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Healthy Eating

Local eating is healthy eating of organic foods. Eating is an activity which each one of us does for living. Without eating, definitely there would be no life. The food we eat brings benefit to our bodies but at the same time harmful complications if not carefully chosen. Our bodies require energy for growth and effective immunity against illnesses. However, this energy can come from nutrients that are found in the foods that we eat. Local foods are considered to be the best for our bodies. This is because our bodies would prefer natural nutrients for effective growth.

In addition, local foods are of many varieties. The choice of delicacy is what determines the response of the body to the food. However, these foods have many benefits as compared to the conventional foods. Moreover, scientists have argued that local foods have less harmful effects than conventional ones. They are grown naturally with no or less chemical inputs applied whereas conventional is in totality chemical farming. They have natural nutrients which are healthy to our bodies since they have no side effects to body's digested system whereas conventional foods have chemical nutrients that react with chemical components in the digestive system.

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Moreover, local foods are fresher compared to conventional foods. This is because these foods are grown locally making it possible to transport them to consumer's destiny while still fresh. In contrast, Conventional foods are processed in industrial firms that are far away from consumers and that makes the processors to input chemical preservatives to the food. These preservatives bring damages to our bodies. Each and every person requires fresh food for eating and local foods are the best suitable since they are fresh.

Furthermore, one needs to put into considerations matters of our environment. Local foods tend to be friendlier to the environment compared to conventional foods. This is possible because local foods are grown naturally with less or no chemical inputs applied and eaten while still fresh and this means no chemical preservatives are required. In contrast, conventional foods are grown technologically which calls for chemical inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides among other chemicals which pollute or environment. In addition, chemical preservatives used lead to environmental pollution in our industries and homes as well.

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Historically, long before two millenniums ago, some illnesses that are affecting our people were unknown to our ancestors. A disease like obesity which was discovered for the first time in 17th century is brought by unhealthy eating habits. Victims of the diseases have body weight that is above the healthy body weight brought about by abnormal accumulation of fats in the body. This disease is said to have affected the world in a big deal. A good number of the worlds' nations are nursing many victims of this disease but the greatest number of patients lies in the United States. Therefore that implies that Americans have unhealthy eating habits.

Unlike Africans who have staple foods, Americans do not and they claim that the large population of immigrants in the country took away their staple food. Americans like imported cultures, for instance, Chinese restaurants in the country are always busy serving Chinese delicacies and many Americans have adapted this culture to their homes. This famous quote that 'We claim hamburger to be our staple food but history tells that it was first made in 19th century and that makes it not to qualify as a staple food' best explains the allegations. It is prepared by mixing it with conventional food stuffs. However this disqualifies it to be a staple food. Staple foods have to be natural foods. In Africa, most staple foods are more of energetic foods than protein or fatty foods (Ottolenghi, 234).

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However, taste and food preferences have made many people to take conventional foods. Contrary to that, local foods are tastier than conventional foods. This is because local foods are natural from the point of growth and this makes the taste in them to be the natural taste. Taste comes from healthy nitrogen molecules and they can only be found in healthy soils. The freshness of local foods makes it possible for them to be tastier than any other foods. With this knowledge, food processors have added into their foods some chemical compounds so as to make them tasty. However, this makes those foods to be more dangerous to our healthy.

In addition, local foods are more expensive compared to the conventional foods. For instance, an organic grown chicken costs as much as twice more than conventional one. The answer to this ambiguous pricing is the quality and benefits that come along with each choice. You choose the cheap; you get your self into medical expenditures. Comparing the two chickens, organic chicken is tastier and nutritious compared to the next. Conventional food industry seems to have boomed through price factor. The price of their products attract majority of the population who earn low wages therefore putting them into more problems.

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Therefore, we need to stand collectively to save our lives from food related hazards. Governments have the power to control conventional farming and food industries as well. Farming methods that are harmful to the environment are more harmful to human bodies. All the governments need to control the chemical farming input products by ensuring they produce less harmful chemicals. They should also implement measures which can promote organic farming. In addition, organic food prices should be subsidized to ensure their affordability to the majority of citizens.

In conclusion, healthy eating is not only associated with the choice of food but also the roots of that food. Conventional foods have grown deep roots in our society but this does not mean that situation is irreversible. We need to be more health conscious compared to how budget sensitive we are. Food is what that keeps us alive but at the same time it can put us into complicated problems. We need to encourage our farmers and consumers to turn organic for the betterment of our lives.

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