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Society, Science and Technology

Society and you

Groups of people are normally related through relations of roles, social status or networks. People will share the same geographic territory, political territories, and culture and practices. In this regard, the people will be a society and this grouping will have its norms, culture and practices. Once a person is born in a society then the culture will become a normal practice; they will not only have to adopt the systems of the society but carry them on to the next generations. This in return brings about a society that is united, has social solidarity, cultural identity, a common language and common authority.

The society is very important in an individual's life; in view of the fact that it gives him or her identity and social recognition. It shapes the economic, ethnic and social background of the people and their thinking is mainly based on the teachings and practices of the society. An individual will get attached to the people he has grown up with and adopt what they do and this will affect the whole society; since as the common practice continues it affects those that are around them. Moreover, it is very impossible to live in an isolated world.

Some societal practices have been on the spot over their negative influence on individuals; practices such as racism, nepotism, tribalism, gender inequality and rituals among other remain under scrutiny. The individual remains affect by whatever is happening around him or her depending on how they take it. There are those who are reformers who change whatever they see inappropriate, while there are those who will just keep on the traditions regardless on their impacts on others.

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Society and the Community

The community is a group of societies and there is no doubt that they all have their unique practices and traditions. In view of this fact, conflicts may be difficult to evade. Society therefore affects what community does in one way or the other; for instance, culture may contradict making chaos in the community inevitable. Communities have come to conflict due to the use of resources; this is because many natural resources are non renewable or they have been over exploited by certain societies. This affects the delivery of the services and social amenities such as water and electricity. This affects the personal life and that of the community around.

Society and the Natural Environment

The environment is the surrounding of the individual that involves the physical, biological, social, and chemical features that are always in a dynamic equilibrium. When anything is affected by the society, the dynamic equilibrium is affected. This translates to affecting the community and individuals. The environmental resources must always remain protected; this will ensure a balance between the abiotic and biotic factors in the environment. The society should always have measures to avoid conflict between individuals and communities in the way conduct their lives.

The ecosystem is always dynamic, stable and self sustaining and this has been mainly affected by the actions of man in society. The environment is able to balance its open environment, to clean itself, and buffering itself. It also incorporates humans into the system which is an integral part. Humans however have contributed a lot to the negative impacts of the natural environment. Humans have forgotten the fact that the quality of life they live is much dependant on the environment. When the environment is healthy then the life of the humans is healthy; an unhealthy environment on the other hand will mean an unhealthy lifestyle for man.

Society must interact with the natural environment in different ways. The first is the fact that they live in the natural environment which houses man, animals and plants. Secondly is that man is seen to dominate the world and exploit the available natural resources. Thirdly is that society acts as an agent that degrades the environment; and lastly, the society becomes affected by the degradation they cause to the environment.

Society also relies heavily on the natural environment; for food supply, source of medicines, energy, recreation, and industrial product. Society on the other hand, has wants that are insatiable; and the wants must all be provided for in the environment. In satisfying the wants society has to impact on other societies and communities. This can be very detrimental as each community tries to fulfill their needs without incorporating the others in their plans. They also must be to exploit the environment in a sustainable way that makes people benefit from the system. Society ways of life and practices have continued to affect the environment in a positive or negative way. These practices affect individuals, communities and the natural environment in different ways.

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Since the environment is interrelated what is done by an individual continues to affect the whole system including the globe. The human impacts on the environment have been enormous; societies have contributed to the current global climatic conditions. These impacts have been caused by the daily activities of man some which may be cultural and traditional while other are due to modernization. However, societies still remain at the epicenter of the effects where they have been caused in the search for resources to sustain their wants.

Societies cause the ecological disturbance to the natural environment; where the patterns sand relations between man, animals and plant become affected. In real meaning, the society not only affects other human communities and societies but also plant and animals. This is because of the environmental change that the society causes. The degradation affects human populations, plant and animal species where some may even become extinct or are threatened with extinction. Society has contributed to global changes that are human induced to the environment caused by different practices. Global changes have affected the environment i.e. the climate and weather patterns, ecological systems and land productivity making it fail in its dynamic features of sustaining life.
Societies have caused depletion of the ozone layer which in turn contributes to climatic changes and consequently loss of biodiversity. Activities such as rural-urban migrations that have caused over populations in cities, deforestation, and pollution have mainly affected the natural environment.

The impacts on the community and the natural environment by society are mainly due to the overuse, abuse, or pollution of natural resources. These impacts do not only affect the communities around them but also the whole globe. Every being that is on the planet is affected since it consumes the earth's resources.

