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American culture sources of inspiration have been the European ideals especially from the British and the domestic originality which traditions , ideals , customs , values , arts and innovations have been enhanced both domestically and internationally especially from the British ideals since the British were the colonial masters of we the Americans. The culture has some ideological ideas such as egalitarianism, individualism and also a wide choice of expressions due to the wide scope of geographical and population diversity. However the aspect of military and scientific competitiveness has caused the American government to have some dictatorial foreign policies that some have viewed as slavery and domination, supporting some aspects of the American cultural aspects and going against others such as the right to freedom of expression and to the right to political democracy foreign governments

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Every individual should believe in equal rights and opportunities being one aspect of our culture for all despite their color, beliefs, religion, family backgrounds and many others. They should also support the fact that nations should be in a position to run their own affairs without interference from outside governments and also be given an opportunity to be heard despite the economic conditions that the country may facing at that particular moment. The criticism would be the quest for the Americas due to the enormous economic potential and military superiority to conquer and rule the world in complete disregard of the values integrated in the American culture and therefore this values are in competition with culture's attention vis a vis the propaganda portrayed to support this quest

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Since the earlier years the Americans have been on the run to stamp its authority to nations due to its large economic base whereby they dictate policy to be followed in those countries failure to which they risk US military intervention in the name of the greater good. In addition they install puppet governments which they promise to keep in power as long as they keep the American ideologies. Examples of these countries would be Iraq that was attacked on the pretext so war on terror but studies have shown that there were hidden agendas in the Bush administration of which even after evidence of the weight incurred by the American taxpayer to fund this war subsequent governments being through Obama administration has refused to pull out the American soldiers from Iraq.

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Subsequently,the media has been used to disburse the falsehood that the Americans have the common worldly interest at heart and that whatever they do will be to guard the American interests and in the process enable world peace and stability though the foreseen benefits greatly watered-down by the immense costs to achieve this objective. Culture through the media, education, academia has been used to propagate the idea and the reasons as to the center of the country by the virtue of the fact that history dictates that the war was due to slavery and that the northern American waged war to the south so that they would free them but in actual sense they wanted to stamp their policies to the southerners and thus seek for culture's attention to rooten these aspects. In the media the southerners are pictured to be mindless tooth necks that have nothing better to do except attacking people because of their color of their skin thus being vilified due to the propagation of these middle class American values.

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In conclusion, it should be strongly emphasized that equal human rights, freedoms and opportunities should be upheld for every citizen whether a southerner or Northerner or any other part of the world and that nations should be given power and autonomy to set their own internal policies without interference from any foreign superpower. Failure to this, the costs that will be incurred will be too high resulting to over borrowing resulting to a more worse financial crisis that we the American people experienced in the year 2008.

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