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No People without Plants

Plants play an important role in the lives of all human being. They are the ones that release oxygen for humans to breathe. Without them, it cannot be denied that the humans will die because of lack of oxygen in the body. However, just like humans, plants have their own unique bodily system that needs to function well in order for them to survive as well. Part of their system is the act or process of breathing in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The leaves of the plants have stomata that help them take in carbon dioxide. Stomata are microscopic structures that can be found in the leaves of the plants. Its main functions are to ensure that the components needs by the plants are moving freely into its leaves and to the whole body of the plants. Such components are known as water, carbon dioxide and oxygen. The stomata serve as the mouth of the plants. When plants are exposed to light, the stomata open and the detected carbon dioxide in the environment will be diffused or turned into sugar via the process known as photosynthesis. The sugar will serve as the food for plants (Zeiger, 1987).

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But then again, it must be reminded that while carbon dioxide is being converted into sugar, the stomata all at the same is also undergoing the process of transpiration wherein the water vapor is exiting into the leaves. It is found out that the process of photosynthesis and transpiration goes hand in hand. One cannot exist in the absence of another. The absence of the process of transpiration, it will be very difficult for the plants to breathe in carbon dioxide because water is essential for them. It can be observed that when plants are exposed to light such as the one from the sun it is healthy but if there is no water, it will eventually die because it cannot support transpiration and since water is one of the growth sources of plants.

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But there are situations wherein plants are not absorbing any oxygen and water especially when it is being transported from one place to another. Plants are live creatures. They live because there is sun, water and oxygen. However, when they are being transported from one place to another, it cannot be denied that they are usually kept in a tight box but then observation has it that it can still survive number of days without any water, light and oxygen. It would not harm the plants that much.

The same thing goes with a plant confined in a box where everything is provided except oxygen. Since plants can survive in the absence of everything in a few days, having no oxygen but all the necessary things are provided will not harm the plants as well but for a couple of days only. A simple analogy of no living creatures can survive without oxygen would explain everything. If humans cannot live a day or a minute without oxygen the same thing goes with plants. They cannot survive. They may not be harmed for a couple of days without oxygen but it will eventually deteriorate and die in the process (Cowan, 1977).

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With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that plants need oxygen in order to survive in the same way that it needs water and sunlight in order to keep them growing healthy. Plants are important because they exudes the amount of oxygen humans need and reduces the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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