The carbon in the atmosphere has been increased significantly due to greenhouse gasses. Farming practices that are destructive and unsustainable, industrial emissions, oil and fossil fuel combustions has caused the increase of the gasses. The use of pesticides, household appliances e.g. refrigerators, air conditioners and microwaves also contribute to the increase of carbon into the atmosphere. These society practices cause the damage of the ozone layer which increases the temperatures on the globe which consequently impact of the climate and weather patterns. The weather patterns are very important in the society ways of life since they are depended on by man to produce food. When the food availability is affected then there are droughts and thus conflicts.
Human populations in many towns have continued to increase in towns and commercial areas where people search for employment and a better life. High population has its impacts to the natural environment. With the global population growing at an alarming rate there is need for adequate measures that are brought by the population. The population sometimes becomes more that the environment can sustain. It exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment thus causing an overload on the resources which are in turn over exploited. For instance, they cause much pressure on the water and electricity resources in an area; as a result overpopulation cause depletion, degradation, pollution and biodiversity loss.

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Man has also industrialized which has caused harm to the environment. These include waste and emission gasses, hazardous wastes, carcinogenic and toxic chemicals. The impacts include dangerous chemicals getting in to the groundwater, ecological imbalances, harmful gasses radio active wastes, reduced vegetation, and increased salinity. It also contributes to smaller portions of land for agriculture. Industrialization also contributes to rural-urban migration that causes increased populations in towns which strains the resources in the towns. The straining of the resources caused by increased population causes poor living conditions such as poor sanitation and lack of basic amenities.

Agriculture is also practiced by societies but it also has its impacts on the natural environment. Bad agricultural practices have contributed to degradation of the environment for example, overgrazing, farming along gradient, and other practices that causes erosion causes the accumulation of silt in water. In addition, the use of agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers causes eutrophication (increase of chemicals in the water bodies) that causes detrimental factors to organisms in the water.
Water also need to be conserved, however agriculture has contributed too much of the water being used in agriculture. This causes conflicts especially when the water is used up by those in the upstream and those downstream are left with little of no water. This is not an equitable way to share the resources among societies.

The impacts of agriculture are reduced fertility of the soil, erosion, interference with the layers of the soil, accumulation of agricultural chemicals and nutrients, imbalance in the soil and water plants and organisms. Deforestation is the clearing of forest lands where they already existed. Clearing of forests for different purposes have had very many impacts on the natural environment; for instance, when they are cleared they break the hydrological cycle which contributes to the adequate water to the globe. Also the cleared forests are home to various flora and fauna which are affected a lot since their habitat is affected. Man has continued to clear forest land for different purposes such as for agriculture, settlements, and land for industries. Trees also contribute to cleaning the global carbon accumulations and thus lower temperatures on the globe. Due to man/society involvement in the practice of deforestation communities have been affected greatly. This has caused desertification and degradation of land affecting the society's availability of food and water among other resources.

Pollution has become a perennial problem to the natural environment; it has caused the greatest impacts on the environment. Pollution may be either air, water, or land. Once an environment is polluted the whole ecosystem changes and contributes to a crisis. Man has contributed to pollution through waste that is damped after use of products. The most common has been the damping of plastic bags, electronic wastes, and biological wastes.

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Air pollution caused by emission of particles to the atmosphere which causes reduced visibility, material damage, health ailments, and damage to crops. Water pollution has greatly affected the organism living in water. The effluents that are channeled to rivers, dams, and other water bodies contribute to the change of the ecosystem of the fish. The eutrophication caused by leached products alters the balance of the ions in the water making it difficult for the organisms to survive. Water pollution also causes water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, paratyphoid fever, bacillary dysentery and viral infections, and protozoan infections. Man should at all times control the industrial, agricultural, mining, sewage and domestic waste wastes so as to control the effects on the communities living in water.

Society's Solutions

In conclusion, society should realize that the world is an integrated system that is affected when one thing changes. It therefore affects the individual, the community and the natural environment in whatever they do. The natural environment is a dynamic system that requires protection and care at all times since any negative change is difficult to reverse. In view of this, the societies should aim at being more responsible in whatever they do. They should do it very responsibly and sustain ably to ensure that they take into consideration future generations.

To avoid conflicts and crisis in the natural environment human impacts should be very minimal. This will avoid biodiversity loss and other hazards i.e. biological, chemical, and physical. To do this man has the chance to prevent pollution, reduce wastes, use resources such as water and energy efficiently, manage natural resources efficiently, protect the natural, cultural, historical, and indigenous heritage, educate the masses on the need to protect the environment and support community management of environment.

