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Human Behavior

Human behavior can be defined as the ability to express physical, mental and social activity (human behavior, 2010). World wide, human beings have portrayed different behavioral patterns in reaction to their surrounding. Every day these behavioral patterns change and we see people behaving in very different and diverse ways. As a waitress at a local take out restaurant, I have witnessed and experienced both rational and irrational behavior from both my clients, colleagues and my employer.

Once during one of my evening shifts, a customer obediently ordered for his meal and went to stand behind the queue to patiently wait for his order to be prepared. As he approached the top of the line, he noticed that the attendant who was also my colleague wasn't adequately attending to the clients but he did not care, he only anticipated getting his meal and leaving without a disturbance. As he reached, my colleague gave him his meal and asked him to move for the next person. He looked at his meal and noticed that this wasn't what he had ordered for. He politely asked for the waitress to give him his correct order but she rudely responded by telling him to accept that one and go away.

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The customer continued asking politely for his order but the rude waitress did not respond but harshly told him to go to the back of the line and place his order again and pay. At this point, the customer was clearly upset and asked to see our manager, the irrational waitress began yelling and telling him that he was a very petty customer who wanted her to loose her job. We can obviously see that the waitress was acting irrationally as the customer was only asking for his fair dues. The waitress was obviously having a bad day and as Mauldin 2006 explains, she did not have to take it out on the customer. In the end the customer left without his order and his money was still t the cashier.

In an entirely different scenario, I once had a predicament that would affect my work, thus I did not know how my employer would take it. My landlord had refused to fix a leaking pipe in my bathroom and it had affected the drainage of the entire house thus I really could not access water and various rooms in my hose due to leaking water everywhere. I thus could not come to work and unfortunately it was a high season at work therefore the orders were overflowing and they needed all the help they could need.

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I courageously decided to approach my boss and tell him of my predicament. I thought he would react in an irrational manner and even decide to fire me. He instead empathized with me and even suggested that I move out of my current residence and into a more comfortable one. He then went on to tell me not to worry, as the company would pay for all my moving bills just as long as I came to work without fail. In this case we see that human beings can indeed amaze us by reacting in a completely different manner as expected.

We therefore see that humans usually react in very different ways regardless of the situation. This paper has therefore explored and investigated the diverse ways human beings can react given different stimuli.

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