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One Child Policy


After the death of Mao in the year 1979, a one child policy was introduced with the aim of reducing the china's burgeoning population. This essay describes one child policy in china with its pros and cons.

One-child policy in China Para

When walking in china, one notices some slogans on the roadside buildings such as "One More Baby Means One More Tomb", "If you give birth to extra children, your family will be ruined" and "Have Fewer Children Live Better Lives". According to the policy, a couple was only allowed to have one child except in some circumstances. For example, the couples were allowed to have a second child if the first child turned to be a girl but nobody was allowed to have a third child even if all kids were girls. Up to date, the policy is still in effect and it implies that it is unusual for a couple to have two sons. Due to this policy, most dramatic changes have taken place. For instance, the birthrate dropped to 18 per 1000 from 44 per 1000 and the birth rate has been approximated to be 16.7 per 1000. The parents who have only one child are entitled to many benefits in china such as increment of monthly salaries and a one child glory certificate whereas those who bears more than one child receive some punishments such as torture (FACTS AND DETAILS).

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Although the one child policy is significant in contributing to the prevention of rapid population growth, there are various problems that are brought by the policy. One of the biggest problems is the high population of lagging people. The percentage of young people in the country has greatly reduced as the people who were born before 1970 are growing old. The welfare of the old people in china is quite challenging because there are no enough youths or young people to s support and take care of the many aging people. In addition, the country experiences problems when it comes to labor. This is because of less younger people who are proactive in building up the nation. Secondly, the policy is against the wishes of many couples who would like to have more than one child. The happiness of some parents lies in seeing the fruits of her wombs. Many local families would like to prove the fertility of their men by the number of children they bear. Therefore, the policy is against some traditions which are important in society (

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However, there is need to control population within a country as backed up by the following facts. As the population of the young people increases in china, there will be a serious unemployment problem which will lead to poor living standards of many people. Due to lack of employment opportunities, many youths will be rendered idle and they will end up participating illegal and criminal activities such as robbery and drug trafficking. Therefore, the one child policy is important in china because controls the growth of population leading to few youths hence thus availability of enough employment opportunities (Advantages of the one child law in China). Secondly, many families may not be able to cater for many children's basic needs such as education. In such a situation where the parents are not able to provide for their children, the government is always required to carry the burden (One child policy in china).

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In conclusion, various policies are required to enhance economic and social values in the world. Innovative programs are required that will ensure greater accessibility to better job opportunities and Improved education. Therefore, the one child policy is ideal in solving many problems in china.

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