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10-Point Plan

Essentially, corporate social responsibility has to do with aspect of companies integrating both social and environmental concerns in the operations of the business. This is accomplished in the interaction of the business with their stakeholders which is done on a voluntary basis. In line with this point, there has also been the use of corporate citizenship along with corporative philanthropy which is deemed to mean one and the same thing with Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) (Matei and Dinu 304). With the expansion of companies to other geographical reaches in terms of their sourcing and operations, it is imperative to bring out the point that companies have become increasingly accountable of their both direct and indirect consequences. Following the way Bono's Product (RED) Initiative has been made use to ensure corporate social responsibility that solves the problems of "distant others, it is important to bring out the meaning of distant CSR (Matei and Dinu 301). Distant CSR in this sense takes in the activities that address problems of communities where the company, its suppliers or stakeholders are not present.

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In this line of this thought, there is a 10-point plan which was suggested in Deeper luxury. As such, this will be incorporated in Bono's Product (RED) and as such, it will make the core of the given piece of work. In line with this point, Deeper luxury suggests that it is imperative for one to understand his or her own brand Bendell and Klenathous 46). As such, brand perception audit is important and as such, it should seek to consider the qualities associated with the given product or service seeking to know how the product or service can affect the environment and the society as whole (Bendell and Klenathous 46). In this regard, Bono's Product (RED should not only seek to apply distant CSR but as well, its products should be of the quality that can sustain the CSR.

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Following the 10-point plan for Deeper Luxury, there is a suggestion to understand the brand which is being used in the context of the Bono's Product (RED). The Product (RED) initiative in this case, was launched by Bono at Davos in 2006. As such, Product RED can be defined as a brand created with the sole aim to raise understanding, awareness and money for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS. As well, it is used to fight Tuberculosis and Malaria by means of having to team up with iconic brands so as to produce RED-branded products. This is a way through which the company has resolved to sell its products by enhancing the aspect of social responsibility. In addition, Crowther and Rayman-Bacchus (2004) further asserts that corporate social responsibility includes the aspect of a firm being required to produce quality assured products and services an aspect without which one cannot qualify in the game (205).

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In line with this point, Bono's Product (RED) can utilize the idea of seeking to understand the consumers and their relationship with sustainability and ethics pointing out on the way the brand affects their esteem. This is in accordance with Matei and Dinu (2010) that consumer perception of how one is practicing CSR is paramount if one will have to thrive in the current competitive market which seeks to ensure that both environmental and social concerns are incorporated in the operations of the business (437). Together with this point, one can be able to understand the values, beliefs and the lifestyles taken by the given consumers. In the same line of thought, it is imperative for Bono's Product (RED) to go an extra mail to carry out an audit aimed at improving the internal processes such as distribution, management, advertising, supply chain and other related internal processes which are called for to improve on the corporate social responsibility.

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Again in this context, Bono's Product (RED) can enhance its CSR by means of examining the way other leading companies have used it to drive both innovation and the creation of value. As such, it is advisable for Bono's Product (RED) not to solely rely on the definitions of philanthropy corporate responsibility as the main base for applying CSR. Rather than restricting Bono's Product (RED) on the aspects of reducing risks and direct impacts, it is advisable for the RED product to be integrated with the idea of seeking and exploiting opportunities presented.

Notably, Bono's Product (RED) can utilize the idea of Deeper luxury by making use of innovation. So to speak Cq Researcher (2009) makes the provision that corporate social responsibility is a vehicle for innovation and the growth for any firm which is involved in CSR (9). In this case, the management should seek to use new as well as efficient ways through which consumers can be helped to do what they wish to do and as well wish to feel (Bendell and Klenathous 46). In this sense, the products should be designed to meet the sustainable attitudes emerging among the consumers. While carrying the regular review of performance often found in among staffs, Bono's Product (RED) should seek to reward as well as appreciate the staffs for meeting the sustainable social and environmental objectives and targets of the given brand(Bendell and Klenathous 46). Apart from this point, collaboration can work as one of the best ways through which possibilities to team up both internally and externally can be realized. Collaboration with advisory NGOs and third parties should be as well incorporated so as to ensure that there is an improved revenue stream.

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Another important point to note is that there is need to involve the aspect of communication while linking with external bodies. As such, one should ensure that he or she avoids claims that are contestable and as such, they take in avoidance of issues like carbon neutrality as a measure to ensure corporate social responsibility (Bendell and Klenathous 47).While making efforts to ensure both social and environmental sustainability, it is important to employ consumers by making use of them to create as well as ride the wave of sustainability. Bono's Product (RED) should in fact seek to ensure that apart from the use the revenues generated to contribute to the Global initiative to fight AIDS and the related epidemics, the RED product should instigate an aspect of consumers feeling good about the product along with an attitude to feel that the product brings about a fulfillment of a principal function. Such a contribution will make the consumers to feel good being associated with the good translating to the aspect of the business thriving (Bendell and Klenathous 46).

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Above and beyond, there is also the idea of Deeper luxury which has to do with the aspect of measuring, monitoring and in the larger perspective continuously reporting on the values of the brand which support and as such relate to the sustainability relating to both social and environmental aspects ((Bendell and Klenathous 47). Relative to this point, RED product can make use of this idea by ensuring that there is sufficiency in the measuring, monitoring and in the reporting of the performance of the brand values which are meant to address the corporate social responsibility.

From a general point of view, it is evident that the RED product can make use of the 10-Point Plan suggested in Deeper Luxury in order to ensure that the demands of social responsibility are met. As such the quality, the process of marketing, designing, distribution and altogether the RED product can be used designed in a way that it portrays attributes that show a sense of corporate social responsibility. Such attributes can add value to the products and as such provide them with a sense of CSR which makes it possible the company to ensure sustainability in both social and environmental aspects.

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