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Alcohol is a social drink used by many people in the globally. It has existed in the world for a long time since time immemorial. Alcohol consumption is as enjoyable as the consumption of any other drink as long as it is used in the right manner and quantity. However, it becomes a problem when people become addicted to it. Alcohol addiction is the condition in which a person gets to after excessive use of alcohol that makes him or her depend on it for survival. A person who is addicted finds it hard surviving without alcohol for a considerable amount of time. The person has to be tipsy for the better part of the day. When alcoholism becomes addictive, it becomes a social problem (Mooney, Knox and Schacht, 37). This paper explores alcohol addiction as a problem that I have experienced

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Alcoholism has become a serious problem in my community. When one considers alcohol addiction as his own problem, then the person is terribly wrong because it is not. Alcohol addiction does not affect an individual alone but affects other people related to or those who associate with the individual in one way or the other. Basically, it affects the entire community. This is when alcohol consumption becomes a social problem in nature.

Many people have become addicted to alcohol in my community as a consequence of joblessness, family frustrations and rise in immorality. The youths are the most afflicted. Most of them have sought refuge in alcohol. They drink alcohol during their leisure time. This has resulted to irresponsible behavior among the youth. In instances where an alcoholic person is a grown up, the parents will try to intervene by trying to offer help through the husband or wife of the individual or even try to get professional help in both cases. When an individual gets addicted to alcohol, parents and other close friends of the victim have to take responsibility for the individual. These responsibilities might include paying bills that the individual defaults so as to prevent the victim from landing in problems. If the person gets infected by any disease that from alcohol addiction, it is the people close to him or her who pay the hospital and medical bills for the individual especially when the addicted individual is not financially stable (Cook and Cook, 56).

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Psychological studies have proved that people react to drugs especially alcohol in relation to cultural background, emotional involvement and personal expectations. Cultural influence to this shows that alcoholism is not only a personal problem. It is also a social problem because the societal background shape how one takes alcohol and its effects to him or her.

Alcohol addiction is an enormous burden to the entire society. The society loses many intellectual and productive people due to its addiction. It is neither easy to an individual's family nor for the society to loose the victim, knowing that to find someone else resembling him or her is difficult, if not impossible. Best brains get lost to death as a result of addiction. The people that are dependant on an addicted person for instance children, a spouse, siblings and parents suffer so much when a person becomes a captive of the drink. This is because addiction makes a person to be irresponsible and fail to do his or her duties. As a result, they place alcohol as a first priority than other issues that may be more valuable compared to alcohol. This is especially when the addicted individual is the bread winner. Consequently, the people dependant on the individual will suffer for lack of basic needs. The alcohol addiction becomes a social problem and not just a problem for an individual.

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Alcohol addiction becomes a bigger problem because it has affected people's individual work output. A person's responsibility and hard work gets affected negatively due to alcoholism.  Lateness to the work place is one of the negative impacts and sometimes absenteeism. In this manner, the society gets affected by alcohol addiction. This is because people spend their time drinking the whole day and fail to deliver what they should contribute to the society. As a result of this, the society looses by failing to make profits or completing key projects at the required time (Jimenez, 96).

The addiction problem forces individuals to steal in order to get money to purchase alcohol. Besides this, addicted individuals engage in fights with innocent people in the society for reasons related to their dependence on alcohol. An example of the reason why they engage in fights includes failing to fulfill their responsibilities and duties.

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Drug addiction rehabilitation can be used in the society to help solve the addiction mess. Rehabilitation centers can be founded by the society to help those people who get addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Although the society will incur costs related to treating the victims, it will help in the healing of the affected persons.  The society should not have incurred such expenses, but this could be an expedient way to restore responsibility especially among the youth.

Rules that specify the quantity of alcohol people can take should also be introduced to solve alcohol addiction problem. Bartenders may be instructed to sell a certain amount of alcohol to people to avoid overindulgence. The time frame when people are allowed to enjoy their drinks socially can also be enforced to curb alcohol addiction.

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In addition, the society should start projects which will keep the youths busy thus constructive. Such projects can include sports, workshops and cinemas. However, these solutions may receive resistance from alcoholics and bar and restaurant owners. This is because they may face a reduction in the profits they make from their business if the amount of liquor and the time period becomes limited.


Indeed, the above issues discussed show that alcohol addiction is a problem affecting many people in the society who including the addict himself. It has become exceedingly difficult to deal with such issues because the decision to become an addict is decided individually while its effects are to the general society.

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