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Clarity on various claims concerning issues, beliefs or allegation on the existence of certain creatures is not conclusive. The fact that the final decision on diverse issues has not been made discussions from different perspectives is high. In addition, arguments and analysis take a given direction based on the available information regarding the issue at hand. Therefore, controversies are surrounding the issue and cannot be proofed beyond reasonable doubts. Argument in various genre of study aims at persuading parties or society on either existence or occurrence of phenomena in history. However, lack of comprehensive evidence on the issue seriously undermines arriving at the final decision. The issue of aliens or unidentified flying objects (UFOs) attracts not only scholars but also general public regarding the existence of the creatures. Evidence on the existence on aliens on earth giving insights and description of the objects has been established to convince the doubting population on their existence. On the other hand, contrary information is available criticizing the established evidence on the existence of the creatures. This raises controversy on the existence of aliens on earth culminating to inconclusive of the issue due to divisive approach.

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Aliens or UFOs existence on earth is diverse, and its details are portrayed from different perspectives. Information on aliens visiting earth involves established evidence from witnesses and studies that culminated on giving information on their existence in the world. It has been argued that the existence of aliens on earth dates back to the origin on mankind. In addition, aliens/UFOs are either creatures or objects flying in space and cannot be identified. Though a few of the objects are later identified and associated with a system, more that a half remains unknown. According to Burgan, (2011), Aliens have visited earth based on information available obtained from soldiers, pilots and the general public on the objects they see in the sky. Also, Existence of UFOs entails on pieces of materials obtained on earth that cannot be associated with a known object or system (Burgan, 8).  For instance at night, it was that reported that a bright light was visible in the sky. The light seemed unusual and associating it with an aircraft was inaccurate. According to report, the light stopped for a while but later moved at a high speed. The movement of the light was unique, and scientists have to explain and identity the phenomena. The fact that description of the light is still unknown it remains UFOs. This highlights existence of UFOs, a clear indication that aliens visited the earth.

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Some historic phenomena in the society cannot be explained from a scientifically perspective (Burgan, 11). For instance, the pyramids in Egypt were constructed using large blocks of rocks and advanced technology. It is argued that during pyramid construction period the Egyptians had not developed advanced writing skills similar to advances in construction. On these grounds, the Egyptians got help from the outer-space creature for build the pyramid. The creatures are aliens from outer space that introduced the construction technology to the Egyptians. In this case, it is believed that aliens visited earth, introduced their technology to the Egyptians and source of manpower during pyramid construction (Burgan, 15). The evidence depends on the position of the Egyptians in pyramid technology. The fact that Egyptians writing skills were not evident it was argued that aliens played a significant role in pyramid construction. During the Second World War, American and European pilots reported lights and strange objects. Varying explanations regarding the objects were evident, but none was convincing enough. Therefore, the objects and lights remains were termed as UFOs and a clear indication that strange creatures exist in the space.

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 Concluding accurately on the existence of aliens on earth is seriously compromised by studies associating objects identified as OFOs with a system. In addition, information on the existence of aliens in earth lack convincing evidence on activities believed to be committed by aliens. According to Rutkoski, in the book I saw it too! Real UFO Sightings, information required to give evidence on the existence of alien on earth should be accurate. According to the author, information establishing on the issue of existence of aliens is not convincing (Rutkowski, 173). In addition, the reality on the existence of UFOs is questionable based on information highlighting sightings of aliens in the space. The scientific explanation for UFOs visiting earth is not adequate in making the situation real.

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According to the author the various allegation on the existence of aliens in earth requires advanced technology to establish a convincing result regarding the situation. The objects in space or strange lights are visible in the pace in not adequate to proof that they exist. From this perspective, advanced technology is necessary to evaluate on space structure to either conclude aliens exist or not (Rutkowski, 176). Evaluating on the configuration of star and navigating through them is a necessity in establishing the final remarks the strange objects that are visible from the earth.  From this perspective concluding that aliens exist and have been visiting earth on several occasions is not sufficient, but facts are required to support the claims. Technological approach to study configuration in space is vital in making accurate decisions on the existence of the OFOs. However, without supporting information on the allegations made is not adequate to proof truly aliens exist and have visited earth since ancient times. Therefore, technology development is highly recommended in identifying the existence of aliens and distinguishing them with a star or other solar system objects.

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The issue on the existence of aliens and they have been visiting earth since ancient time attracted the media in the United States. The media conducted interviews and gathered information on the issue to establish an apt platform on the issues. The strange objects and lights visible from the earth formed the basis that allegations that aliens exists could be real. In addition, the various objects and the strange part of creatures landing on earth establishes a foundation to argue that UFOs exist and have visited earth. The fundamental objective of the interview was to gather information from reliable sources regarding the existence of UFOs or aliens in the outer space.  One the renowned member of the team that visited the moon was an interviewee on the issue.

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According to Mitchell, aliens exist mainly in other planets and have been visiting earth (Atkinson, Para 1). However, he claimed that crucial and vital information can be obtained from recognized organizations in the globe. Also, he openly said that government organizations and institutions afflicted to study of space objects have been denying the public information on the existence of aliens. Moreover, on the several occasions those aliens have visited earth the information was confiscated. Mitchell explained further on the existence of aliens and argued that UFO is a reality. Notably, Mitchell was among the 14 astronauts that visited the moon hence information regarding the space was available to him. In addition, gathering information from him on space objects was reliable and highlighted reality on their existence. On these grounds, it is convincing that the claims established by the astronaut were accurate and reliable on the existence of the aliens and that they have visited earth on different occasions (Atkinson, Para 2).  Though the Astronaut had not supporting facts in the issue but said relevant information would disclose on the issue, it is apparent that information on the existence of UFOs is not available. Therefore, it can be argued that alien have visited earth and exist in the space. This establishes an apt basis toward proofing beyond a reasonable doubt on alien existence and visit on earth.

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Existence and visit of aliens on earth can be evaluated from Sumerian story of creation as well as from a religious perspective. According to Sumerian story a planet known as Nibiru or planet X is believed to pass closely to earth after every 3600 years. In addition, the story claims its inhabitants are known as Anunnaki and visited earth. The inhabitants of planet X appear in the Bible as the Nefilim. According to the story, the alien visited earth in the early stage and contributed to a large in influencing the way of life and development on mankind to Homo sapiens (Masyk-Jackson, Para 2/3). The story alleges that Adam was the first man to be altered by the aliens who had visited earth. This reflects the Biblical teachings in genesis that Adam was the first man on earth. From this perspective, aliens had visited earth in the early stages and changed the way of life. The fact that story relates to the story in the theory of creation under Christianity certainty on the Sumerian story is established. Though aliens visited earth centuries ago, effected to the man can be evaluated in development of mankind to Homo sapiens.

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Debate on the existence of alien/UFOs and their visits to earth can be approached from different perspectives. Objects on earth believed to be parts of UFOs highlights they exist and have visited the earth. On the other hand, it is argued that convincing facts are necessary to proof that truly aliens exist. Technology to evaluate the space is paramount in to establish facts on alien existence and visits on earth.

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