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Food Intake

The dietary reference intake (DRI) is the recommended amounted nutrients required to be taken by an individual at any specific time period to ensure good health. The personal intake of food in terms of components and volume was noted in the profile journal to try and figure out the appropriateness in relation to diet taken. The results found difference as the expected diet and the consumption were in different situations and well miles apart. The DRI is in place and can be used to judge the adequate intake for a specific type of nutrient in any class. The foods can be classified into macro nutrients and the minerals. The macro nutrients are those that classify foods into the basic classifications of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fibers. These are the basic classifications of foods and in this there are sub classifications that provide the specific nutrients required by the body like vitamins, minerals.

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According to the data recorded in the iprofile sheet, the diet had the following in terms of composition, it contained a small percentage of fruits where the consumption of fruits was limited as the profile indicated only a single fruit per day which represented about one part; the carbohydrates which came in the form of fried food had the larger portion of about four parts per meal, the vegetable intake was also low as the composition per meal was about half a cup per day. The spreadsheet at the same time indicated the intake of two glasses of fresh juice in a day. These coupled with about a burger taken over the course of lunch basically entailed the meals take in day corresponding to the entire week (Walter & Skerrett 2005).

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According to the diet reference intake, the amount of food to be taken in terms of composition is that the food taken should not exceed the 2200 calories for women in a day. These are the limits set to ensure the individual does not take too much food or too little either. In the spreadsheet made most classes of food and vitamins as the juice and vegetable were included. The only missing or minimal portion was the vegetable servings which were taken on each day s they were consumed in a single meal and in very small portions. The portion of carbohydrates and fats taken were too high as they exceeded the recommended portion but due to the fact that a lot of activities are done in a day it is not bad as it provides the necessary energy required for this. What was noted and raised concern is the little or no intake of foods from the milk group that normally provide calcium; this is because in the recordings done for about a week the intake of milk was the only dairy product taken in the time period. But the intake of cereals for breakfast can cater for the missing calcium while the proteins and fats provided were also in abundance in the other foods consumed. The minerals are alarmingly not well included in the diet especially vitamins A and D which had an almost nil intake in the period recorded. This needs some serious rectification on the part of the diet as it's recommended more intake of fruits and vegetables as they are the main sources of most of these minerals required by the body (Life clinic, 2010).

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The recommended type of diet is not being consumed due to the stereo type feeling where one may gain weight due to the consumption of such foods like the dairy products and this is a sensitive issue for females of this age bracket. The other main issue leading to the poor diet is the fact that due to being college the schedule can be so busy the only time available is for grabbing a snack in the form of a burger and rush back to other activities. Moreover the fact that peer tend to shy away from having real meals have also influenced the diet where they believe the intake of food by females in such group of being in college should not consume much in order to maintain and conserve the size of the body in terms of weight not being aware that this affects the diet intake which is recommended. The proposal to be followed in terms of the diet will have the basis of the food pyramid where the bulk of the food will contain carbohydrates which already exist.

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The changes will happen when it comes to dairy products and vegetables. According to the records, the intake of the dairy products was very low hence the increase will be made by ensuring the intake of at least one glass of milk per day and a single fruit in every meal to also increase the vitamins intake. The fats and oils in the diet were also very high hence the reduction will be achieved by reducing the consumption of fried foods that was quite prevalent. The diet that was being taken was not healthy as it could have resulted in health issues in the long term as the body was not receiving sufficient amounts of foods in certain groups. If the philosophy of the food pyramid is strictly followed, then the chances of a healthy being are much higher in comparison to that in the iprofile spreadsheet (Graham, 2005).

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