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American Liberalization

The quest for a democratic government based on certain ideals and principles was the motivating factor for the thirteen American colonies. The founding fathers envisaged freedom from the rule of Great Britain, consequently giving the American power to rule themselves, but the British were reluctant to lose one of the most rewarding strongholds in terms of colonies. The British boasted of a strong standing army with formidable chains of command but the fact that there was confusion over what to fight for (the crown or conciliate the colonies) worked to a great disadvantage for the British who were up against organized but untrained militias (Brookisher, 1996).

The American militia was perfectly coordinated and worked towards a defined objective, goal and was bound by strategy. In addition, spies in the British forces informed the American militia of the intentions of the American Armed forces early in advance; thus it would be impossible to catch them unawares. European nations like France, Spain and the Netherlands provided the militia with weapons ostensibly to check the growing power of Great Britain which was quickly emerging as a Super power.

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The entrance of France into in the struggle in 1777 brought new life and breath to the militia and the injection of the black slaves to fight alongside the militia's, worked to the disadvantage of the now tired British (Shy, 1992). In addition, the British and the slaves fighting alongside them easily ran out of food supplies and were prone to small pox attacks which killed a good number of them.

Whereas the British soldiers lacked conviction and able leadership to their course, the American militia boasted of great and objective leadership. The visionary and strategist George Washington provided guidance and his strong believe to the cause inevitably influenced the militia fighting for the liberation of America (Jeremy, 1994). George Washington had well spoken, written and, documented ideals which he observed and was committed to die for.

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Backed by his affluent family and in light of the inspiration brought by influential persons he had been in contact with, George Washington, charisma and affection for the people won over those who doubted the ability of the militia to win over the world strongest forces and also instilled belief in the American people, whom he was to lead later as the founding father of the nation. His strategic, visionary and intelligent leadership was important for the realization of freedom for the Americans over the British.

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