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What Is Romantic

This paper is going to give us an overview of what romantic is by analyzing all the concepts that will help us know it in a more precise manner. Romantic is an indistinct fascination with the curious property of being describable and having a heartwarming feeling that is usually associated with pleasure and love. The 19th century is described as a romantic year because during this period artists were the main exponents and perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of the romantic impulse as they introduced poems, paintings and revolutions that were commonly associated with Romantic Movement. This has also led to a belief that it is through theme and cast of the mind to remain a powerful thread that has formulated romanticism at each successive period (Rawes & Bradley 167).

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Thus the issue of the 19th century being referred as a romantic year brings forth the absurdity that conceptual art is essentially romantic and whose anonymity lies with change in a shrine with the artist as the high priest. The people of the 19th century considered that romantic period started slightly after 1800 with socialism as the main inventor of romantic which brought musical nationalism. It also went to an extent of introducing advanced ideas for conductor -less orchestras and serial music that is assumed to have brought equality among both notes and musicians. They furthermore believed that romantic feel impressionism should always involve modals as the only authentic novelty of formulating what romance is (Rawes & Bradley 190)

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The current people believe romantic is the ability of a lover or partner to make the other person feel unique among their gender and the only key to their lover's heart. They also believe that romance can blossom at first meeting and that there are no formulas for igniting romance but instead propose that there are ways that one can use to nurture their relationship. People suppose that things like chocolate, flowers and intimate conversations till late at night strengthen romance in a relationship. It is also true to say that men and women ideologies concerning romance are different in that men usually prefer to express their feelings in terms of actions. The men have a presumption that their actions shows how they love their spouses hence do not see the need of using verbal expressions (Chillemi 40).

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Contrary to men's believe concerning what romance is, women assume that romance should not only be about presenting gifts and showing one's ability of strength but they prefer that action should be extended with a woman's deep seated need of hearing heartfelt emotions. This may include the ability of adding a written acknowledgment of love that should accompany the action presented before her, this does not only make her smile and scream with ecstasy but also impresses her which earns the man a high esteem of respect from the spouse. Romance is diverse in various cultures as they all have different ideas on how to properly find a mate while others adapt to the dominant English norms. In conclusion, there is always the greatest fascination in the process of dating people from different cultures and a lot of potential pitfalls concerning romance (Gold 35).

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