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How Shipments Affect Retail Stores

Executive summary

Shipment is the process of making freights of goods from one destination to another for the purpose of selling them. Primary in this case, the review of this topic," how shipments affect retail stores", we intend to consider various factors that can be used to determine the effects of movement of heavy trucks to retail stores. We want to look at various goods that are stored at various locations and the possibility of them being affected by heavy Lorries especially the tankers. The cause of the damages to retail goods as we are to discover is as a result of vibrations of the moving shipments near the retail stores.

Effects of shipments to the retail stores


Effects related to vibration are termed as shocks. Shipping of goods can lead to serious destruction of commodities both in transit in the retail stores. This is more common with perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. These goods are very sensitive to physical environmental status and even climatic change. Their transportation must be done using special facilities and preserved in well equipped retail stores where there is very minimal disturbance and change of the climactic conditions ( Jarimopas & Singh, 2005).

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Shipping of these goods if not properly done can to physical damages such as bruises that will lower their quality and therefore compromising their prices in the market. They are supposed to remain appealing all the way from the firm to the market in order to sustain their high qualities and grades.

The international trade requires various shipments modes through land, water, land and air. But even though, the trucks are most preferred mode of transport for surface movements. This is because the trucks are more reliable and can penetrate to interior to pick these commodities and thus becoming a faster mode.

It's important to keep distribution data to guide the packaging procedures and systems to be used. Different factors need to be considered for the purpose of measuring actual movements in order to simulate the shipping business and maintain the quality of the products at the same time.

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The main aim of this study is to establish the various effects that can be caused by the distribution shipments to the retail stores especially the one which deal with fresh produce from one location to the other. The main cause of damage to consider in this case is the vibration effects to the retail stores (Vergano & Testin, 1991). 

Statement of the Problem

Given the various advantages of doing transportation using the trucks, its important to note that there are always challenges and problems associated to the shipment system. This repot is expected to highlight the various effects of shipment to the various commodities in the retail stores. The report Intends to examine the effects of vibrations to the shipment that is being transported and end effect in the market.

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The following are the questions the report seeks to answer at the end of the study;

1. What are the various effects of shipment to the retail stores?

2. What are the major causes of the various effects as stated in question one above?

3. What are the various effects of trucks vibrations to the customer and the market?

Analysis of the topic

Effects of shipments to the retail stores

The process of moving shipment of goods from one point to another involves a number of activities including physical handling and loading and of loading the goods. The activities need to be done in such a manner that to avoid the risks of causing damage to the consignment being stored and the one being transported.

One of the main effects of shipment to the retail stores is the compression of commodities. This is situation whereby goods that are being transported are packed on top of the others thus exerting a lot of pressure from the top. Depending on the nature of the consignment the goods can also spoil and loose value.

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Another '.effect is the scratching of the consignment. This mostly happens when the goods slide against each as a result of poor handling methods during packing, transporting and offloading.

There in this case we can conclude that the effects caused to the consignments and the stores have more to do with poor handling of goods during shipment.

Main causes of effects to the retail stores

During our study it was discovered the main cause of the effects to the retail stores are caused by the issue of vibrations. The study that was done on the movement of goods from different cities in china indicated that during the movement of perishable goods, some got spoiled on the way while others were bruised thus causing reduction in number of goods that are good for the market. Consider the below which indicates how vibrations of trucks affected the shipment and its number between various cities in china (Singh, 1993).


At Packing House

At Distribution Center

At Retail store

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Fro the table above it can be confirmed that the extent to which the goods are being handled the higher the chances of loosing most of them. For example in the table below where the study was conducted to tell the effect of vibrations to the shipment among different cities in china it is confirmed that the more the distance the higher the possibility of having spoiled goods.

Vibration measurements and analysis

Following the effects associated with vibrations, it's important to find ways to measure the magnitude of vibrations and the likely effects to the shipment. The diagram show one of the tools that can be used to measure the vibration level (Singh, 1992). The Shock and Vibration Environmental Recorder (SAVER) Model 3X90 developed by Lansmont, Corp. (Monterey, CA, USA) was used to quantify vibration levels.

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General effects of vibrations to the business

The process of packing and moving of the consignment consist the series of event that must be committed to en sure that the shipment reaches the intended party at an appropriate time. Delays are very common problems associated with shipments. Incase of transporting the shipment from the interiors to the retail stores, requires that harvesting has to be done during the most convenient time meaning the retailer has to wait for sometime before getting the consignment. The cost element is also witnessed in our study whereby the retailers are expected to pay more in order to have safe delivery of the shipment. This is later translated to higher prices to recover the extra costs.

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The problems caused by the shipments have also caused much concern about the safety of these modes of transport thus putting more challenge of continuity of the service. Due to complications associated with transporting fresh and fragile goods like glasses, the retailers are incurring large costs whereby they expected to negotiate contracts with the shippers if they will get space for consignment or not.

Because of the nature of the business the problem has been that most shippers are moving out of business and as a result the retailers are now going for airlines which have cost them a lot of earnings.


Many shipments expect to be offered high class services from the shippers in moving their consignment in the business environment. But the real situation is not through because there are many challenges that are experienced in the retail shipment in terms of safety of the consignment and associated costs.

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For the above study its clear that shipment does more to the retail business in terms of offering transport services but the problem is that the process is a challenging one and has effect on the shipment.


There is need to streamline the shipment industry so that the key players that is the shippers and the retail stores owners work together to eliminate the likely challenges.

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