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Workplaces are probably one of the most diversified communities in the world. It is in fact being considered to be the second home of every working individual in the world as they spent at least 8 hours or so by working. With the increasing need for survival, it is but proper to ask whether or not the workplaces and corporations are prepared enough to face the complexities and consequences of having diversified groups within its territory. Diversity does not only mean to connote that people are from different political affiliations although it is more inclined to tackle racial differences. However, it must be noted that diversity is not only races but more so religion, political affiliations and educational background. Each and every person differs from one another and diversity is something that cannot be avoided. The growing number of employees per year posits a great danger into how workplaces will deal with diversity. Will tolerance be enough to maintain a peaceful working environment? Or will it simply pave the way for people to not care as to what is happening with their fellow workers? It is in this regard that there is a need to understand tolerance and diversity on a deeper and more accurate manner so as to prevent wrong moves and put those in the minority in a very detrimental situation (Lustig, 97). It cannot be denied that it is the role of the corporations to ensure that each and diversified groups and ethnicities in the workplace are being afforded with equal rights and opportunities for growth and earning. Hence, it is in this regard, that this paper will discuss the extent of tolerance created and implied in order to protect diversity in workplaces. Do moral education and tolerance meet the needs of the employees as well as the corporations in as far as diversity is concerned?

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It is a known fact that workplace is a platform for diversity. The interaction between different races will then increase. However, the question being posited is whether or not the socialization will yield a positive result or will it pave the way for an increased discrimination. It must be remembered that in the olden times only the White males are being regarded with respect and lots of earning opportunities in any workplaces. Meaning to say, the males with black skin were either being paid lower than the minimum wage and with longer hours but no overtime pay or they did not have good jobs to begin with. Those jobs and works that are dangerous in nature are being given to Black males as compared to the clean and safe jobs of the Whites. It can be seen here that there is a discrimination that is being employed against the black people. It is also a known fact that black males are not being treated well in a workplace that is dominated with white males. There are reports where black males are being bullied by the dominating race in the workplace. Aside from this, there is no opportunity for growth among the black males in any workplaces before. They are not being promoted because of the color of their skin regardless of their skills and abilities to perform the jobs that are being given to them. Hence, the only people that are getting promoted to high ranking positions are the White males. Even during the job application process, the white males are the ones being given priority by corporations (Janis, 115). They are prioritized over the black males. Therefore, every time that there are job openings, the black males are having a hard time in getting interviews and being hired because corporations are not that open in terms of hiring black males. They are being rejected in relation to hiring white males. But then again, it cannot be denied that the situation has greatly improved because of the fact that tolerance and diversity has been recognized.

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In this regard, most corporations are employing tolerance for diversity in order to ensure equal rights especially for workers from different races. By tolerance, it means that the workers and employers are being asked not to cross the lines between racial differences. It means that the workers and the society in general must learn to respect each other regardless of whether or not they are Americans, Asians, Germans or Canadians. The workers and the employers are being taught not to violate other people simply because they are different or because they belong to a minority. It is a known fact that racial discrimination is one of the major problems and challenges that are being faced by labour authorities. Everyday there is a growing number of complaints about black people being discriminated in their workplace. Hence, it can be seen that imposing tolerance in diversity is the solution to the problem. The tolerance for racial and skin color differences in the workplace has paved the way for the fostering of the socialization and commitment to look after each other in the workplace. There is nothing safer in the world than a place where people have unity in thoughts and goals. With the advent of pluralism in the workplace, the workers and the employers as well as the society have learned that embracing the reality that the world is not just composed of purely one race but a diversity of a whole lot more. In this situation, it opened a way for the blacks to avail the same privileges and earning opportunities that only the white males used to have.

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With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that with each passing years the workplaces are becoming more open in accepting and hiring people not based on their skin color, race, political affiliations and educational background but more so on what they can do and what they can contribute to the company.

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