film surviving the dustbowl, the dust affects people for a long time leading to death of many people. Residence covered their faces in order to prevent them from the dust. Children could not go to school because of the dust and the food they cooked they could feel some soil particles. They tried also tried to filter the dust by covering the door using wet sheets. Farmers lost everything they had planted because of soil erosion and the land was like a desert. Residence had nothing to do feed on and some died due hunger and people were very sad because of losing their beloved ones. People could not move from place to place and some wanted to kill themselves since they felt like they could not bear it any more. Their animals were found dead in the field due to the dust storm attacks.

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Similarities in the three films

In all the three films, there is death of so many people, both children and adults. For instance, the pesticides killed those who worked in the field due to the chemicals used. Unborn children were affected by the pesticides and were born with complication and some women miscarriage. Other people in other region also died due to the contaminated water by these chemicals. The farmers who irrigated near a water source like rivers contaminated this water. Aquatic animals died because of the chemicals that dissolved in the water. Those attacked by influenza died because it affected the body immunity. If one of the family members were infected by influenza, the rest would be infected if they were not careful. The sand storm also killed many people since it could bury people and animals alive. Some inhaled the dust and affected the breathing system and causing eyes infection leading to death of some people.

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People wore masks to prevent them from attacks by the disasters like pesticides that were sprayed, sand storms caused by the wind and influenza that spread from person to a person through coughing. The wearing of the masks was advised by the doctors in order to reduce the number of deaths of the residence. The government tried to reduce people's deaths by putting up some policies like stopping the use of the pesticides by the farmers. Some people stayed indoors in since the masks could not prevent them fully from the dust. Those who worked in the farms using the pesticides wore the masks in order to prevent them from the chemicals sprayed to the grapes planted in California.

There was a lot of suffering among the people due to the many disasters that faced the people. Diseases that attacked the people for example influenza made the body to weaken. Those affected by the pesticides suffered from cancers that made people to abandon or isolate them hence, increasing their suffering. Those that were attacked by the sand storm, also suffered due to the diseases that resulted from the dust particles that blew to their houses.

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All the films show that the disasters affected all people and this includes children and the adults. In the film wrath of grapes, those affected by the pesticides both the children and their parents suffer from cancer and other disabilities and miscarriages. In the surviving the dustbowl film, all people are affected by the dust for ten years. Influenza also affected all people as it started with the soldiers who then spread it to the other people.

Differences between the films

The films are dated in different years. The wrath of grapes occurred in the year (1980), the surviving dustbowl was in the year (1930) and the film Influenza was in the year (1918). They also occurred in different places in America and affected different people. Each film has different disaster that affected the people. For example, in the film Wrath of Grapes, the diseases that were caused by the chemicals from the pesticides used by the California growers attacked the people. These diseases were like cancers and some disabilities. In the film surviving the dustbowl, the people were affected by the sandstorms that were caused by the dust that was blown by the wind. There were also eclipses that occurred and prevented the people from carrying out their daily activities. In the film Influenza, the main problem was the disease influenza that killed many people within a short period.

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In the films, they had different ways of solving their problems. In the Influenza, the doctors were searching the vaccines they could use to prevent those who were not affected by the disease, influenza. In the film surviving the dustbowl, the people were finding ways of preventing the dust and sand from attacking them. This was accomplished by covering their faces using the masks or piece of fabric or even covering the doors with wet sheets in order to filter the dust that blew towards the house. In the Wrath of Grapes, the government ordered the farmers to stop using the pesticides in their farms since it caused danger to the residences of California. They were also advised to cover their faces in order to prevent them from the chemicals.    

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Film that effectively explains the conflict

The film that effectively explains conflict between the non-dominant Americans and the dominant Americans is The Wrath of Grapes. This film shows how the black-Americans who are the non-dominant Americas working as slaves in the grape farms are the first to be affected with the pesticides used in the farms. They are the ones that who are suffering from dangerous diseases like cancer and carrying them to the next generation. This is why they are miscarriage or giving birth to children with disabilities. The whites who are the dominant Americans are using the blacks as their workers in revenge for dominating their land. Their death would reduce their population. The government that consists of the whites stops the blacks from using the pesticides that increases their yields, which they use to earn the living. This has resulted to death of an innocent farmer in California.

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