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The Brain is Sacred

This chapter explores the brain is sacred by defining it as an investigational process institution that is not accepted in the institution systems and is not experimental thus encouraging guess work which is the same as the definite knowledge, it is explained more in others people opinion than the actual real facts.

Every day thousands of months tongue him to tackiness; this is meant that his head is in stamp in Portugal, this is proper in the father of lobotomy. Nobel price winner Antonio Egas Moniz who is also known as the man on the stamp has won prices in his discovery of psychosurgery. He was born in the late 1874 in a small costal town of Lisbon, Moniz stayed with his priest uncle Abadelde meaning that most of his youth he spent with him. His uncle could not raise him with the priest knowledge since he was a man infused with a sense of Portugal glorious past. Moniz joined all his school years and studied medicine; this was all his uncles' efforts.

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Because of the cold season in Lisbon he did not fully recover from his gout which attacked his hand, but still he was able to carry his duties while operating his patient. He always wanted to make a mark in the field of neurology in the late 1800 while still in the college of Coimbra. After his gout passed he moved to Paris where he kept on studying, this is where he discovered that mental illness is an utterly organic. While he was still in Portugal he always wondered how an individual might envision the brain and how all small organs are enclosed in the cage of bones, but if one was able to see the brain directly the illness could also be visible.

In the 17th century scientists tried to experiment on the dyes which contained microscopic grossed veins that helped view tiny parts in an organ, but it was not yet experimented in the skull of a human being. Moniz distorted the human brain in trying to see how it looked by inventing a dye that was used to inject in to the neck passing in to the blood vessel's whereby it was able to locate tumors and even different kind of illness in the brain and the human head at large. Many lobotomy patients felt not themselves after the surgery but still lived their lives normally.

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In 1941 reporters stated that 60% of psychosurgery lands most patients in mental institution since the process ends up destroying patient's memory and other parts of the brain. Freeman an American evangelizer was accused of giving lobotomy a bad name by narrating lobotomy as pure evil. Regardless of the bad name given to the process, freeman views his knife as "cure all". In 1970s an investigation was formed in psychosurgery procedure by trying to prohibit it from happening while a sharp critic of lobotomy Mr. Elliot valenstein wrote that after the patients pass through the surgery a sign of liberation was observed from their indications.

Lobotomy has been broadly single out by its lack of specificity, its irreversible and also the surgeons being blamed for inserting sharp thing in to the skull and removing a piece of memory and intelligence and claiming not to know what they are removing. Instead of the surgery a drug called Prozac was introduced but no one understood how it worked in the brain, same as lobotomy no patients or doctors know how it heals. Psychiatrist Joseph Glenmullen caution that the usage of Prozac might lead to amnesia.

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