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Manufacturing of Chocolate


When manufacturing things, there must be a process followed. For a process to be successful, there must be the provision of raw materials and a consideration of certain inputs and outputs.This paper explores the manufacturing of chocolate.


Chocolate is made out of the beans produced by the cacao tree. Ripe pods from cacao tree produce the beans. This bean must first be fermented so as to produce aroma precursors, followed by drying. After drying the beans, they get ferried to the manufacturing plants for cleaning, roasting and shelling. This brings its flavor.

The beans now change to nibs. Nibs are grind in to powder. The powder mixes with cocoa butter from the heat of grinding. They produce chocolate liquor. It is manufactured as chocolate used for baking and cocoa.

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The chocolate, when produced from chocolate liquor blends with milk and sugar, to produce chocolate milk. In order to have a more buttery chocolate, manufacturers add cocoa butter.

The process of manufacturing chocolate involves harvesting ripe cocoa beans, fermenting them then drying. After that, the beans get roasted. The heat used in roasting the beans depends on the beans used. After roasting, the next procedure involves cracking and winnowing the beans. This involves blowing air over the cracked beans to remove crisp shell from the beans. After this, cocoa liquor, sugar, milk, vanilla, and emulsifier blend to produce chocolate. The second, last procedure involves couching the refined chocolate. Conching involves kneading the chocolate for several days to increase its flavor. The final process involves tempering. It produces a glossy chocolate. When tempered correctly, the chocolate resists problems caused by temperature fluctuations.

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There is one appealing thing that chocolate manufacturing creates. Each and every process is as essential in adding flavor to chocolate as the ingredients are essential. Therefore, this means that each and every procedure must be followed systematically. No procedure must be skipped.


Chocolate manufacturing provides extremely appealing process of manufacturing. It proves that, for a product to be worthy its taste, color or texture, time, ingredients and procedure must be applied smoothly.

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