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Health Related Efforts

In response to the general report of the surgeon on health promotion and disease prevention of 1979, the health promotion and center was created at CDC in 1981. They established the center as a broad-based entity, which its focus was health issues such as nutrition, alcohol use, smoking, stress, physical fitness and other related risk factors in public health significance. In the following years, the center's plan expanded by inclusion of vital infant and maternal health initiatives. Community health promotion programs diversified immensely through agencies of health campaign. These agencies campaigned for various elements that were to be included in compilation of health related efforts.

Elements that should be included in a compilation of health-related efforts

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In order to provide quality services, the health campaigners suggested for promotion of community based participatory research through co-ordination of federal efforts. This was geared towards reaching the community for various ailments that were not yet known to the health experts. It also promoted openness whereby people gave their ailments without fear or shame. There was integration of training and building capacity for the community got the framework of dealing with the challenges that faced them, and prevention measures. Focus on wellness that acknowledges mental health role and alternative medic care across the lifespan was implemented. These factors that improve health should be taken seriously so as to improve services (McKenzie, Pinger, & Kotecki, 2011).

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In the United States of America, people are the most affected by large disparities in health status. It is related to the social conditions of representatives of different ethnic groups. They even have different physicians who are supposed to attend to them. These may affect technology which may be used because there cannot be different technology for different people. The incorporation of technology should make the work easier for all physicians and the patients, as well. The determining factor would be the number of patients. If the population is large, technology is needed so as to make the work easier, and attend to as many patients as possible.

Edwards Deming was hailed in the U.S workplace because of saving the automakers. The Japanese automakers' supremacy in quality matters had lead to market share steady gain for Honda and Toyota manufacturers. There resulted crisis in the American automobile automakers they realized that for. The health condition in America is in a similar condition, whereby people do not bring messages of change, but merely nonprofit think tanks. The institute for health care Improvement (IHI) services was; therefore, created, in 1991, so as to address the growing concern of health care services. Through running improvement campaigns with specific and measurable goals, the IHI drove quality improvement. It did these using different approaches, so as to determine their accomplishments, the changes that would result to improvement and to know what change constituted an improvement. In this regard, some elements had to be integrated with the aim of improving the quality services (Novick & Mays, 2005).

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The first element is; the type of data. Data sorts characters into categories. For example, at discharge a patient can either be deceased or living, whereas a woman can be termed to have undergone a C-section or normal birth procedure at the maternity. The type of data should be the first priority in consideration for documentation. It is critical in shaping the readers knowledge. Therefore, understanding and selecting the type of data to use should be the first step, and the most important in creating a healthy indicator.

Health information system can be used to improve the quality of service provision to the patient. This could be attained through reducing the care inequalities, and improving the care outcome. Health information systems also help in the enhancement of communication and information while addressing the fear to safety and value during care changes. Nurses are also supposed to use a polite language to their patients. They should not be rude to them or mistreat them. Incorporating technology will decrease the paper medical records, and even expand exchange of health information (McKenzie, Pinger, & Kotecki, 2011).

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Additionally, there should be an indicator name that contains the unit of measure that avoids a statement of judgment. Remember that an indicator name should convey the meaning that is clearly and easily understood by the first time reader. Also, it is vital to document the use of the indicator, whether for improvement project, or just a mere monitoring device. The purpose explains the rationale for indicator collection (Novick & Mays, 2005).

Notwithstanding, indicators can become orphans with no one taking responsibility if there is no documentation. Therefore, ownership is an important element for quality health related efforts. There are three levels of indicators: big dots, drivers and the project. Big dot is the crude measure of the organizations’ mission, for example, the percent mortality. A driver is the mid-level indicator that affects the big dot directly. A good example is the percent mortality.

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Since indicators at the big dot and driver levels are too large for running improvement, health centers use the project level. A good example of a project level is the antibiotics. A project level is used within for the improvement of the actual effort and support of the related higher level indicator. There are three kinds of measures, process, outcome and dwelling, which describe where an indicator dwells in the system. An aspect of a step within a process is measured using the process indicator whereas the live downstream from process measures are measured by outcome measures. Among other elements, their integration would certainly lead.

The national preventative health strategy development provides a unique opportunity to providing unique leadership and coordination of the preventative reform agenda. The agencies' reforms should be integrated in the health sector so as to realize quality services. An example of an agency that geared towards reforms is the National Prevention Agency that recommended on expert ism, cross-sectional board of governance selected for their expertise merit and facilitation of infrastructure models. The NPA drove improvement agenda among many sectors in health. It was thus seen as the avenue of change within the diverse range of stakeholders through co-operation and coordination of activities at the local, state and national levels. It also provided the necessary strategic advice to the government policy. In its rationale, there was the need for independence in work, working hand in hand with the government. This called for monitoring avenues that were independently carried out (McKenzie, Pinger, & Kotecki, 2011).

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For improvement reflection in the health sectors, governance, roles and functions should be integrated. The health prevention related activities should be taken seriously, for there can either be change or no change, depending on the services offered. As stated above, in the United States, infrastructure, unity of service and the consideration of the element in the health center are the key things that would lead to quality services.

Improvements should also be made on the information systems and make sure that hard copy medical records are not used. All information should be in the systems that can be easy for physicians and reduce the duration before receiving health care. Promotion of cost effective drugs and avoidance of drug adverse events should be applied to patients. This ensures that they receive advanced treatment that leads to quick recovery.

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Additionally, the most determinant of quality services lies in the data element. This is because it is the final answer to the decisions that regard change of services. How the data are entered, that is, people responsible for collecting it and how it is terminated gives an overview of what is needed in the health sector. Therefore, health related services are concentrated in the individual’s role and responsibilities. They can either worsen things or better them than before depending on their initial and final steps taken.

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