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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disease that affects children and it usually makes it difficult for them to sit well, pay attention to something or control their behavior, Jeanne K. (2004). This disease affects children who are below the age of seven years. However, the behaviors characterizing this disease can still be noted early or even when the child is holder. The cause of the ADHD disease has not yet been established though according to researches conducted by the people who study human brain; people with ADHD lack certain chemicals in their brains. The chemicals they lack are the ones that help a person to control his/her behavior hence the people who suffer from this disease cannot control their behaviors, Jeanne K. (2004).

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ADHD is usually a common disease among the young kinds in school. Boys have been found to be more likely to get this disease than girls. The main symptoms of ADHD are; lack of attention, being extra active and acting before thinking. There are three types of ADHD which have been identified by doctors. One of these is the inattentive type of ADHD. In this type of ADHD, the patient lacks attentiveness in tasks or activities. This means that such a patient cannot stay focused in the activities assigned to them. Hyperactive-impulsive ADHD is another type of ADHD. In hyperactive ADHD, the patient is usually very active and at most times reacts without thinking. Lastly, we have the combined type of ADHD where the patient is observed to be impulsive, inattentive and very active.

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Children who show the symptoms of ADHD require to be taken to medical practitioners for evaluation. This is because evaluation by a professional doctor will be the only way to know whether the child has ADHD or not. Children with ADHD usually encounter learning difficulties because of the attention problems. Since these children cannot pay attention for a long time, their learning is impaired. The learning difficulty in children with ADHD is caused by the inability of the brain to handle auditory and visual information. This thus makes it difficult for children with ADHD to succeed in their studies, John F. (2006).

When children are impulsive as a result of ADHD, they may engage in several destructive activities. The child can be seen to kick and hit others because he/she is active and at most times acting without thinking. Such children need to be understood well and this can only be possible through medical examination. Therefore if a child is found to be impulsive, the child should be taken for medical attention immediately to diagnose the cause of the impulsivity.

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There are several ways of helping children with ADHD. One of the ways to help these children is by removing the obvious offenders in order to reduce the stress of a child who is found to be impulsive. In such circumstances, you will have helped the child to stop attacking the offenders. More so, it is good to ensure that child stays with the person he/she knows because exposing such a child to strangers will be worsening the problem. Moreover, such children should be kept in environments which are child friendly to ensure no environment can influence their behavior. Child-friendly environments are good because they help children with ADHD to devise ways of dealing with their problems, John F. (2006).

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According to Vincent J. (2004), another way to help children with ADHD is by keeping watch over them so that any moment a child can be corrected if seen behaving wrongly. In addition, parents with ADHD children need to offer guidance and counseling to their children as this can help them to improve their behaviors. Physical exercises are also good for children with ADHD since they help children to relax, Vincent J. (2004).

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