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Modern Jewish and African-American Life

As much as behavioral scientists maintain on the dynamic and minority groups, are influenced broadly by assimilations aversions, there one fact that remain that have insisted that acculturation must and should never be led by assimilation. The two groups are the minority group in the American society. Sammy Davis Jr. is an American entertainer and all along he has been voting for Democratic Party but he is seen complaining about the aspect of lack of respect from John. Kennedy (Avery, 2001).

Jewish Humor in America

One of the most disturbing factors when it comes to the identification of American Jewish humor is that the Jews from America have been so reluctant in the recognition and appreciating the humor. People like Myron Cohen and David Steinberg still have the perception that Jewish humor belongs to the Eastern Europe world and initial and more first stages of acculturation in America. They believe that this is more or less that of Yiddish by itself. It is a fact anyway that not all the contents in the contemporary are Jewish but must of the contents are from Jewish. Gentiles should be on the front line to take the Jewish humor seriously. The Gentiles have had a little bit difficulties when it comes to the recognition of Jewish slant of that hipster of Lenny Bruce. If this is a fact when we are analyzing the writers and performers, then, it is definitely true to the audience.

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It is not appealing to see that American Jews have been so reluctant and were not taking their own Jewish ness seriously. According to the given prejudice, it is realized that, Eastern Europe represent an ideal and authentic Judaism and this is not an incident. Yiddish is next to Judaism when it comes to the popularity in speaking in America. Yiddish looks more artificial compared to Jews and this can be confirmed when you compare some aspects of cultures from both the Yiddish and the Jews culture. As much as the theme for the Jews have not been seen acquiring a rapid change, Americans have participated in ensuring there is a host of new forms that forms a 20th century and the humor for Jewish appears to have less difference when it is compared with that of the 19th century (Miller,1998).

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America has continuously provided numerous of new conduits for the transmission of Jewish humor as much as it is anonymous when it comes to the collective consciousness. America has used media like television; radio; newspapers; books; and magazines to transmit this Jewish humor. America has also come up with a popular culture where people are invited to perform and Jewish themes are given. A price is to be paid if one accepts the invitation just to ensure neutering and perseveration of many materials available. There is also language difference whereby Yiddish stands out and it has been for years been celebrated for it being a rich language. It is so rich to extend that even if you do not understand it or you cannot speak it, you one can at least chuckle majority of its common terms. It also has the possibility of comic making it easier for starters to learn it. Just like Yiddish, English is also rich in the chances of comic and there are some much English that is spoken by Jews at the immigrants (Parks,2005).Yiddish just like Blacks do, they have taken some English themes and phrases and mixed it in their music and the result is just comic. As much as telling the joke is more popular, it is normally passed from one person to the other. Jewish humor has now grown so much popular that ever before and in fact it has extended up to the religion sector. Jewish humor has constantly remained popular and growing to its popularity in the United States and it is continuing to occupy a designated space in the American culture. It is becoming difficult to imagine what is happening and what really will remain in the American humor in the 20th century. People like Robbin Williams have advantage and always include some Jewish materials when writing their repertoires and Jonny Carson always mentions tax accountants (Reich, 2008).

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By analyzing the history of the blacks since reconstruction period to second world war, we can place these in three categories; Disenfranchisement: It was introduced by a white Southern Democrat while introducing literacy tests so as to acquire achievers in voters rolls. As much as this accepted the whites, they mainly focused the blacks. A good number of voters in Mississippi who were basically black totaled to a number of 190,000 but only 3000 had been given an okay through the voters' registration and were allowed to vote. This just showed basically how many black Americans were educated, through a flip policy.

Separate but equal:

Segregation program was implemented by the Southern Democrat. In a case where a train was caught and taken to the Supreme Court, it was taken under the law of separate public facility for Blacks and they took it under the rule of separate and equal.

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In a series of race riots, American society was almost torn apart. The cause of these race riots was as a result of misconduct from the other part of the race, or if the other race tried to provoke the counterpart race really brought about riots in a big way. Race riot can even be seen in many of today's different cultures of people. When a certain race feels intimidated, they will want to protect their rights by protesting and approaching the other race and even protesting for their rights. In the 19th decade the black Americans had been intimidated so much and they wanted to stop this because they said that they had a right to the land. They therefore ganged up together and went to the street to protest. There was so much destruction during the protestation including personal property, land, buildings, government offices and death. This however did not solve the problem though it somehow improved as they were given some of the rights that they had been denied. The police force was used to cool down the protestation in the public to avoid mass killing. Just like Muslims, Jews believe that there is life after death and that when someone dies because he was fighting for his religious rights, they believe that the person goes to heaven straight.

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Women were taken care of mostly by their husbands and adult women who have already past through child bearing stage. Women were entitled to do all the household duties and bear children. They were not supposed to participate in any decision making in the society as this will make them to be seen as disrespectful. Men were the only once who were supposed to give contributions on issues that mostly affected the society. Women were supposed to be submissive, corporative and respectful to their master husbands. In cases where a woman did a mistake it was not abnormal when a man beats him up, it was even said that when a man beats his wife then most likely he loves his wife more or the love will increase rapidly. They also wanted to see if the woman was really submissive to his husband. They were to take full care of their children and ensure that they were in good condition. The Jewish also followed the same protocol and ensured that marriage rituals, burial rituals, circumcision rituals were all followed. Anyone who went against this was considered as an outcast and he was to ask for forgiveness from the elders for him to be accepted in the society otherwise he is normally cursed and not wished well in his deeds. It is believed that when you have been considered an outcast, things in your line stars going astray, like there may be a problem in your marriage, problem in your children that you give birth and a problem in your general life. If it is a lady, your motherhood may have a problem. This contradicted so much with the culture in the America and they were considered minorities in the society. Their voice was listened but it was not effective as some of the issues were being ignored.

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The United States of America has remained so divided when it comes to their race and this just got worse since the second world war yet the American dream was to be inspired by everyone yet it just remained a reality to just but a few. There has been a parallel movement of these minority cultures. An extraordinary theme has occurred that affected mostly their economy, politics and their social success equally. This was most common in the American Jewish community. It also had a cultural assimilation that was spreading so fast. Much Jewish firmly disapproved intermarriage claiming that intermarriage will just kill their culture for good and this will finally lead to the disappearance of their small community. Moreover, intermarriage has recently increased from 6% to about 50% (Shavit, 2001). Out of the whole Jewish clan, only 33% households bring up their children according to their religion. There is however a registered low birthrate in the culture of the Jewish hence reducing their population at least by 5%. It is not all the families who indulge in the intermarriages necessarily leave the religion. There are cases where there is intermarriage but the children are brought up in Jewish religion.

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This intermarriage increases the number of American Jewish by double or triples the number. In cases like Orthodox Jews, there are low cases of intermarriages and there are also low death rates among their people. Most Jews have embraced their culture and their religion so much and from the statistics that was conducted recently, it was realized that more than half of the people are religious and they even try hard to transform non Jews to become Jewish by religion. There is generally a cordial relationship between the American Jews and other Jews (Syrett, 2009). Fraternities and sororities in Latin simply mean brothers and sisters. This was created just to ensure that people lived like brothers and sisters without really minding their race, culture, religion or tribe. Many tribes associate themselves with objects and jewelries they put on. For example, Hindus will put on long dresses and a lot of jewelries same to Jews. Most Jews really love being associated with their religion and they love it most if they happen to transform people to be involved in their religion. It is a good attitude when you try to encourage people to join a religion but this should not go to the extreme of forcing someone to ape the religion aspects of a specific religion.

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