Society should know that once they misuse, overexploit, or mismanage the environment, the environment will punish them for this they should therefore aim at minimizing their effects on the natural environment. They should adopt principles such as a global and local approach, recycling, reusing and recycling material, and above all sustainable use of the resources.
Effects Of Technology Affect Individuals, Community And The Natural Environment.


Technology is defined as the usage and the knowledge of crafts, techniques, tools, systems or methods of organizations to offer solutions to problems to serve some purpose. Technology is a broad term and often does not necessarily refer to the computerization or even the hi-tech inventions but refers to the process of crafting of materials and transforms them into some implements that give man the poser to control and manipulate various resources that enable him to obtain his needs.


The history of technology is traced back to the Stone Age when man discovered the use of fire which occurred about 1.4 million year ago. Such wood burning technology is what greatly contributes the negative impact of the modern natural environment through the greenhouse gas emissions.

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The technology of cave men included the use of tools like axes and spears which served the purpose of hunting and protection implements. Since then other succeeding steps have been taken make immense improvements on the initial innovations and this improvement are referred to as technological advancements and has led to making the life of man on earth much better. In the early times technology had less effect on the environment and was mainly utilized for supply and improvement of mans basic needs. Technologies have significant effects on both the humans as well as the adaptability of other living to their natural environments. Year passed and technology advanced from the stone age to bronze age and finally to iron age which improved technology to weaponry which signaled the beginning of negative impacts of technology on the natural environment through depleted or disrupted ecological habitats and natural resources.

On the other and technology advancement provided finer things in man's life by necessitating man's accelerated economic growth. Technology has been used by man to speed up the production and manifesting of goods, provision of better transport, faster delivery services as well as making the methods of communication faster and far reaching. In addition to that technology advancements have made trade and commerce to flourish at faster rates hence the advent of the globalization. The increased trade and commerce heightened the impacts of technology on the natural environment both in air, water and led to certain degrees of degradation, polluto9n and contamination.


Concerns about the impact that technology has on people, organizations, communities and environment is not a new thing because as early as in the 1830's English intellectual's started expressing some philosophical arguments regarding the effects that technology brought especially with the rise of industrial revolution may decades earlier. Despite the differences that exist in terms of philosophy, technology, social and cultural between the stone age society and the modern society ,,there are nevertheless people who believe that mankind kind is facing threats from the evolution of the technology especially considering than man has decide to embrace technology instead of rejecting it. With this man exist in a symbiotic relationship with technology has technology has and the information systems has become very essential in maintaining, enriching and supporting of these societies. Despite this benefits man must be aware of the effects that technology has on natural environment, individuals and as members of the society and organizations.

Effects of Technology on Individual

Technology has various impacts on individuals and is both positive and negative in nature. Some of the benefits that technology has provided for individuals persons include the following: first benefit of technology is the reduction or elimination of time as well as expense that are related to traveling for instance the transportation means are faster and more efficient as compared to tradition means hence time spend is reduced thus an be utilized in performing other activities leading to time saving. Also technological advancement has made mean transportation much cheaper hence resulting to personal expenses on traveling from one place to another.

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Secondly technology has led to an improvement of personal health through the reduction of levels of tress that are related to the compromises that individuals make between handling of responsibilities at work and their families. Technology has enabled working individual to even carryout their work while with their families e.g. the advent of internet has promoted the flexibility of individual to work in virtually everywhere thus one does not necessarily have to make choices regarding being at the office or with family hence reduced stress.

In addition to that technology has allowed individuals to be at a close proximity with their families hence increasing their involvement with family. For instance the fast mode of transport and communication means has promoted an increased interaction with family members and led to constant communication hence family isolations has been greatly reduced.

More so technology has benefited individuals as it has allowed them to maintain closer bonds both with their families and the community at large as communication has been improved and maintained, movement has been fastened and made more efficient thus individuals are ale to interact more and more effectively with their loved one hence improving ties and relationships. Other benefits that technology has yielded for individuals are the ones that are associated with heir work places. For instance the decrease of individual involvement in office politics has made many employees to be more productive and hence becoming more satisfied in the jobs. Technology as availed virtual offices which individuals don't have to be at the office to carry out their tasks hence the human interaction has been minimized leading to increased concentration and performance through reduction of unnecessary engagement in unproductive activities like chatting and arguments. This has led to individual earning more and improving on their living standards through increased income and more satisfying work. In addition to that technology advancement has led to reduced levels of absenteeism at work place hence the issues of guilt and stress due to correction and underperformance at work place has been highly reduced meaning that lifestyles are becoming more flexible and fulfilling for the working individuals.

