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Butler Obituary

One of the most embarrassing experiences linked with growing old for several older people is not being able to being drive a car. This often causes loss of dignity and self identity. Director of the NIA's Division of Behavioral and Social Research, Dr. Richard Suzman, said that 'the safety of older drivers and others with whom they share the road is an important public health concern' (National Institute on Aging, 2010).

An approach which engages study into 'useful field of view' was supported by the National institute of aging. This notion has prompted for the initiation of unique training and examination plans, which aids older people to recover or maintain their driving skills. Before the 1970's, most research centered at the possible effect of aging on driving skills and the possibility of portraying a public safety risk by older drivers. The outcome showed older drivers having fewer accidents than younger drivers but they had a higher risk of accidents in proportion to miles driven and recorded a higher risk of fatality in accidents. In the 1970s, studies indicated numerous factors that affect the safety of the driver: cardiovascular disease, muscles, joints, tendons and nerves ligaments disorders and using particular medications. In the 1980s, researchers wanted to discover interventions to address a reduction in driving skills (National Institute on Aging, 2010).

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Later the 'useful field of view' study calculated a driver's capability to perceive, confine, and identify "suprathreshold" goals in multifaceted shows. In 1987, the Congress enacted the Surface Transportation Assistance Act, which prompted an examination of problems that affect security and mobility of older drivers and likely resolutions. Moreover, the team indicated that older drivers with a restricted 'useful field of view' can benefit from intentioned "speed-of-dispensation" training. Drivers in these training studies enhanced their 'useful field of view' by 30 to 60 percent and driving skills for as long as 18 months through taking part in 30 minutes of training daily for 5 days (National Institute on Aging, 2010).

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Robert Butler's childhood experiences clearly reflects the life that he lived after. It started with his parents splitting up when he was barely 11 months old. This caused him to live with his maternal grandparents on a chicken farm in Vineland. During his stay, he assisted his grandfather to care for sick chicken and came to admire him so much. When Robert was merely seven years old, his grandfather died. Robert befriended a physician he recognized only as Dr. Rose who assisted him through scarlet fever and took him on his rounds by horse and carriage. Robert learned about the strength and endurance of the elderly from his grandmother, who he describes that she had a dominant spirit and willpower.

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These experiences influenced his life as an adult in diverse ways. They made him to pursue a degree in medicine in Columbia University. Later, at St. Luke's Hospital, he cared for many elderly patients and understood how merely he had the knowledge of treating them. Robert started reading widely about the biology of aging. In addition, He studied the central nervous system in elderly people and later wrote a book from his childhood experiences that suggested several precise reforms to help old people. More importantly, he was the founder of the National Institute of Aging. This clearly indicates that due to his childhood experiences, Robert became very much concerned with the issues affecting the elderly.

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Just like Robert, most of our childhood experiences shape the persons we are today. When faced with hardships, we are able to cope with them due to our past experiences. Additionally, childhood experiences sometimes determine the careers that most people pursue.

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