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Emotions and Culture

In order to cover this unit, a variety of materials shall be required including different groups of people, including men, women and children, different cultural beliefs and practices, psychologists with a high and good ability of determining degree of emotions and different environment. Different groups of people will enable us to learn how degrees of emotions differ among people by comparing these groups. Degree of emotions among children will be compared to that of men and women. The groups will also be observed closely so as to determine impact of culture on emotions- whether culture affects emotions negatively or positively across these group.

Different cultural beliefs and practices are also of great significance in this unit since they will provide us with a clear picture and framework of how people have different emotions in regard to different cultural believes and practices (Karim, 1990). By knowing and being familiar with different cultures, we will be in a better position of knowing how certain cultural beliefs and practices can reduce or lead to increased emotions among different groups of people across the world.

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Karim (1990) asserts that with the presence of highly skilled psychologists, we will be in a good position to know effects of emotions and how they can be controlled. This is due to the fact that bad emotions have ability to affect negatively the existence and wellbeing of an individual. Hence, it is with the assistance of a psychologist that we will be able to identify good and bad emotion, their causes and effects.

Both men and women experience emotions, however, there are different ways through which men and women experience and express emotions in that men can be inconsiderate to women show f emotion for the most part depending on which gender was wronged in the relationship. Women have been insensitive to men emotions but men are on the side of this spectrum more often than not. However, the question is that why do considerate men play on women emotions? Akin to the joke that comedians use and that is because they can is the answer to this question (Hartel et al., 2006). But this question can also be answered with reasoning and examples so as to put substance on the answer.

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Insensitive men play on women emotion due to the woman nature and that is to emote how she feels openly and often honestly. Women know from the chemistry of love if they are in love with a man. Their statement of love is not usually answered with the saying of I love you, too statement. Usually, a man will be guarding his emotions to keep his authority over his emotions and his most probable answer is that you know I do (Hartel et al., 2006). Women would ask that why is it difficult for a man to say I love you too? Do men think that they are dedicated to relationship and they now have to be dressed in a ball and chain and sit glued in front of television set? Or are men just insensitive when it comes to women emotions and decide to play on their feelings?

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According to Hartel et al. (2006), the women's openness to her emotions places her in the ball park of the catcher other than the pitcher on the diamond field of love, no witticism indented. All faults of the man are caught by the woman and forgive them punctually or required to start to work on her to change and make him fall helplessly and happily in love with her. Some women attempt to change their man into what she recognizes to be a good person and at least with an increased consideration. The man in the relationship is placed in the pampered position of being loved by a woman as the receiver of all these affections. He doesn't essentially return her love with the same relationship changes due to the fact that he believes it or not some men still signs their love with sexual attraction.

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Emotions are universal phenomena; nevertheless, they are impacted by culture. Some emotions show considerable cultural differences in their antecedent events, the manner through which they are experienced, the reactions they incite and the means through which they are observed by the surrounding society while some emotions are universal and are encountered in the same ways as a reaction to same events throughout all cultures (Manstead & Fischer, 2002).

Manstead & Fischer (2002) stipulate that culture impacts the subjective well-being. Well-being is made up of both general life satisfaction and the relative poise of positive and negative impact in day-to-day life. Attention to different sources of information for making the life approval ruling is directed by culture hence impacting subjective well-being assessment. Distinctive cultures direct concentration to inner conditions and feelings like positive or negative impacts while the attention is directed to outer sources such as sticking on social standards or fulfilling one's duties are directed by the collective cultures. Relationship between life satisfaction and the occurrence of positive impact is higher in peculiar cultures while cultures impacting and adhering to norms are equally significant for life satisfaction in collective cultures.

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Shame is a habitual instinctive response to a private failure associated to the self. The failure is relative to the expectation of others hence shame is a social emotion that include self-consciousness. Bad experiences with customers results to same shame emotions in both cultures. Nevertheless, response to this shame are not the same for instance, shame can lead sales person for instance to withdraw and to perform poorer on their work, probably due to the fact that they direct most of their mental resources inwards, to protect the self (Manstead & Fischer, 2002). Similarly other people can be ashamed although this shame can cause them to put more efforts in developing relationship and hence perform better on their work. Furthermore, after experiencing shame, some people can demonstrate more Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). The cause for this is that shame signals in collectivistic cultures that social harmony has been hindered and that people should act to renovate it.

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Putting into consideration that culture has played a significant role in development and impact of emotions, this unit will be of great significance not only to me but also to the entire society. This is due to the fact that I will use skills which I will acquire from this unit to help people affected negatively with their emotions. This is because in order to be in a good position to control and detect effects of emotions, you are supposed to acquainted well with knowledge regarding this concept, what is provided by this unit in full details. According to the research, there are very few people with capability or skills of helping other people and societies on how to manage emotions.

Hence, by pursuing this unit, I will be in a good position with adequate skills of helping these people and different societies on how to cope, control and avoids effects of emotions. Furthermore, this unit will also enable me to teach many people on the effects of our cultures despite the fact that we uphold them and that they govern us in our daily activities. It is therefore apparent that this unit is of great significance hence need of taking it seriously.

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