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George McGovern

McGovern starts with tremendous admiration for the new changes promised by the young and energetic president. The so called well-meant suggestions he makes are, to me, the innermost thoughts of any intelligent and experienced American of the present era. He makes it a point to remind everyone about the 2006 preemptive war was fought based on deceit and the frustration in putting thousands more US troops into Afghanistan, with the back up of an exhausted treasury.

‘For our sake and Gods sake, let us get out of there and begin healing our bankrupted land’ these words seem to be the some total of his suggestions. In order to convince his fellow citizens to urge president Obama to have the troops back in our own country with in a year, he has made every logical argument to prove the catastrophe the country faces now and will face in the future. He exhorts the people of the enormous public opinion that requested first not going into the war and then to have the troops safely back in the country. The purposelessness of taking another three years long to bring the troops back home is stressed over in the article. While pointing out the past history to show how impractical it would be to think that the troops along with the great liabilities they hold for the country in distant land can be brought back, if they are given the responsibility of policing the troubled country. More importantly, it would be unwise when our political judgment and moral standing in the world has declined due to the back to back wars fought.

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This exhortation becomes even more powerful, when one thoroughly thinks about the source of it and recognizes it as the voice of a generation which has lived through half a dozen wars. This is the generation which understood the folly of rage through out the life and urging for a recovery and rebuilding for the days to come. To make the American dream come true.

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