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When you are thinking about the house of the future and the new features that it might include, a number of things come to mind. It is imperative to note that the basic necessity of humans which is comfort and warmth in a home will remain of paramount importance even in the future and will never change. However, issues that might come into play include size of house as determined by the availability of land in the future as well as sustainability. This will to a large extent be determined by the technological advancements that will have already taken place in a few years to come.

In the house of the future, it is likely that people will be showering in a bathroom that is capable of folding away vertically; they will be watching TV on a screen that is thinner than a case for holding a CD and own an automated system for doing the home's entire cleaning. The houses wall might in fact comprise of an entire OLED screen that in addition to helping you set the window view for the day also contains function features present on your desktop today. Day planners, calendars, music player, weather information as well as new updates in text. Another remarkable feature might be a self-cleaning house without the need for cleaning gadgets. The home surface would be made out of materials that are capable of killing microbes as well as eradicate dirt.

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Perhaps the most responsible feature for a house of the future is housing that has minimal environmental impact. This house will be made using recycled materials such as plastic, with an outer layer film made out of translucent photovoltaic material that will power the house as well as filter natural light. This feature will not only maximize the power that can be consumed within the home, it will also minimize energy needs in a manner that is sustainable with zero effect on the environment.

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