Moreover technology e.g. the use of internet has made individuals to be utilizes information and software's to access greater means of communication to the whole wide world hence information sharing has made individual to be more enlightened members of the society hence become resourceful in offering solutions based on their increased levels of information and knowledge about diverse things. People are able to know what is happening in other parts if the world hence making world a global village where individual interact with each other easily and more conveniently. Also internet has enabled people to socialize more easily and carryout their personal businesses and research activities with ease.

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On the other hand technology has also negatively impacted on individuals especially when it comes to the issues of privacy and human interaction. Technology has increased movement of people and information sharing which might result to invasion of privacy and increased fatalities as for the transportation systems. Personal information has been shared more often with limited restriction especially in the social websites exposing unaware individual to human vices like fraud and abuse hence negatively impacting on individuals. Also technology has made individual to heavily rely on technology at the expense of their personal input into various forms of human relationships for example technology has made individual become detached from the human interactions and become digital hence affecting their social abilities and hence decreased human interactions on personal level.

Effects of Technology on the Community

Technology in the society refers to the cynical co influence, co-independence, co-production of the technology advancement and the society upon each other i.e. technology upon culture and culture upon technology. The synenergetic relationship between the Technology and society is traced back to the dawn of humankind when crude tools were invented and since then it has continued to the modern technologies which include the computers and printing press. The relationships between of science, technology and the society are covered under science and technology studies.

Technology has the ability of binding the world of work and the world of home in such a ways that only redefines what it really mean to be in each of the above, thus the changes made are dramatic or subtle but both are experienced in the every day life. Technology advancement has impacted the social structure and the well being of the community in many ways.
The effects of technology on the society and communities can either be categorized as intended effects and unintended effects where the unintended effects are often unanticipated and unknown before the arrival of technology unfortunately they are as important just as the intended effects.

Technology has impacted on the societal values, ethics and lifestyles. Implementation of technology affects the values of the society by changing the expectations and realities and the implementation of technology is also impacted by such values. Technological innovations has led to he society having the mechanistic view of the world in which universe is viewed as collection of parts more juts like machine which can be analyzed and understood well as the holding of the belief that nothing in the universe can not be understood by the human intellect. Also technology has changed the value of efficiency in society in addition to being applied to on machines it has also been applied to other aspects of the society hence almost everything is expected to attain a much higher level of performance, ability and output. Thirdly technology has impacted on the societal progress in that it has become more advanced as compared to the time it was closer to its agricultural roots. Society is seen as being advanced in the way it adopts and uses technology to better lives.

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In addition to that technology and developments and deployment has led to genesis if various ethical implications in the societal realms. Some of them implications are challenges to the traditional norms in which technology has impacted on the relationships among individuals in the society for instance in the way they deal with each other in ethical manners. For instance definition of human life in areas of capital punishment and abortion has been complicated with the developments in modern technologies. Also technology has implications of creating an aggression of effects in which its detrimental effects occur in small amounts but cumulate to threatening levels in the society example is the small pollution from an automobile which accumulates to contribute to global warming effect in the long run. Technology has also impacted society by providing great power through amplification of human abilities and strengths by providing strategic advantage for those who hold technology. Technology has also led to changes in the distribution of justice in the community in the sense that technology enables higher access of justice for those with technology and less access to those without.

Thirdly technology has greatly impacted on the society in terms of lifestyles in that it has simplified life through rising of leisure class, more informed society, initiated complex learning tasks, increase multi tasking, promoted global networking, creates dense social circles, process cheaper prices and finally has led to greater specialization in jobs. On the other hand technology has complicated life in the following ways: it has led to pollution, congestion from increased transportation, technetium, created new forms of danger e.g. the nuclear reactor, new forms of entertainment like internet affects academic performance, increased chances of diseases and disorders like obesity, social separated the singular human interaction, increased structural unemployment and finally has led to the anthropogenic climate change.

