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Economic and Social Policies and Health Care
  1. Economic Policies What kinds of economic policies might reduce health inequities and improve the overall health of most Americans?

There are a number of economic policies which might reduce health inequities and improve the overall health of most Americans. Example of such economic policies is the recent American Jobs Act legislated by the Obama’s Adminstration in an attempt to find a lasting solution to the flaring unemployment amongst the U.S. citizens. This policy will put all Americans back to work (Vivar, 2010).

  1. How will these policies improve Health Care services, accessability, cost, and quality?

The American Job Act will ensure that all Americans at least find job from which they can earn income. Considering that these employees have a stable source of income, they will be in a position to pay for their health insurance as well as their dependants’. Therefore, those who could not afford to pay for their medical insurance earlier on due to poverty can now do so.

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Secondly, the employers can remit part of the employees’ salaries to the Federal Health insurance schemes now that the Act is fully implemented. Considering that the population of the salaried citizens is increased significantly, the U.S. Federal health department can use the tax levied on them to provide quality health care service to all citizens notwithstanding their economic status. In this manner, the newly introduced American Job Act will surely reduce health inequalities and improve the overall of all Americans within the U.S. health care system.

The economic policies will not only reduce the cost but also improve the quality of the health care service offered by the U.S. health care system because availability of funds (accrued for the taxes remitted by state and private employers) will be channeled towards employing more medical practitioners and stocking healthcare facilities.

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