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United fore fair economy is a non profit making organization. The company aims at sensitizing people that concentrated power and wealth erodes economy and democracy. They also insist that this simply divides the community socially. The organization comes in to ensure that they provide support in ensuring that there is development and equality in social. Their roadmap is to reach out to all the societies globally. They aim to ensure that money power does not affect the mass culture and social developments in various societies. Their main gal is to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. They aim to attain this through different strategies that they have already put in place. They use participatory education, where workshops are conducted and involve the whole community. They use media, and here, debates are brought about basing on economic issues. Using media, they aim at reaching more people and changing their attitudes towards life. They perform wealth responsibility exercise. Those with wealth are encouraged to join hands with those without through share holding deals. The members write research books and articles and produce in large number for people to access the information. The other strategy is that of cross class opportunity.

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There are various organization partners who have come out to support this system. Some of these organizations include; American for Fair Estate Tax. Their goal is to come up with new articles that will entice people to invest more and they did this through publishing the projects the projects. The government also supported the projects as it was improving the economy (Fair economy, para 2). American for Fairness in Lending is the other partner. They aimed at fairness in lending of finance to all levels of class in the society. They managed this though ensuring that consumers were protected during the process. American for financial Reform main goal was to protect the entire consumers who were involved in the financial markets. They achieved this through well kept financial records for all the years in business. Center for Budget & Policy priorities is the other member which aimed at keeping the fiscal records of the government and they used a strategy of enacting funds that was related to the inflation at that particular time.

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Back in the year 1948, the United Nation formed these articles that were supposed to be used by the whole universe. The articles proclaimed all the rights in a more detailed yet easy language to be understood by everyone. Articles that support fair treatment of the minority in the United States include; Article 1, all human beings are equal and they must treat each other as brothers. They all have equal dignity and rights. Article 2; every person has a right to freedom that is in this declaration. This freedom should not be limited to race, religion color, sex or political opinions. They should also not be limited to nationality, property, originality, social origin, birth or status. Article 3; every person has a right to personal security and liberty. Article 13; every person has a right to move freely and live in any estate within the borders. All persons also have a right to leave and return to his town at any time of his choice. Article 16; both men and women have equal rights in the marriage constitution. The marriage is open to all ages, race, nationality and religion (Universal declaration of the human rights, para 1). This should also appear during marriage dissolution. The intended spouse should have a full consent of the marriage.

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In developing countries, the following articles apply in protecting the rights of the minorities. Article 26; every person has a right to education. In, most cases, children in developing countries have been denied education by their parents. Article 27; everyone has a right to involve himself in the cultural activities and share scientific development. Most women have been denied the freedom of expression in their community. Article 24; every person has a right to standard living and herein provided with clothes, food, Medicare and housing. Mothers and children have a right to special care. Most families in developing countries live below the poverty line. Article 21; everyone has a right to participate in his government. Herein, women should be given same opportunity to participate in politics and other important decisions. Article 9; No one is subjected to detention or arbitrary arrest. There is dictatorship type of ruling in most developing countries. Declaration is the outcome of a certain discussion whereas a treaty is that agreement that two countries have over a certain issue.

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The equal right amendment was proposed back in the year 1923. This has not yet been asserted in the US constitution. Women were being treated as properties and they were not allowed to own property. Their names would change once they get married hence changing their image. This made some of the courageous women to come up and oppose these actions. In 1972, the amendment passed and was sent for clarifications. The main reasons why some people were pushing for ERA was because; they wanted to upgrade the standards of the United States as far as justice was concerned. This movement basically lied on the three main strategies. The equal right amendment, properly before the state and why ERA has for a long time remained legally viable. This was to answer the most frequently asked question of why was this amendment necessary (Equal right amendment, para 2).

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There have been several organizations that have been formed to support this amendment. These include; breaking through barriers for women and girls. They explain the importance of women in the society and celebrate international women's day. Americans for democratic action is another organization that mainly focuses on using the parliament to force the government to amend the marriage Act in the constitution. American sociological Association basically aims at improving the social life of women who have been molested in the society. As much as most feminist have claimed to have passed this amendment, the truth is, this is no yet a law and it is not found anywhere in the constitution. The only part is that of gender equality in the working place. There is nothing about equal rights between a man and a woman. This is because of the stem clause in the amendment and if it not amended, then probably it will never pass. The amendment says that the congress will have the power to put in place better legislations.

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