Effects of Technology on the Natural Environment

Technology has a two fold effect on the environment in that it allows human being to understand more of the surrounding hence can make decisions about it and also as led to creation of many environmental problems that has threatened life of the entire planet. The destruction of the natural environment has been occurring since the advent of civilization but its cumulative effects is what we are able to notice now. Progression of industrial technology has reached a level where immense destruction of environment can happen within a very short span of time. Technology has been used in an unsustainable manner. One way in which technology has impacted on the environment is that its processes produce unwanted by products on top of the desired products? Such undesired products include the industrial wastes and the pollution which when not recycled are released into the natural environment leading to negative environmental side effects like lack of sustainability and pollution. Technology has been used to increase the wealth of society after which people are able to value more clean and efficient productive service as their basic needs have been met. Focus is then shifted to the less tangible goods like the clean air and water which are attained through adoption of sustainable technology.











Technological effects on the natural environment include depletion of non renewable resources like petroleum and coal and increased levels of pollution of water, air and land. Other subtle effect include: deforestation, global warming, and loss of coastal wetland and destruction of natural habitats. Technology has led to sets of waste known as toxic, radioactive and electronic waste which lacks an effective way of removal from the environment. Technological wastes lack removal mechanisms.

The advent of green technology has impacted positively on the natural environment as regards to advent of environmental technology also termed as green technology or clean technology which applies environmental science to promote conservation of the natural environments and resources through sustainable development. These has impacted on natural environment through recycling, water purification, air purification, sewage treatment, environmental remediation, solid waste management, renewable energy, eGain forecasting ,energy conservation and finally through use of alternative and clean sources of power.

How does Science affect you, your community and the natural environment?

Effects of science on individuals and the community as a whole

It is much true that, science as like technology has had major impacts on the society, both to individuals and community as a whole, apart from such impacts being major, they are still growing. Science has drastically changed our ways and means by which people communicate, the way they work, their housing, clothing, as well as the food individuals do eat. It has also influenced their means of transport, and particularly the length and quality of life itself. In real sense, science has brought changes in the moral values of individuals as well as their basic philosophies.

To start with, science has in one way or the other has altered the manner and ways through which individuals live, as well as what they do believe in. it has tried to make people's life much easier and comfortable. The issues of science and it properties have offered man and the society as a whole a chance of perusing societal concerns as for instance, ethics, aesthetics, justice as well as justice. Din one way or the other, it has affected the creation of culture as well as improving the conditions under which man kind lives. Though science has provided individuals as well as the community as a whole with a lot of great opportunities, it has also on the other hand placed them in a very unique position that might end up destroying the individuals as well as the community as a whole.

The capability to communicate seems to be a basic factor during any form of development and change. It is true that, individuals do behave accordion to the laws of nature, just like other organisms that exist in nature, as a result, they form a community that can be changed for the better. For this change to happen, communication is one of the basic factors that contribute to its attainment. Currently, there are communication modes and means that makes these that existed in history to look like they are just hieroglyphs that is much like painfully chiseled out in a rock. New development in fields like for instance magnetic bubble domain memories as well as the superconducting materials tends to enhance the individuals as well as community's capability of data usage beyond anything beyond anything that anyone has ever started imagining. Considering the present communication facilities that are available for use, for instance, internet, media, mobile phones as well as fax, amongst others, individuals and the society as a whole are doing a certain trick as compared any other time in the whole history of man and community. To its advantage, that kind of trick is putting things together, this is based on the fact that, individuals are being connected regardless of the distance between them.

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Long before the reality emerged, the society thought that science was much helpful to it, both at the personal and community level. But the reality is that, for every benefit that individuals and the community as a whole obtain from science there is a presentation of new problem to deal with. By discovering the secretes that science holds, scientists have the capability of creating something which has the capability of improving individuals life immeasurably, for instance the computers, telephones, televisions as well as airlines as the list is endless, having discovered all these innovations, people in the community have a chance of fulfilling their aspirations with much comfort, effectively as well as very efficient. Take for example space explorations. Such like a thing was far much imaginary in our forefathers' minds, but currently, science in conjunction with technology has made everything possible.

Science has proved to be the only hope that man has over the emerging and existing disease. Imagining that there were no science innovations, as well as the unending efforts that scientists are making towards such like innovations, many diseases and sickness for example malaria, diabetes, hepatitis and many others but just to mention a few, which in the past were considered not having cure, such like diseases and sickness would never have been conquered without science and its innovations. There are many drugs which can't be counted as well as several medication techniques, which science has provided, to ensure that such like diseases and sicknesses disturbing individuals in the community or society are dealt with. In other words, the chances that have been provided by science, to ensure and boost the survival of man, are certainly much better in the current times as compared to these provided in the past. This is based on the fact that the development of science has impacted positively on the length of man's life.

As it is much known, science has been of great help to different countries under different circumstances regardless of the science results after the circumstance. For instance, science has the ability of turning a small poor country to a very progressive one. The first example to consider in such like circumstance is Japan followed by China. Such like countries have combined science and technology to ensure that they have developed. Thorough science and technology, these two countries have produced many cheap products which they have brought them to the market. This has made the two countries to develop much. Throughout the world, famine has been declared by many nations to being a national disaster. However, the fact still remains that, it is only thorough science that this disaster can be overcome. This is based on the fact that, the quality and quantity of agricultural produce can only be expected to be improved through scientific research and innovations. Some of the innovations include genetically modified products like maize, which grows faster and is perceived to being much nutritious. Therefore, as a matter of fact, problems like food shortages should hardly occur, if not at all.

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In addition, science has made the world the most unsafe place to be. D this is based on the fact that, due to science development, dangerous weapons like nuclear bombs and biological weapons have been developed and much used during warfare. As an effect, millions of life j=have been lost unnecessarily. For example, by considering the case of what happened in Iraq. In such like a scenario, it is much evident that, science can really cause massive destructions not only to the buildings but also to the lives of individuals in such like affected regions. Even if there are good medication techniques as well as medicines, the survivors will always have the images of fallen buildings as well as dead individuals attached to their minds as they keep on struggling to rebuild their lives. On top of dangerous weapons, due to scientific innovations, the whole world has been opened up, no where to hide as they will just use the science of smell by the help of animals like dogs to identify the victim.

The values of individuals have really changed due to science, for instance the pills, calculators, internet, as well as the cloning biotechnology. Taking these examples and connecting them with their secondary social effects, the outcome is not desirable. Though pills have assisted in the seeing the feasibility of family planning, but in the third world countries, it is regarded as the suspicious imperialist western trick of keeping their numbers low while the rest go on with their economic imperialism. The calculators on the other hand, have made the means of testing individuals in certain knowledge forms to change, which is supposed to be done to ensure publicly acceptable standards of professional capability. Jets on their side, means that individuals can now fly to wherever on earth, but it means culture degradation due to culture importation as well as culture exportation. TVs also makes life one ones life totally vicarious experience. It provides packaged glimpse of the world, this takes away people's comfort preconceptions and replaces them with glossy. Tough the internet has opened up the world, but social sites on the internet have impacted negatively to the community, as it has led to moral degradation. The issue of human cloning biotechnology has many advantages like being much helpful in medical research, but the innovation has killed many ethical principles.

Effects of Science on Natural Environment

Science on the other hand does not care whether a question is right or not. Scientists are only interested in the outcomes. As a consequence, it has ended up affecting the natural environment negatively, for instance, science has polluted the natural environment in one way or the other. For example, huge amounts of carbon-monoxides are being emitted by not only vehicles, but all other scientific innovations like oil extractions. There are many chemical surpluses that are being damped into the sea. As if not enough, there are lots of gasses that are being released by factories caring out scientific innovations, or which were started due to scientific innovations. As an effect, it is not only water bodies that are being affected by scientific innovations but also terrestrial environment is also being affected.

Scientific innovations on the other hand have led to the introduction of new species in new habitats. Though it increases biodiversity, but on the other hand, new invasive species like the feral animals causes a lot of negative implications to the new habitat. Some of them might degrade natural vegetations that have been acting as food to other organism. There are even some other new invasive species that might even start feeding on other organism that have been the inhabitants of that region for a longer period of time, hence affecting the ecological system of in that particular habitat. As an effect, vegetation degradation might lead to soil erosion.
On the other hand, science has come up with clean energy alternatives which might use damped materials as raw materials. As an effect, they end up cleaning the environment. This in one way or the other reduces the green house gas emissions for instance the use of unleaded gasoline as well as the solar energies. In addition, scientific innovations like recycling, purification of waters, sewage treatments as well as environmental remediation, have all impacted very positively to the natural environment. Through science innovations, people have been provided with other means of reusing used products like paper and plastics. As an effect, they end up reducing the environmental pollution.

Scientific innovations have also provided humanity with unheard of power to explore and manipulate the natural environment like the earth, air, fire as well as water. Considering the fact that, having modern bulldozers on top of power shovels, individuals have the capability of moving the masses of the earth surface in a very short period of time as compared to what was being done in the past. The factories effluents on their side, has the capability of raising temperatures of both water bodies as well as terrestrial temperature. In addition, dusts and smokes from such factories still have the ability of darkening the sky with much atmospheric pollution. Having such powers, the modern man has accelerated all the trends towards natural environment deterioration.

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